The Mystery

I close my eyes and smell the sea,
I look around, and feel the mystery,
Have mermaids swam these very oceans?
Have elves come up with these notions?
Have pixies come and crossed these lands?
Have gypsies come in mighty bands?
Have griffins come and swooped and soared,
Have you seen your Christ, the Lord?
My eyes snap open as the sea gull cries,
I listen and wait, wondering what lies,
Underneath the depths of the ocean blue,
Just waiting there for me and you.
As if the mystery had always been there,
Waiting out in the cool night air,
Wishing, wondering, if I'll soon be,
Coming there for the mystery. 



Voices, echoing through the ages,
My quill pen across the pages,
Doing what has to be done,
The Father, Spirit, and Son.
Stories are everywhere,
You just have to look,
If you go into the library,
You'll find more than a book,
You'll find a story,
Stuck in those pages,
A wonderful story,
That echoes through the ages.
Storytellers weave their stories,
Writers right their books.
If you're looking very hard,
You'll find the right nook.
So close your eyes and listen,
To the Storyteller's pages,
Listen very carefully,
To the story of the Ages.



I have started a new blog called Dragonmaster, which is all about--guess who??

Alex and Andria Dragorn!!!

I hope you guys enjoy it. If you're trying to find it, just go to my blogger profile and it should be listed underneath my blogs. Enjoy!


Friends--You and I

Lunar sparkle across the sky,
Wizards separating you and I,
Holding us far apart, two friends,
Going away from the road that bends,
Going down, away, faraway,
Waiting for the coming day,
The day when we'll break these chains,
And get away from the aches and pains,
We'll grab a magic carpet fast,
And finally see each other at last,
Our eyes bright,
Oh, what a sight,
Each other, finally, together friends,
Going towards the road that bends,
And in the bend of life we'll see--
Nobody; just you and me.


Fun Fact--Spanish Names

Fun fact(s) of the day:
Isabel is a Spanish version of the English Elizabeth, and Catalina is a Spanish version of the English Catherine. 


I'll Be Seeing You Soon

Stars flying wildly across the sky,
Midnight dark between you and I, 
Moonlight sheds light on the sea,
Standing right between you and me,
A star may fly wildly off its course,
But still it's flying towards the moon,
I'm coming, from across the big sea,
Coming--coming very, very soon.
Don't forget, don't run away,
So watch for me, every day,
Look out for my ship, my flying ship,
And maybe with you I'll stay.
Remember I'm coming,
Stars flying on my tail,
Looking for my ship,
With blue shining sail.
Look out across the sea,
Look out across the moonlight,
Soon you'll see me--
Oh, what a sight!
Sails flying high,
Up way in the sky,
Sails shining blue,
Just for me and you.
Shining from a moon from another place,
Shining as if from fairy lace,
Shining form the Blue Moon,
I'll be seeing you very, very soon.


Otter Days/Storyteller Story Update

Hey, everybody!
Lately I've been working on a story with my very good friend, Otter Days. Soon we'll be posting some of it! (maybe even today) Keep an eye out for it! 


The Day--it's come!

Today's the day--the day that I get to see my "best friend forever" friend Otter Days!! I'm so excited!! Don't forget to check my story tabs and look for new poems! Hope you're having a great day!


Important announcement!

Hey, everybody!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be starting a new book/book series with my very good friend Otter Days. We will be posted about two chapters a week, we're thinking. Keep an eye out for it! And if you haven't visited Otter Days' site, you should! It's full of funny tips and comments and wonderful stories! Hope you're having a great day!


Otter Days--I can't wait!

Okay--big news!

