Here's another fairy story that I'm writing, set in the same setting/world as the Azalea Ferriwether, and Azalea is in it, too.
Preview: a young fairy named Rowan lives in the Fairy Forest region. She has a secret--something that's pretty much forbidden. Well, at least in your middle school years. And other than that, nobody knows who Rowan's parents are, thus she has no last name...
That's all for now! =^)

Azalea Ferriwether

I have a new fairy story coming, if you guys are interested in that kind of thing! 
Preview: a young fairy named Azalea moves to the Fairy Tree in the Fairy Tree region of the world (or part of the United States). She is handed part of the poem "The Lady of Shalott", but doesn't understand its meaning. As more of the Lady's story piles in, more mysterious things are happening around the Fairy Tree...
 Well, that's all for now! :)

Otter Days

I would like to recommend you guys to the site Otter Days by one of my very good friends. It can be found at Please feel free to visit! 

Medieval Question #4

Question: If you had a castle what would you name it?

The Choice

If you were told to kill people or die yourself, what would you do? Even if you didn't even know the people at all? Would you kill them, knowing you were a murderer? Or would you let them kill you, and go to heaven and know that you'd never committed the sin? Even if the times are tough, what would you do? It's like an ultimate choice, but it all pretty much comes down to this... What. Would. You. Do?

Random Question #6

Question: If you could change how you look, what would the "new you" look like?


For all of those who've read the Andria/Alex story, who do you like better of the twins? 

Random Question #5

Question: If your parents went missing, what would you do? 


Comment if you've read and/or watched the Chronicles of Narnia.

Random Question #4

Question: what would you rather have for a pet (if, for some reason, these actually existed)--a pegasus or a unicorn?

Random Question #3

Question: What computer would you rather have--a Mac or a PC? 

Random Question #2

Question: would you rather ride a lion or a huge eagle?

Random Question #1

Question: have you ever wondered that if you lived in a magical world that you would think of science as something like we think magic is, and that humans and earth is totally weird? 

Medieval Question #3

Question: would you rather have a cloak (a sturdy cape with hood that typically keeps a person warmer than if they had a cape) or a cape (which can keep you warm but doesn't have a hood)? 

Medieval Question #2

Question: if you were a knight, what would be your family's emblem?

Typically the emblem of a family was separated into four parts, each of the four parts filled up with something that was important to the family. So so that in one was a Bible, another a lamb (or Jesus), another two hearts meaning love like Jesus' love, and a depiction of a family saying that being a family is important to that family. Also there would be two different kind of animals holding up the family's saying. So you could have a Pegasus and a lion holding up a banner that read, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." 

Medieval Question #1

Question: Would you rather have a bow (longbow/recurve, comes with quiver of arrows with fledging of your color) or a sword (whatever type, comes with sheath and possibly shield)? 

Dragon Question #2

Question: if you had a dragon, what would you name it?

Dragon Question #1

Question: if you could have a dragon, what color would it be?


I'm the Storyteller. Welcome to my blog, Storyteller of Weston County. I love to write stories as a general rule, and hope to post some on this blog. Please give me advice on what you think on them! I always want to be open to your opinion. I hope you have a great time and feel free to visit all over my site!

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