in which i attempt a recipe (whaaaat?)

i might’ve mentioned before, i believe, my love of a delicious food item that starts with a “F” (well... the first word does... um... yeah...) and ends with “D” (that’s the last word’s last letter. if that makes any sense at all =P). actually, i might’ve not even really explained this. or maybe i have before. anyway, i guess i should just go out and blurt out the words.

i. love. French. bread.

or peasant bread. whatever you personally call it. ;)

and what makes French bread even better? summer sausage, cheese, and butter! (hope the italics doesn’t make it sound like i’m yelling at you guys or something... just emphasizing. anywho.) so, anyway, the other day, me and my friend were left in the house with the words, “you guys can have whatever you want to eat.”

those, my friend, are dangerous words. ;)

so, anyway, we started to dig out a whole bunch of yummy food, and my friend came upon a half-left loaf of French bread that i hadn’t known about. (if i had, it would’ve been eaten.) so here was the plan: we would make some sandwiches out of the French bread, some summer sausage we’d found, and cheese (of course, right? ;)) and then we’d go and watch wives and daughters for the [approximately] second time. (it’s like this really awesome pride & prejudice type of movie... pretty much :)) anywho, it ended up that she wasn’t hungry enough for one of the two sandwiches i’d made, and so i [bravely... JK] took on the task of eating both of them.

(i will say that i ended up only finishing one of them [i think i underestimate how filling that thick bread is... lol] and we only watched the beginning of wives and daughters... either way, we still had fun. ;))

have you guys ever made a sandwich like this before? the bread was a little thicker then i realized, i think, so i had to double up on the summer sausage, but it was delicious. ;) do any of you guys like French bread? or summer sausage? or cheese? :) (i’ll just skip the butter, we all know we do... JK haha :D)

i realize this isn’t much of a recipe, but if you ever wanted to replicate the sandwich that i made, here’s the recipe. (hopefully, i’ll remember it all... lol ;))


French bread
Summer sausage
Cheese (of your choice)

Butter Knife

1. Take the French bread and cut the size of piece you think you can eat.
2. Cut in half (for the sandwich part, so like from end to end).
3. Butter the top and bottom of the inside of the bread pieces.
4. Cut the summer sausage and lay, doubly thick (you can adjust how you like it), on the bottom piece of bread.
5. Cut the cheese and lay on the bottom piece of bread on top of the summer sausage. (as many pieces as you like)
6. Close the sandwich, and...
7. Viola! :)

easy peasy lemon squeezy. ;)

well, hope you guys have a great day! :) God bless! :)

be a hero,

p.s. i have some...thing that i want you to meet. hopefully soon. ;)

headphones: the goods and bads

good things about listening to music on headphones:
i. it makes swiffering the floor feel like dancing.
ii. it makes everything you do with them go faster. (basically...)
iii. it’s like portable music. oh yeah.

bad things about listening to music on headphones:
i. you start singing the lyrics and suddenly you think, “wait a sec, the other people can’t hear the music with me, which means they hear me...” followed very quickly by, “am i singing off-key...?” followed by, “let’s just mouth the lyrics...”
ii. they always fall out. well, mostly. kind of. sometimes. anyway... ;)
iii. sometimes they kind of hurt your ears... well, my ears.

thoughts? :)

Fog and TeenPact

today was beautiful foggy and misty. this morning, it just seemed sort of damp, and i wondered if maybe it had rained, but it didn’t quite seem likely. then the mist and fog rolled in. i love it so much, it’s so beautiful. in some directions you can’t see very far - at least as far as you normally would. the ground’s muddy and there’s still some snow on the ground. but then there’s always rubberboots, right? ;)
 so, this was really unexpected, especially for me. but i found out that i had the opportunity to take a TeenPact class - it’s like a government class - and then i found out that i’m actually getting to go! it’s pretty exciting. :) it’s not normally where i would’ve taken it, so i don’t like know anybody there except one person. it’s kind of scary, but i’m pretty excited. you know those times, when you’re just like, “God, that was so totally You working there!”? God works around us all the time, but sometimes we don’t really understand or realize everything until it’s all done. it reminds of the song “whisper” by Natalie Grant. it’s about she’s always waiting for that flash of lightning from God, like how He spoke to Moses out of the burning bush, and sometimes we miss His whisper. well, this was definitely one of those flashes of lightning! i’ve just been praying that i’ll follow Him and do what He wants to me to do as the date comes closer and closer.

there’s a good amount of work into preparing for the class, which has been been kind of hard, but not really. like each of the projects aren’t like too hard, it’s just that it’s a lot of work. (i got to write a bill! lol sorry, it was just so funny to see it - it looked kind of awesomely official but in that copied-on-your-computer way. i guess. ahem. anyway...) today, i also wrote this letter to an official and then looked up some facts for this worksheet. the class is Christian, so i’m memorizing two sets of verses for the class. i started memorizing those today, and it went pretty well. i have a little while still to practice them, so i’m hoping that i can do a little each day so it just kind of gets ground in there, you know?

have any of you ever heard of TeenPact? have any of you ever been to a class? do you know of other people who have?

God bless! :)

be a hero,

it’s in the air

 yesterday, the air was warm and smelled of spring. i thought i’d smelled the earth, so i bent down closer, and i saw the green buds coming out. the smell of earth filled my senses and i felt like it was truly almost spring. there’s this certain smell that i always associate with spring. now that i think about it, i’m pretty sure it’s one of my favorite smells in the world. it just gives me such a feeling of hope and makes me feel like i could soar through the sky.

today, i went outside in my rubberboots and tried to find some puddles to splash around in. it’s kind of strange to think that we’re finally coming out of the icy grasp of winter. i’ve had several birds visiting me, but sometimes it was while snow was falling. still, i think maybe spring’s finally on the way.

be a hero,
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