True or False is back!

Hello, hello, hello!

I'm sorry I haven't done this in forever, but I really should do it now.

So... True or False, hosted by Storyteller!! :)

1. Pick which answer out of the following sets that you think is true and which one you think is false.
2. Only answer once for each set. (no redos)
3. There must be ten comments (not including me) until I tell you the answers.
4. The person whose answers most match the real answers will get to be a featured blogger on this blog.
5. Have fun!

Get ready...



Set #1:
1) I have a road named after my last name.
2) I've been to a ball before.

Set 2#:
1) I have been asked to design/help with a real website.
2) I started writing stories when I was eight.

Set #3:
1) I'm currently writing a story about Indians.
2) I'm currently writing a story about fairies. (This does not mean "Fairy Eyes" ahem ahem)

Set #4:
1) I love writing quizzes.
2) I love taking quizzes.

Set #5:
1) The reason I got my blog Dragonmaster is because of my book, The Dragonmasters.
2) The reason I got my blog Rubberboot Girl is because of my book, The Rubberboot Girl.

So, what do YOU think is true and which is false? ;) And remember--one in each different set is true and one in each different set it false. Good luck! :)

Time has run out.......


I really couldn’t stand loosing to that, that girl Rowan she seemed so….proud, pretty, and smug ugh I can’t stand smug! 

“Listen…Rowan right…” *pant* *pant* “You….really…need to explain….things to me.” 

She glared. “I don’t neeeeed to explain anything to you!” 

Suddenly she stopped and turned around.

“What is it? Why’d you stop?” 

She continued to glare, shushing me.

“Hey is that look….like plastered onto your face or something?” I laughed at my joke.

She began to glare harder but then checked herself and shook her head, grabbed my wrist, and practically threw me up a tree. I looked above then I realized what she was up to.

“Well, why didn’t you just tell me there was a tree house here?” 

“Tree house? What a stupid name! It’s an Aerial Fort.” 

“You mean like an airport?”

“Airport? Oh, you must be “an airhead.”

I was about to think of a comeback but the sound of approaching enemies distracted me so instead I followed her up deeper into the tree’s and then into the “Aerial Fort”. 

“I thought you said that Humans never came out here?”

“I never said that…but how did you….” She never finished her sentence for at the moment a light began illuminating from the door of her “Aerial Fort”.

“That’s my exit,” I whispered excitedly and threw it open jumping out into nothingness…


The girl's screams resounded in my ears, and I sighed and rolled my eyes. She obviously knew nothing--absolutely nothing--about aerial forts. Didn't she know that they were like Gates--though not as obvious--and took you to different places?

Usually, an aerial fort only responds to the person who makes them. And in this case I made the aerial fort. Which more than likely meant that that Pernisia girl was lying at the bottom of the tree complaining her head off.

I stuck my head through the hole and looked towards. I could feeling the aerial pulling at me, and an image of a dreamcatcher came to my mind--just as it always did before I floated off.

"Not yet!" I yelled, and the image disappeared.

I got down on my hands and knees and leaned as far down the hole as I dared.

"Pernisia?!" I shouted. "Can you hear me!?"

"What?" came her grumpy voice from below.

I sighed in relief. "What do you think you're doing?! You were supposed to wait for me!"

"Just get me out of here!" she yelled up at me. "I don't know where I am or what's going on, but I'd bet that it's your fault!"

I rolled my eyes. And that's when I heard it.

The sound of horses galloping.

Our time had run out.

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Pernisia's chapter by Poem Girl. Rowan's chapter by me, Storyteller.

What girl are you? (I am pretty much assuming that all of you are girls...... =P)

Hiya, guys!!

I know, I know. Quizzes are winning. =P So you have convinced me that I must write you another quiz to take!!! (believe me, I just spend about twenty minutes browsing Pinterest and then another ten getting the awards ready on PicMonkey...... =P)

Anyway, it's what kind of season girl are you? Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter?

Take this quiz to find out!!! :)

1. What is your favorite drink?
A. Tea.
B. Lemonade.
C. Apple cider.
D. Hot chocolate.

2. What is your favorite outfit?
A. T-shirt and jeans.
B. T-shirt and shorts.
C. Sweater/sweatshirt and jeans.
D. All bundled up because you're just so freezing all the time.

3. What's your favorite thing to do?
A. Running.
B. Going to a camp.
C. Spending time with family and friends.
D. Iceskating.