I'm going to get to see my "best friend forever" ;), Otter Days, this weekend!! I am so excited!! Otter Days is the reason that I started writing my book about Erica Hallstead and Jess Archer. She was half-author, considering that she helped me come up with the idea!! Other than being a great author and one of my best followers, Otter Days has been an amazing friend, always there to listen and one of the friendliest people I know!! I can't wait to see you, Otter Days!! =^)



Rain thunders, falls,
Sprites come, calls,
Derry's eyes are bright,
Moon, what a sight!
Green grass sparkles,
All around me,
I start, turn around,
Moon I see.
Grinning at me,
From across the glade,
Neighing softly,
Follow him, he bade.
Across the land of Chronicles,
We rode as one,
Faster than lightning,
Towards the sun.
I closed my eyes,
Feeling a surprise,
I wave to the Jiggler,
Waved to the hobfairy,
Moon pulled to a stop,
And there was Derry.
We laughed together,
Ran and played,
As for Chronicles...
Forever I've stayed.


*inspired by my story about Heidi Smith


You feel as if you are flying,
Sprouting wings, soaring into the sky,
You wish you could go,
Oh, how you wish so,
But we've got to stay, you and I.

You feel as if you are falling,
Falling from safety, down in the hole.
You wish you could leave,
Oh, how you heave,
But your sane mind your dream stole.

You feel as if you are amazing,
Standing there, waving hello,
You feel so grand,
Proudly you stand,
And off on your way you go.

You feel as if you are nothing,
Just sitting in a clump of dirt,
You're so alone,
You sit and groan,
And you can't help but feel hurt.

You know that you are being chased,
Your heart pumps hard inside,
Eyes fly open wide,
You're not outside,
Out of dreams you'll abide.



I don't know if anybody's noticed, but I have added another tab called "Heidi" at the top. It is another story that I've written about a thirteen year old girl named Heidi Smith. Currently there is only one chapter, but there will be more! I hope you guys enjoy the story!!



I've been working on lots of stories lately, and reading lots, too!! I have to admit that I love our town's library. Anyway, I've had this one idea for a long time, but I haven't been sure how to start it out. I found out how yesterday night! I hope you guys are looking forward to reading about Adriane Fletcher, the main character of my new story. I hope you guys are enjoying my stories!! In a few days I will be meeting with one of  my very good friends, who is known here as Otter Days. She's got a great site called Otter Days that she'd love you to visit! I hope you're all having a great day. :)


The Race

Tension fills your body,
Running through your veins,
Your legs start to tense up,
Up your hip shoots pain.
You push down the pain,
Waiting for the starting shot.
Hoping, always hoping,
Hoping you'll not be caught.
The spark of power and noise,
And we take off, down the path,
I knew that it was going to hurt,
To know that you don't need math.
Times seems to go slow-motion,
As you race out of your heart,
Hoping, always hoping,
To finish the race you start.
Your legs are starting to burn,
Soon they'll burst into fire,
You have to keep on going,
Your situations turing dire.
Now your legs are on fire,
Burning up your leg.
You look up at God,
And can't help but beg.
"Let me finish this race,"
I whisper with closed eyes.
"Please let me finish--
Give them a surprise."
Though your legs are burned,
Feeling dead and scarred,
Put you try to push through it,
Feeling worn and marred. 
Now your legs burn fiery,
A scream comes up your throat,
But instead comes a song,
A lone, beautiful note.
And you have the power--
The power to go on.
You cross the stream,
Up the hill you're upon.
And then there it is--
The ending place,
You keep on going,
Your friends you'll face.
And then you're there,
Running across the line,
And deep down inside,
You know you're fine.
And everybody's there,
Cheering out their heart.
And then you see your friend,
Jesus, who from you is never apart.


Yet another update...

Quick update--I've added more to the Jess and Erica story and to the Alex and Andria story (Jess's and Erica's story can be found on the Jess'n'Erica tab and Alex's and Andria's story can be found on the Dragorn Legend tab). 


Hey, guys! :)

So today I got a haircut and went run/jog/walking. Mostly walking, because today's been the first day I've been run/jog/walking for a while since I hurt my hip. I don't know how summer's going for you all, but mine's speeding up!! I'm running with some other kids my age this Saturday, and in a few weeks I have summer camp!! I'm so excited for summer!!
  Hope you're having a great day!

Life's Flying By

Life's flying by,
Faster than clouds in the sky,
Strife's coming by,
Coming towards me, my oh my.
The world just won't stop,
Not for you or me,
If you just come along,
You'll soon see.
Life just won't pause,
There's just no cause,
For life's flying by,
Faster than you and I.


