Fire and Dance

Hey, guys.

Right now there's a big fire by my house, which is growing bigger by the moment. It started last night (I'm not sure what time--I think after seven). Please pray that everybody will be kept safe as well as their homes and that no firefighters will be injured.

Getting on to a little bit happier subjects...

Last night I went to dance with my family. It was lot so fun! It was kind of country dancing/square dancing, and we all had a blast. The happiness, however, was a little bit dampened by the fire. We saw the smoke from it on our way back.





Like the template?

So, I've been thinking for awhile... should I change my template design? I've been trying to do one that I really, really, REALLY like, and I've almost succeeded. Keep a look-out for it!



One man who knows more than he reveals; two humans with the taste of adventure on their tongues; an elf with the spirit of a great warrior; and a child who will change everything.

One old man who is more than you think; a human boy who only wants his cousin back; a human girl whose thirst of adventure cannot be quenched; an elf with the magical weapons of a strong warrior; and an elf-fairy child that will one day rule the world.

These people--one man=old man; two humans=boy and girl; elf=elf; child=child--are what ElfJourney is centered on; a story of how a young elfin aunt will do anything to get back her niece, and how a young human boy will do anything to get back his cousin; and how, at the end, it twists around into a finale that leaves you breathless with excitement.

OK, so in poetic words, I guess that's what you could call the story I'm working on!! I originally wrote the book when I was a little kid, but I'm re-doing it! It's actually a really good story, and I'm changing it around A LOT!!! It's one of my favorites considering that I love the elf, Constance.

Hope you guys are looking forward to it! I'll be posting it soon!! (well, as soon as I finish it...) =^)


Random... yeah...

Hey, ya'll!

Thanks to all who prayed for the puppies!! That meant a lot to me, because for a little bit, it didn't look like our dog was going to be able to push out the last puppy!

I hope you're all having a great day. Today I was helping at a car wash. Yeah, wow... It was really, um, interesting. :) And very hot!! We washed a lot of cars!

Just found this tree when I was looking up pictures!! Hope you have a great day!


Tree Picture

Real quickly--here's another cool picture I found!

Hope ya'll enjoy!



MY DOG IS HAVING PUPPIES!!! As we speak my mom is in with her. I'm so excited!!! Please pray for her.


Another Reminder...

Just noticed I've gotten another vote! Yay! So, guess what they asked for? Contest and quizzes! (I don't know about you, but I was getting kind of tired of writing out book reviews...) So, I don't know if you've seen this before, but there IS a writing contest! It ends the first of July (I'd REALLY REALLY LOVE IT if you would enter, even if you've just been on this site! So far I only have one entry!). Just write a short story and put it in the comments of the contest (it should be listed in my archive as Writing Contest!. Hope you can find it!).

Please enter! I love seeing you guys interact with what I'm posting!!



Your Blog Is Great!!


I just got this idea from Madeline's blog, Totally Me (found at, about the Your Blog Is Great award! Amazingly I just looked it up online and found the same picture...
  So, I'm going to do this a little bit differently, Madeline (since I'm not quite sure how you exactly did it...). But I guess I'll stick to the basics. =^)

Okay, here are the three people! (I know yours was five, but anyway...)

Ryder, of Twilyte Ryder (
Otter Days, of Otter Days (
Bethany Faith, of Season For All Things (

Congrats, guys!


P.S. Like to do this, too? Basically, I got the picture off the web (just type up your blog is great award and go to images and you should be able to find the same picture). Then award as many people as you like with it. If you want the "official" rules to this, please to to Madeline's blog ( Hope you guys enjoy!!

Ocean Picture


I found this cool picture and I just wanted to share it with you guys! Don't forget to vote on the poll of what you'd like to see more of!



Twilight Rider


Just to say, here's the link to Ryder's blog!

Hope you enjoy!



Hi, ya'll!