4. If it's cold, what's it for you?
A. Pretty good, but a little cold.
B. Freezing! Are you kidding?! Turn up the heat!
C. It's pretty nice! :)

5. What's your favorite kind of scarf?
A. A light scarf with a soft color.
B. Scarf? Are you kidding?! 
C. A plaid scarf in your favorite colors.
D. A nice thick scarf. Most likely red.

6. What's your favorite color combo?
A. Soft blue and soft pink.
B. Hot pink and lime green.
C. Orange and red.
D. Red. Just plain red.

7. If it's burning hot out, what's it for you?
A. Pretty good.
C. Just a little too hot.
D. Horrible. :/

8. What would be your ideal place to live?
A. England.
B. Arizona (USA).
C. Indiana (USA).
D. Canada.

9. What's your favorite kind of weather?
A. Breezy and cool, and some rain.
B. Sunny skies.
C. Pretty warm, but still a cool breeze.
D. Cloudy day.

10. If it's rainy, what's it for you?
A. I'm lovin' it!
B. Ugh. Rain again.
C. It's pretty nice, I just hope it doesn't turn into a storm.
D. Pretty good, but it would be better if it was snow.

11. What would be your ideal pair of socks?
A. Cotton socks.
B. Socks? Whatever happened to sandals???
C. Fluffy socks of your favorite color.
D. Wool socks.

12. If it's cool outside, what's it for you?
A. Brrr, a little too cold, maybe.
C. Just perfect.
D. Not cold enough. =P

OK! Thanks for taking the quiz! I hope that was a lot of fun. :) That was more than half of the usual questions that I ask, so I hope it was good!! =D

OK, I know this is out of order, but this thing is going weirdo on me, but if you got mostly Ds, you're a Winter Girl!! =D

If you got mostly As, then you're a Spring Girl!

If you got mostly Bs, then you're a Summer Girl!

If you got mostly Cs, then you're a Fall Girl!
I am, myself, a Fall Girl. =P

Thanks for taking!! I hope you enjoyed!! :)

Wyn's Story--The Dream

The war was wearing me down. Other than having Ellen bawling her eyes out every second of the day, Mother was rushing me around to get things ready to send off after the knights.

"Some of them might not have families to send them stuff," she pointed out.

"If they didn't have families," I sighed, "then how did they get the royal birth so that they could become knights?!"

But Mother wouldn't listen to me.

As the days went past, winter overtook England. I kept on having this one dream, over and over--it was of these horses, flying through the snow. And the scary part?

They were riderless.

I woke up, sweating furiously. I blinked again, but the riderless horses stayed before my eyes.

What did it mean? Did it mean that we weren't going to win the war?

Or that Lochinvar was going to die?

As much as I hated the dude, I just couldn't go and wish the guy to go and die.

And I had to tell somebody.


I threw off the covers and started through the castle, but not before throwing on some old clothes that I knew nobody would be missing anytime soon.

I finally made it out to the stable. I could barely see Walt sleeping in the corner in some old rags.

"Walt!" I hissed.

Walt sprung up, grabbing my wrists and putting his hand over his mouth. When he spoke, I realized with horror that this definitely was NOT Walt.

"Don't move if you want to live," hissed the deep voice.


Hey, guys!! Nothing better than to start off my second post since I've been back with a good story, right? ;D By the way, thanks to EVERYBODY for the ALMOST 70 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!! I. AM. SO. PSYCHED. :) I love you guys!!!!!

I know It's kind of strange that I have that picture of a clock, but, really, I was just being random when I typed it up. =P

By the way, I hope you do enjoy me posting again.




So, how's life going?

You guys had a good Thanksgiving, right?

Anyway, here's more of the story by Poem Girl and I.


I shot up my eyes staring ahead wildly “The wolf! I thought I killed it! What’s happening!” A sharp pang shot up through my skull, “Oh my” I fell backwards again and winced in pain.

“Be quiet!” the girl yelled at me. She pulled a dagger from her belt and began to silently scan the area.

There were no more howls and in the silence I could hear the sound of paws retreating. The girl sheathed her weapon and stared down suspiciously at me.

“Who are you?” she asked it in a commanding voice. 

I was feeling better now and back to my old self so naturally I rolled my eyes. I’d had the lead in names with her in my dream, whoever this girl was she’d have to speak first.


“What’s yours?” I asked in the most uninterested voice I could manage.

She frowned. “I told you it’s none of your business!”

I sat down on a nearby log and looked at her with daring stubbornness. “Well then my name is none of yours!” I smoothed my purple T-shirt and began again. “Listen I’m confused and I was already upset before this so I think I’m entitled to know your name.”