Hey, guys!

Hey, guys! So today's been really great, because, other than the usual things (weeding, feeding the non-fat cat in the barn)... I BOUGHT AN MP3 PLAYER!!! OK, I admit it--I'm kind of over-excited!! But this is really going to help me with my running!! Now I can listen to all of my favorite songs! I'm so psyched!!!!!! I hope you guys are having a great day!!


To Comment...

I love getting comments, but I know that some of my friends have had a hard time commenting. I'm pretty sure that you have to have a gmail account to comment (or some other account, but I comment with a gmail account). At the end of a post it will ask what you want to comment as, and I'm pretty sure that's where you sign in, but it is easier to sign in before you start a comment. I don't know if that was helpful, but I hope it was! 


Land of the Blue Moon

Unicorns whinny and neigh,
Lonely, as if to say,
"Where is my master,
My lady fay?" 
Fairy eyes turned,
Everlasting burned,
The torches flickering,
Faeries bickering.
There is a legend,
Of a brownie young,
Of a Sky Ship,
The masts unstrung.
The land of Blue Moon,
They're coming soon,
Fairy weapons gleam,
Upon the silver seam,
The dwarf's treasure,
That lasts forever,
Fairy queen divine,
Declaring what's mine,
The brownie's quest,
She'll fight, lest,
The kingdom subdued,
An elf-prince shrewd,
And a fairy warrior,
A young dwarf lawyer,
A brownie small,
But that's not all.
And through the sky,
They'll glide along,
Just you and I, 
Singing this song.



Hey, everybody!

So life's going great! I've been teaching my mom piano (as of yesterday night) and now she's really excited to keep on going!! It's been really fun for me!! So, just to say, I've got this really good new idea for a story!! It kind of has the Sky Ship idea, like in my poem and drawing. So it's kind of about this little brownie named Nicole, who lives in the Brownie Forest where Everlasting Torches burn forever. Anyway, so I haven't really gotten it all done right now, but that's kind of the setting so far!!! Writing tip of the day--when you write a story, it's okay to use things from around you, like people or places. Though a really good thing to do is change it slightly, so it's not just like you're writing a documentary! Hope that was helpful for you all who might want to be become writers some day!
   Hope you're having a great summer day. =^) 


Another Update

Very quick update here--I've added a little more to the Jess Archer and Erica Hallstead story (which can be found on the page entitled "Jess'n'Erica"). Hope you guys enjoy!

The Sky Ship

Hey, guys!

So, I don't know if you can really see the picture very well, but I kind of got the idea from my poem, "Sky Ship". (so that's two trees, a moon hiding behind one of them, and a sparkling ship flying through the sky--can you see it, kind of at least?). It's kind of supposed to be nighttime in the picture, but it might not look like it, and the moon might kind of look like the sun, but it is supposed to be night and that IS supposed to be the moon. :) I hope you enjoy the picture and the poem that kind of goes along with it! Hope you're having a really great day, and that you're enjoying life in general!


Sky Ship

High in the sky,
Ships fly by, 
Flying past the moon,
Going towards the lagoon.
Moon's blue light,
Making ship bright,
Shining off the sails,
White cloth pales,
Shining blue,
For me and you.

Midnight dark,
Ship's mark,
Look for the isle,
Go the last mile,
Eyes lifted,
Sand sifted,
Eyeglass spying,
Isle lying,
Off in the sky,
Just for you and I.

Moorings creaking,
Music leaking,
We're hand in hand,
Looking for the land.
Way up in the sky,
Up so very high,
Adventures waiting,
Waiting pale--
For you and I,
Mysteries waiting,
As we sail--
Sail through the sky.



Hey, ya'll! 