Not sure if you'll believe this, but right now I'm writing straight to you from an ortho office!! (they have these computers and lots of other cool stuff) Thanks to everybody who's gone and checked out my other blogs, Dragonmaster and Rubberboot Girl (which is my lastest creation!). Just wanted to say... have you noticed my new page? It's called Jo, Mike, and Bradyn, and has a story that's written by a friend of mine that's called Ryder. And guess what? Ryder has a blog!! It's pretty knew, and is still kind of in progress. It's called Twilight Ryder, and at the moment I'm not quite sure what the web address is (remember--I'm at the ortho's office. I can't check history). :D

Hope you're having a great day! Keep a look out for more stories by Ryder!


*This message was approved by Ryder.
*The usage of Ryder's story on this site was approved by Ryder.

Rubberboot Girl

Hey ya'll!

I've started a new blog called Rubberboot Girl. Please go check it out!! (to find it, go to my blogger profile and look under my list of blogs).



Philippians 4:4

Philippians 4:4

"Rejoice in the LORD always. I will say it again: rejoice!"

Book review--13 Secrets

Book review--13 Secrets
Author: Michelle Harrison
Rating: 2/3
Series: 13 Treasures Trilogy (last book)
Category: fantasy, fairies

This is the third and last book in the 13 Treasures Trilogy! I did a review on the second one (13 Curses) earlier, and, just like that one, it continues the narrative of three children--Tanya, Fabian, and Rowan, children whose lives mix with fairies in a dastardly way. This ends their narrative with a weird twist at the end. (ask your parents, remember!!)

Happy reading!!


*Don't want so many book reviews? Make sure to vote on what you want to see more of!!

Book review--Bud, Not Buddy

Book review--Bud, Not Buddy
Author: Christopher Paul Curtis
Rating: 2/3
Category: historical fiction, The Great Depression, music/jazz

Yup! The one I was talking about earlier (see The Mighty Miss Malone book review). I have to admit that I read the companion (The Mighty Miss Malone) before the first one (Bud, Not Buddy). And, frankly, Deza Malone isn't in it very much. I'd be kind of interested to know what made the author (Christopher Paul Curtis) write a whole book about Deza. (because she was in barely a chapter). Anyway, so do you want kind of a funny book that's historical fiction? Bud, Not Buddy combines the feeling of an orphaned black boy in the Great Depression with the soothing beat of jazz into a story that captures your heart. (ask your parents as always!!)

Happy reading!


Contest Reminder

It's almost July... have you heard about the writing contest? It ends on the first. Don't forget to post your short story! Good luck!


(*note: if you cannot find the contest in my archive for some very weird and random reason, you may [only if necessary] post your story on the comments that come with this post) 

Pixie Hollow

Singing voices, haunting, eerie,
Pixies eyes, upturned, leery,
Looking towards the magic light,
Towards the wooden hollow bright.

Pixie Hollow, the name of the game,
It shall always be the same,
Though pixies come and they go,
The evil they leave and forgo.

Singing voices, haunting, eerie,
Pixie eyes, upturned, leery,
Looking towards the stars so high,
Hiding in the midnight sky.

Pixie Hollow, the name of the game,
A place of laughter; not of shame,
Though pixies travel through the world,
Pixies wings, only here, unfurled.

So watch carefully, in the dark of the night,
Look for the magically, eerie sight,
Of the pixies many with their eyes so bright,
Looking out towards the magical light.



Hey, ya'll!!

So now I'm available again!! Yay!! :) Well, I hope it's yay. ;) Anyway, I hope everything is going great...yeah... 

Hope you're enjoying the stories!



Hi, guys!!

I won't be available to be on this blog for a whole week. Please don't stop coming!! I'll let you know when I'm available again. ;)


Book review

Book review--13 Curses
Author: Michelle Harrison
Rating: 2/3
Series: 13 Treasures Trilogy
Category: fantasy, fairies

Want something about fairies that different from all the rest? Then the 13 Treasures Trilogy is for you! 13 Curses is the second in the series, following the lives of Tanya, Fabian, and Rowan. What unfolds is something daringly unexpecting and amazingly thrilling. This is an edge-of-your-seat fairy adventure where the fairies aren't always the good guys. (make sure to ask your parents!!)