She glared and me and answered grudgingly, “Rowan.” 

“Pleasure to meet you. I’m Pernisia.” I gave a little bow. (I figured it was the most likely greeting for this strange place.)

She shrugged and walked away. 

‘Hey! Rowan!’ I yelled rushing after her. “Know anything about a bow with strange carvings on it? Or a wolf with yellow glowing eyes, black fur, teeth as sharp as blades?” 

She turned around. My violet eyes flashed with victory I pushed back my dark brown hair and smiled.


The girl's face was smug. I didn't like smug.

"You know," I started, "maybe I do, or maybe I don't. But it's none of your business."

Her face grew pouty, and I started to walk off.

That's when I heard it. The horn, blasting off in a faint echo through the forest.

"It's them," I whispered. "They're coming."

"It's who?!" Pernisia cried in frustration. "You're not making any sense, Rowan!"

"Follow me if you want to live!" I yelled over my shoulder. "And hurry! They don't give any mercy."

"Who's 'they'?" panted Pernisia as she strove to keep up with me.

I ran like a swift deer through the forest, not looking back. "You'll find out soon enough. Make sure you don't get left behind."

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First chapter by Poem Girl. Second chapter by me, Storyteller. :)

My Life

First, I'd like to thank everybody who guest post. Thanks so much, Jess and Madeline, for guest posting here on Storyteller!! :) And special thanks to Piano Bookworm who posted on Dragonmaster. I really appreciate it. :)

(note: would you guys like more guest posters?? Contact me if you're interested in guest posting in the future!!! :))

I really missed you guys. Hope you guys missed me, too. :) (if you guys didn't miss me and just enjoyed my guest posters, I suppose you can just skip over to their blogs =P) Also, thanks to everybody who's been entering my contests!!! That's so exciting for me!!!! :)

Just to say, PicMonkey's got some cool new stuff, so why not check it out??

Anyway, so guess what? Yep. It's snowing!!!!!!! :) Love ya, snow!!!!

I'm really excited for the winter season. Are you guys? I just absolutely love it!!! And I love Christmas, too. :) But not because of the presents. I love hearing all about Jesus' birth. I love the atmosphere. I love the snow. I love the smell of all of the Christmas decorations as we get them out. And I love Christmas music to death.

I think it's kind of weird. As far as I can see, it's already winter. And yet it's not winter until like December 21. Well, I can just convince my brain it's winter, right? ;D

I've got several new story ideas that have been coming around since I was away. I've started writing on at least one, which is half and half between two kids named Katie and Josh. You guys are going to think this is really strange, but it was from a dream I had. Yeah, I was Katie. =P


It's kind of interesting, not being on here for like a week. It's just strange. Know what I mean? I just really feel like doing a random life post, even though I doubt that's winning on the poll. (Actually, I don't even think it's ON the poll. Oh well.)

I don't know why. It's just weird, I suppose.

It's kind of weird. I have all of these story ideas, but then it's like there's so many that when I sit down my mind's so boggled that I almost can't write at all. And then it'll get slow, and then I'll find a story and be like "oh my word this is awesome why on earth didn't I finish it?!???" and then go and finish it. I guess it's just one of those things, you know?

I have this special thing planned for New Years. A kind of party. So make sure you stay tuned at least as long as New Years. =D And make sure you get on here quickly!! I'll be having "door prizes". :)

Until later,

A Quiz

Quiz: What Famous City Do You Belong In?

1. It's time to pick a theme for your upcoming birthday party! You choose:
a. A pizza party with all the toppings...and permission to make a mess!
b. A karate party! There'll be a punching bag, a pinata, and black belts for everyone!
c. A fashion show with a runway in the middle of your living room!
d. A low-key beach bash where friends can relax and play games!

2. It's time for a field trip at school...hooray! You hope that your class:
a. Visits some type of historical site to learn how people lived many years ago.
b. Does a biking tour so you can always be moving and exploring new things.
c. Heads to an art museum. You love looking at all the different pieces.
d. Goes on some type of boat tour. You can't get enough of the salty, fishing sea air!

3. Your soccer team is having a bake sale to raise money for new uniforms, and you choose to bring:
a. Cannoli - you just love those cream-filled pastries!
b. Egg custard tarts. You're all about creamy, crusty desserts!
c. Crepes filled with chocolate and covered with powdered sugar.
d. Pavlova...a meringue cake with a soft crust and marshmallow-y center!