I hope you're having a great day today! Thanks for everybody who's new to my site for coming on and seeing what's going on!! I don't know if any of you guys like reading stories and poetry, but I love to write them!!! (and read them, too) =^) So yesterday was pretty awesome, since I had like four story ideas!! One's pretty promising, too. (I had an idea today, too, but I still kind of have to flesh it out more). So, tip of the day--if you want to write stories and you've kind of got some idea of what you want to do (say a character, name, place, or time period), and you're stuck, just live life! Life always has plenty of ideas, whether you hear about something or watch a movie or read a book, there's ideas out there just waiting to be taken and all put together in one huge book! I hope that was helpful for those of you out there who are thinking about pursuing a career as a writer!
 Hope you're having a great day!



Just a little update--I have added a few more chapters of the Alex and Andria Dragorn series (found on the page entitled "Dragorn Legend"). I hope you guys are enjoying the book!


What's your definition?

So what defines us? What gives us our worth, or identity? Is it the place of your birth, or how rich you are? Is it who's related to you, who your parents are? Or how about where you live? Do any of these things actually define you? Comment and let's see what we all think about what defines us. 

The Trail

Prairie grasses swishing,
Pioneers wishing--
Wishing for the end,
The end of the trail.
Fearing the send--
The send of the gale.
Eyes upward turned,
Lessons well-learned,
The sky darkening in the west,
They've got to do their best.
Roaring, wailing,
Storing, veiling,
Nothing seems safe
From its clutches.
And then the sun,
Bursts out in the sky,
And we stood, 
Hand-in-hand you and I.
The danger was past,
One of many dangers,
Just like the Beginning,
Of the baby in the manger.
The sun high in the sky,
Warmth swarms upon the land,
This isn't our last stand,
Hand-in-hand you and I.


My Land

I love the golden gleam of the prairie grass,
I love the brilliant green of the pine-tree,
I love the amazing shining blue of the sky,
All of it made for both you and me.


The Prairie

I love the way the prairie grass shivers,
I love the way water flows in rivers,
I love the big prairie's clear blue sky--
As if put there for just you and I.



What kind of ice cream do you like better--chocolate or mint chocolate chip?


What game do you like better--volleyball or basketball? 


Have you ever heard of the game "Signs"? (this is for you, Otter Days :-D) It's kind of like Pass-the-Quarter, if you've ever played that game. There's a person in the middle, who closes their eyes. People are situated in a circle around the person in the middle. Everybody has a deferent sign like a thumps-up, or something like that (the signs can get really random). When the sign has been "passed", an action completed by the person have "it", or Herbert, and passing it to another person by doing the other person's sign. The person receives it by doing their own sign back (example: Jackie has Herbert. Carrie is on the other side of the circle. Jackie does Carrie's sign, a thumps-up, but Carrie doesn't see it. Jackie does it again, and Carrie finally sees it. Carrie does her own sign, thumps-up, again to receive it from Jackie. Now Jackie no longer has the sign and Carrie does. Carrie must repeat the process). The person in the middle is trying to find the sign by intercepting it between one of the passing cycles (example: Jackie is about to pass it to Carrie. The person in the middle, Mike, sees Jackie starting to raise her hand and asks her, "Do you have it?" Jackie tries to pass it, but Mike adds, "1,2,3!", finalizing that she has to answer, and truthfully. Jackie admits that she has the sign. Mike takes her seat and Jackie goes into the middle). This game can go on for about forever and doesn't have a real ending. It can also be made harder by everybody changing seats (neither Jackie or Carrie have the sign, but they're trying to distract Mike, who's looking right at Patrick, who has Herbert. Jackie and Carrie switch seats, Mike turns to look, and Patrick passes it quickly. Herbert has been saved from discovery). It's a great game to play with a big group of friends!

There's A River

There's a river,
Flowing through my forest glade,
And I follow,
Going where the river bade...

Comment for more.

May Otter Days

The site Otter Days, found at, has some got stuff that you guys should really check out! Otter Days has lots of "odd" facts about life and some funny jokes to share!

May Poll #1

Poll: Who do you like better, Erica or Jess? (as in Erica Hallstead and Jessica Archer from the Jess and Erica--Best Friend Forever series)

May's Random Questions #2

Question: What's your favorite animal? Has your answer changed before? 

May's Random Questions #1

Question: What is your favorite color? Has it changed before?

First of May As of Today...

Happy first of May!!
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