Happy reading!


Book review--The Plague

Note: the rating is on a 1=lousy 5=awesome.

Book review--The Plague
Author: Joanne Dahme
Rating: 3/4/5
Category: historical fiction

Wanting an adventure that's amazing yet historical? Than The Plague by Joanne Dahme is for you! It follows the life of young Nell, a girl who has the likeness of the princess. Along with the help of others, she must escape... (always remember to ask your parents!)

Happy reading!


Book Review--You're a Brave Man, Julius Zimmerman

Book Review--You're a Brave Man, Julius Zimmerman
Author: Claudia Mills
Rating: 3/4
Category: school-life, the awkwardness of middle school

Have a whole summer ahead of you with nothing to do? Want a good laugh? Then You're a Brave Man, Julius Zimmerman is for you! Mills explores the awkwardness of being in middle school and the horrors of baby-sitting jobs and French plays. :D Personally, I thought it was pretty hilarious, having baby-sat before like poor Julius, though not in such horrible circumstances (I've always had someone else with me). If you want a good laugh, this is the book for you! (remember--ask your parents!)

Happy reading!


Book review--The Mighty Miss Malone

Book review: The Mighty Miss Malone
Author: Christopher Paul Curtis
Rating: 2/3

Wanting something that shows the life of African Americans during the Great Depression? Then The Might Miss Malone is for you! It follows the life of Deza Malone, back from Curtis's original book "Bud, not Buddy", as her family struggles to live in the Great Depression. As always, though, make sure that this book is approved by your parents before reading.

Happy reading!


Unseen World Update

Just a little update! I've added more to the tab Sam'n'Alex (the story is called Unseen World, by the way). Please go and check it out! Hope you enjoy! Also, my friend, Otter Days, has posted some on Otter Day's blog, Otter Days. :D Please go check out Otter Day's blog! It's full of great stories, recipes, random facts, and lots more!


Another Continuing Story...

The bright sunshine dazzled my green eyes as it reflected off the clear brook's surface. I held on tightly to the staff that I held in my hands. Gandalf's words echoed in my mind.
   "That staff holds more than you think."
    What had he meant? I glanced again at the staff in my hand. It was made of polished aspen wood, and at the top a bright clear gem beamed out, bigger than my balled fist. I paused as I heard a twig snap behind me. My breathing seemed loud as I tried to calm my fast-beating heart.
   "Who's there?" I whispered.

You guys know what happens here! Good luck!


Kayleigh's coming...

Keep a look-out for my new story about Kayleigh Fallan. I'll be posting it hopefully soon!


The Fairies

Midnight comes, falls,
Fairies come, calls,
Out in the freezing night air,
Dancing without a care,
Flittering dancing in the light,
Softly coming, only at midnight,
Tittering, laughing, across the glen,
Away from the world of men.
Dancing in the fairy ring,
Raising voices, hear them sing,
Beautiful, enchanting, eerie,
Fairies, of us, are leery,
For what would we do to them?
If they were caught?
They would be hunted down,
Forever to be sought.
So now they only venture out,
At the stroke of twelve,
And into the fairy ring,
They come and delve.
Voices raised and feet floating,
They dance around the ring,
Listen, listen can you hear them,
Raising their voices to sing?


Psalm 23

The Lord is my pacesetter... I shall not rush
He makes me stop for quiet intervals
He provides me with images of stillness,
which restore my serenity
He leads me in the way of efficiency
through calmness of mind and his
guidance is peace
Even though I have a great many things
to accomplish each day, I will not fret,
for His presence is here
His timelessness, His all-importance will
keep me in balance
He prepares refreshment and renewal in
the midst of my activity by anointing my
mind with the oils of tranquility
My cup of joyous energy overflows
Truly harmony and effectiveness shall
be the fruits of my hours
For I shall walk in the Pace of my Lord
and dwell in His house for ever. 