4. If one of your best friends described you, she'd say you are:
a. Smart and inquisitive.
b. Outgoing and high-engergy.
c. Creative and passionate.
d. Laid-back and easygoing.

5. You know what your act will be at the school talent show! You're:
a. Playing some type of classical instrument.
b. Doing an elaborate gymnastics routine.
c. Performing a slow ballet in a gorgeous tutu.
d. Teaching everyone how to catch a wave with a surfing demo!

Answers ~

Mostly A's: At Home in Rome!

Mostly B's: You Belong in Beijing!

Mostly C's: Primed for Paris!

Mostly D's: Meant to Be in Sydney!

Love, Jessica :)

~A Special Thanksgiving Post~

Well, it's that time of year again! The day of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie... I hope you have a great time celebrating with your family, and thanking God for all He has given us.

Love, Jessica :)

P.S. What are you thankful for?

Wednesday ~ A Book Review

A book review by Jess :)

The Healing Spell
by Kimberley Griffiths Little

Summary: Twelve-year-old Livie is living with a secret and it's crushing her. She knows she is responsible for her mother's coma, but she can't tell anyone. It's up to her to find a way to wake her mamma up.
Stuck in the middle of three sisters, hiding a forbidden pet alligator, and afraid to disappoint her daddy, whom she loves more than anyone else, Livie struggles to find her place within her own family as she learns about the powers of faith and redemption. Livie's powerful, emotional, and sometimes humorous story will stay with readers long after the last line is read.

My Thoughts: You should read this book! It is a moving, touching, and engaging story that made me tear up at the end! I did not want it to end. The author told Livie's story very well and I'm sure you will be rooting for her til the end!

Rating: 5 stars!

Age Range: 11+

Love, Jessica :)

P.S. Coming soon - a quiz and continuation to my story!

The Name's Jess...

Well, hello there people! My name is Jess from Six Faraway Friends and I'm very excited to be guest posting on Storyteller's awesome blog. ;)

I am a teenaged, Christian girl living in California. I like to read, write, swim, sing, blog, hang out with friends, climb trees, and lots more! :)

Now, what should I post about...? Ah, here is something I'm sure you'll enjoy:

A story by yours truly~

The horse was one of a kind; there was no denying it. My caramel hair matched his beautiful, copper skin that glowed in the bright, morning sunlight. The soft, autumn breeze rippled through his blond mane and tail, and his deep brown eyes blinked at me. With his head resting just above the fence, it was picture perfect. Everything in me exclaimed, “I. Want. That. Horse.”
I started walking towards him, slowly. His gaze shifted and his eyes met mine. I strayed closer and closer, yearning to just reach out, grab him, and take him home. No, ride him home.
He did not seem alarmed at all when I reached the fence and gradually stuck out my hand, inching closer and closer. He did not move away when my hand met his neck. I casually let my hand move up and down, making my way towards his forehead. He nickered with delight and blew into my hand. I grinned, and was just about to climb over to him, when Violet called me back.
“Ruby! What are you doing?”
Startled, the horse stepped back, his ears forward. I turned around, glaring at my sister.
“Violet! Why’d you have to do that?”
Violet walked towards me, a frown on her freckled face.
“Ruby, that horse is not ours! You can’t just walk up to one, pet it, and expect it to like you or let you ride it.” She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Why do you have to like horses so much? We’re going to be late for school!”
She started walking down Blueberry Road without a backward glance.
“Violet!” I called after her, frustrated. Why did she have to ruin everything? But seeing that she was right, I took once last look at the horse, and went on my way thinking, Someday I’ll have a horse of my own. And when I do, there won’t be anyone to stop me from doing what I love...

What do you think of it so far? :)

And here is an overload of awesome pictures!

Bye for now!

~ Jess

I really AM going to be unavailable...

I really am.

Please believe me.

It's just that I had a break.

So now I'm posting.

Relatively quickly.

Anyways, so I want to thank everybody who volunteered to be a guest poster. I believe I had four, but I just picked two. Thanks for filling in for me, Jess and Madeline!! :) (and Stabby lol)

I'm thinking... should I have guest posts more regularly, even when I am on? I think I'd want them more on my other blogs, that way I could focus more on this blog. ;D Talk to me (when I'm available again, of course--and I'll tell you when) if you guys think that's a good idea.

So I might tell you something about why I'm unavailable.

When I'm available again, of course.

For now..... who loves bacon and tomato sandwiches??

(Oh! Oh, pick me!!!!!!!!!!! *restrains hand*)

Well, I'm just going to say, they're really good.

No, I'm not eating one right now.

No, I'm probably not going to be eating one soon.

It's just that somebody behind me was rummaging with bread like they were going to put it in the toaster, so I was reminded of it.

Sorry I'm being random. =P

While I'm stuck in randomness, who likes Francesca Battistelli?

(Me, obviously........)

Anyway, I absolutely love her song "Be Born in Me". (the album Music Inspired By the Story)

That really wasn't that random, actually.

Because I'm listening to it right now.


Yes, I said RIGHT NOW.

Anyway.... yeah..... When we first got it, I kept on listening to it over and over and over (and OVER AND OVER AND OVER) when I was writing a story (I don't remember which one =P) and so then everybody got sick of it, so this is the first time in a while that I've heard it.

(Actually, I heard it once earlier.)

Anyway, adios!!!!! :)


In Which Stabby ATTEMPTS To Write Letters

Dear Readers,

Stabby seems to have a sad, sad sense of writing interestingly funny letters. I apologize in which for whatever reasons, Stabby may have offend you. But honestly; he is but a unicorn.
The occasional letter, in which Stabby wishes to impress you, will be written by me. All other letters are his and are translated below when needed.


P.S. Stabby's spelling is much improved, but as for his grammar....

Stabby the unicorn

dear readers,

the unicorn you see above is me. of course, i am much more manly and handsome. i cannot say the same for other unicorns. i pity them greatly.
i am here, as madeline says, to ''entertain you with my sad gift''. im afraid i dont have a gift to impress you with. much less a sad gift. but any gift would become happy looking at my face.
in the next letter you will find a letter to santa, written by madeline, but i told her what words to say. i have to have her write it because if my handwriting looks nice and is spelled write with nice grammar, santa might believe i have been practicing my handwriting, like i am supposedly suppose to do.

~stabby the awesome and manly unicorn of fiery death

tough as cotton balls<3 Hehehe

Dear Santa,

considering my previous lists, this one is very short. I will try to get straight to the point, and list them here:

a bow and arrows: I have found weapons to be necessary. I cannot promise what I will do with them, I will just say I have never liked squirrels. Or you.

Cotton Balls: living with Madeline, I have found girls to be very tough and mean. Thus, if the girl above is as tough as cotton balls, cotton balls must be very tough. I hope they will work for throwing.

Extra Candy: I was very surprised last year to note you didn't give me a lot of candy. Thus, as one of my gifts, I ask for extra candy. Oh, and those reindeer shaped empty chocolates--cruel jokes. And that unicorn shaped empty chocolate--old man, you go too far.

An afro-- I refuse to explain this wish.


Stabby the awesome and manly unicorn of fiery death


dear chipmunks,

i hope you are doing well. congratulation on the birth of bertha. yes, i totally agree. 12 whole different names are one too many. i suggest calling the first one ''bertha 1'', and the 12th ''bertha 2''. senior and junior also work, as well.

a visit? i hope so, but madeline would fear i would run away. alissa put me in her hands, you know, and alissa isn't the typical trusting person. but madeline is probably right.

im sorry to hear you arent doing well financially. i have in cased 5 gold coins, and i hope they will help. i also heard about the ''new'' president {i would say technically he is new, even though it is his second term},  president bama chipmunk. i'm not sure just who you were supporting, but if it was president bama chipmunk, congratulation, or if it was omney chipmunk, i am sorry. i have to admit i don't care, considering i don't live under the reign of a chipmunk president.

really, i ought to go. i smell pie.

~stabby the awesome and manly unicorn of fiery death

The Part of the letter to Santa Stabby forgot to write:

Oh, and Dear Santa, I also want Elmo. He and I have some... uh.... unfinished talking to do. The little red midget owes 10 pennies.


~Stabby the awesome and manly unicorn of fiery death

A letter from Madeline:

Dear Readers,

I hope you have enjoyed this. And if you are shaking in fear, at the corner-i-est corner of all corners in your closet, I regret this most fearfully. Stabby has done the same thing to me, more than once.




The authors of ''In Which Stabby ATTEMPTS to Write Letters'':


Madeline simply refuses to believe her fiction character, Stabby, does not exist. With a warm heart but strict ideas, Madeline takes care of Stabby. {However, she still does regret the fact she decided to take care of Stabby until his owner, Alissa, could retrieve him}

Stabby has way too many ideas of life. For instant, the mountain of giant strawberry-chocolate-Carmel ice cream in the floating cloud land of  ''Ranie''. Another one includes that all squirrels are evil. But that is not so much of a lie as it is a reality. Evil squirrels.
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