~Psalm 23 (Bible)

The False Prince

Want an intense book with an amazing twist towards the end? Then The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen is for you! I just finished reading this book today and could not believe the twist at the end! I found myself exclaiming to myself every few seconds about it! 

Hope you enjoy!


Kayleigh's Poem

A tinkle, a laugh, they haunt you as you go,
You see the bracelet, oh how you wish so,
You wonder what'll happen, if your do what she said,
Will everything be fine? Or will you turn up dead?
"Take each charm," she'd whispered,
"And place it in its spot.
"I won't be here forever, Kayleigh,
But I love you a lot."
And then, just like that, she's gone,
Off in the world of the dead,
And even though she's gone,
I can hear the words she said.
What will happen, if I do it,
Will stone dragons flame my things?
If I looked closely at butterflies,
Will they be fairies who sing?
Will the griffins wink at me,
Or will they come alive?
Will the bees just stay put,
Or will they leave the hive?
What will happen, I ask you now,
But you don't have to reply,
Because I think I know it,
But don't ask me why.
I think I've found another world,
That's found through the charms,
The world can be rather scary,
It could full you full of alarm.
But still there's a promise,
And that's what my mother said,
That even though she's away now,
There's she's as alive as dead.



Hey, guys!

I'm not sure if you noticed, but I've just added another tab called Connie! It's about a girl named Connie McGraw, but I won't give away anything else! Please go and read her story I've posted the whole thing, so no keeping you in suspense now! I hope you enjoy and please tell me what you think about it in the comments below the post.



Princess Carly

If I'd ever been a perfect princess, that something was definitely wrong. Now, as I glanced around the garden, I knew that I'd never, ever be the perfect princess. My mind was way too full of un-princessy things--climb that tree. Swim in that pond. Try and capture that bird. I knew that Governess Willa would've been having fits if she could read my brain.
   Thankfully, she couldn't read my brain.
   "Princess Carrrrrllyyyyyyyyyyy!" came the shrill voice that I knew all too well.
    I quickly dropped to my knees and looked around. I couldn't yet see her, but I knew she was in the garden--somewhere. Crawling through the muddy garden, my dress getting horrible stains all over it, I finally found a rose bush that would work for my purposes. I smiled and started my way through the prickly brambles.
    "Princess Carly!" cried Governess Willa in surprise as she grabbed my sash and pulled me out of the bush, snagging my frizzy-curly brown hair.
   "Youch!" I shrieked. "Why'd you do that?"
    "Why did you do that, Carly, not why'd you do that," scolded Willa. "Really! What're princesses coming to these days?"
    I frowned at her. Little did I know what was going to happen...

So, as you can guess, this isn't me, Storyteller, talking. This is a new story idea of mine about Princess Carly. I won't tell anything more, but keep an eye out for Carly's tab!


Cool picture!

So I kind of found this picture while I was searching for a profile picture, but it didn't quite work for my purposes. I just wanted to share this cool picture with you guys because, frankly, I think it's pretty awesome! Anyway, please answer my poll on what you'd like to so more of on this blog so I  know what you guys more want me to post.





Which story of the stories above on the tabs is your favorite? 


Random Fact... Wow...

Random fact of the day: don't throw away Time and Travel Surveys, because there just might be a dollar bill inside the envelope!! (no joke--this really happened to us!) 

Writing Contest!

Hey! For all of you out there who like writing or are interested in becoming writers when you  get older, take notice! I'm going to be having a writing contest on this blog. The contest ends the first of July. To participate write a short story about what interests you, but it has to be short enough to fit into a comment! Just write your short story in the comments that come with this post.

Good luck!


P.S. The first of July I'll be making another post to tell first, second, and third prize! (there will also be a thank-you to all who participated)

*Note: there will be no prize for this, it is just for fun. All of the judging will be done by Storyteller.

Sam'n'Alex Update!

I don't know if any of you have noticed, but I've added yet another tab (Sam'n'Alex)! It contains the story I've been talking about--the story that both Otter Days, my "best friend forever", and I wrote together!! I have to give the credit of Alex's chapter to Otter Days, and Sam's chapters are by me. I hope you enjoy! 


The Continuing Story--what'll be next?

I opened my eyes and glanced around. I had no idea where I was; or who I was, for that matter. My head whipped around at a noise from behind, sending my long brown hair flying.
  "Who's there?" I demanded.
   At just that moment...

Okay, so here's the deal. This is a continuing story. Please comment to continue the story. (example: there was the excerpt above, and on the comment a person would put "... an ugly flying snail burst through the door!"). Just anything silly that comes up to your mind! 

~Storyteller =^)


The wind flew, through the trees,
The wind threw the mysteries,
Flying through the sky so high,
Mysteries for you and I.

The mysteries flew in the wind,
Flying in the sky,
The mysteries flew higher up,
Than ever you and I.

The mysteries landed,
Right in my hand,
I'll figure out the mystery
That's come to my land.

The wind flew, through the trees,
The wind flew away the mysteries,
Now they're gone from my land,
And I hold up my empty hand.

Will it come again? To my hand?
Or has it forever departed my land?
I wonder and wait, looking to the sky,
Are the mysteries just way up high?

The wind flew, through the trees,
The wind threw the mysteries,
Flying way up in the sky,
Mysteries for you and I.


Bored to Death

I've been picking spinach all day,
No time to laugh or play,
I'm bored to death and in my brain,
I wonder if I'm really sane.

I've mowed the lawn and petted the cat,
My cherry pie just went splat!
I read all the books of the Lord of the Rings,
And my auntie my uncle brings.

And soon it'll be the reunion day,
No time to laugh or play,
I'll be bored to death and in my brain,
I'll wonder if I'm really sane.

So, I...

Mow the lawn and pet the cat,
My pumpkin pie just went splat!
I read all the Chronicles of Narnia,
Here comes my cousin, Mia.

I look out the window all day,
No time to laugh or play,
(for goodness sakes, I've got family look-out duty)
I'm bored to death in my brain,
I wonder if I'm really sane. 

And here comes the family, all in all,
Here comes Uncle George and Aunt Doll,
They bring something to eat (it's really gross),
I quickly go and the cousins I hose.

So maybe it wasn't so bad after all,
What with Uncle George and Aunt Doll,
And all the cousins, wet they are,
They don't think I'm such a star.

After Mom and Dad found out about the hose,
They gave me a punishment (dishes I chose),

Now I'm bored all the day,
No time to laugh or play,
I'm bored to death in my brain,
I wonder if I'm really sane. ;)



Happy 1st of June!!


The Mists of Time

Once upon a dragon's scales,
A brownie listened to these tales,
Of maidens fair and knights sublime,
Time after time after time,
Slaying dragons, the horrible beasts,
Celebrating afterwards with the feasts,
Maidens sent off to a dragon's lair,
Is there a dragon, swooping in the air? 
Times of great feats are gone,
Off in the winds of Time,
Gone are the great acts of knights,
Knights of heart sublime.
Gone are the praises to heavenly kings,
Gone are the praises, through the air rings,
Gone are the beautiful hearts sublime,
Lost in the mists--mists of 

Once upon a Storyteller's Pages,
That echoes throughout many ages,
Tales of hearts pure and sublime,
Time after time after time,
Stories of many a daughter and son,
Look for Jesus, for he's the One,
Wonder if you're walking on air?
If there's someone with a care?
You feel as if you are lost,
Wondering what is the cost,
Of the hearts sublime,
Lost in the land of Time,
Will it ever come back?
Or be lost for forever?
Will the knights fight?
Win the worthy endeavor? 
Where are the beautiful hearts sublime?
Lost in the many mists--mist of Time.


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