This is really random, but anyway...

Hey! :)

So, believe it or not, I’ve actually been contemplating a post idea. (or possibly two...?) But I was hoping to wait until the new design that I was working on was done to do it. Except... the designing has been slow. Like... slow. ;) ’Cause I kind of decided what I want, but now I’m not sure, and I hadn’t even finished the other one, and I’ve been kind of busy, and... yeah. So. Um. That’s why I’ve been “internet-silent” for awhile. ;)

The other day I got a new font for designing (which is like gorgeous ;)) and I’m really excited about using it! =) I’ve put it into a blog design I’m working but it’s still being worked on. And I’m thinking I want to use it on here. Because it’s awesome. Pretty much... ;D

Well, guess what? :) Today I got The Giver (by Lois Lowry... I think... wait... yeah, I think that’s right...) at the library, which I’m kind of excited about. ;) (Because once upon a time I read on somebody’s blog that I love that it was pretty good. Yup.) So hopefully it will be totally awesome and I’ll love it. =) Have any of you guys read it before? Thoughts?

OK, so, I was story hopping (AKA what this writer does when she can’t bring herself to write on something in particular and hopes to gain inspiration by going through old stories and hopefully find the motivation to write something... or maybe just find something interesting to read for awhile) when I came across this story idea that I actually liked, so I’ve decided to redo it! :) Hopefully more details on that later. (and hopefully I’ll finish it. lol)

Well, I guess that’s all for tonight. :) God bless!

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I've decided not to use photos from pinterest (kind of)

As of today, February 21, 2014, I’ve decided that I want to use my own photos for my posts instead of photos from Pinterest. (I might use photos from Pinterest, but from now on, if so, much, much more rarely, and I will always link back to Pinterest. Also, I might do like a “funny” post or “just me” post or something, but I will link back to Pinterest.)

So, from now on, I’m taking off the pin it button off my photos and let’s just say... please don’t take my photos. :) (Not... that you would want to. lol ;D)

Anyway, have a great day! :) God bless! :)

Be a hero,

P.S. If, for some reason, this changes, I’ll let you know. ;)

HE IS NED!!!!!!!! =)


i just really, really, really realized something.


(well, not really scary. just kind of interesting that i hadn’t officially shared this... =P)

when i first announced that my dad was home in january from the hospital, i didn’t really tell you about his status with his cancer. well, guess what? :)

MY DAD IS NED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(that means, basically, cancer free.)

WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

thank you so so so so much to everyone who’s been praying and has prayed, it has been such a blessing, even just reading your comments and everything on posts when i’ve mentioned him. thank you. it’s just so amazing. <3

so, the reason that they said that he’s “NED” (No Evidence of Disease) is because he had a highly reoccurring type of cancer. so even though there was like no cancer in there, they just say that he’s NED. :)

thanks so much to all of you! i hope you have a great day! God bless! :)

be a hero,

Far over the freezing roads cold...

Another of my photos. I’m seriously just considering stopping using Pinterest photos... Not because my photography’s great. Mostly because of like they’re from Pinterest and not my own and... yeah... um... yeah. ;)
So, guess what? =) Believe it or not, I had a little adventure the other night. As in, not-in-the-ordinary-way adventure. As in, this-is-supposed-to-only-happen-to-people-in-movies-and-books adventure. As in... yeah. Um, wasn’t quite expecting that. =D Anyway, so what was this [um, interesting...?] adventure?

Well, the other night, I was at this Christian conference thingy diggy with my friends, and as we were leaving it was snowing pretty hard. (The visibility wasn’t the greatest and the roads were pretty slippery.) And we were traveling in a minivan. And there were hills. (You might see where this is going...) So, anyway, we started to go a different way back home then the way that we’d come, but it was so bad that we decided to go back the way we’d come.

(I just realized that that doesn’t make much sense at all. Oh dear... =P)

OK, to summarize -

We’re traveling on a road.

The weather’s bad.

We... are in a minivan.

(Nothing against minivans, of course. I love minivans. =))

So, we’re heading down the road which, thankfully, was mostly downhill, so we didn’t have to like try and climb a slippery hill or something in the minivan which didn’t have four wheel drive or anything.

And then...

We came to a slippery hill or something in the minivan which didn’t have four wheel drive or anything.


We tried to get up the hill, and we couldn’t make it. So we turned around and tried again. I think it was the third time that we decided to get out and push it up the hill while the driver was still inside. So we all piled out and started to push the van up the hill. It wasn’t actually that hard, because there were several of us, and then the van started going so fast that I couldn’t keep up with it and had to stop running.

Strangely enough, I wasn’t scared. (Usually I would get scared at this sort of thing...) For some reason it didn’t actually hit me that we might not actually be able to make it up the hill. =P I think it was also because everybody was so positive and normal and that nobody was panicking, and they just all kept it low-key. Either which way, we actually managed to push it enough to get it going, and our driver drove it up the hill, where we ran... jogged.... and then finally walked up. (OK, the running part was only when I was trying to keep up with the van as it started to pull away from me as we were pushing it... pretty much. ;D) God helped us get up that hill. =)

Anyway, so we got back into the car and drove back home and all lived happily ever after. (Well, so far, of course. ;)) It was actually a kind of fun adventure. =) So, that’s what I’ve been doing lately. What about you? Any adventures out your way? :)

Have a great day! God bless!! :)

Be a hero,

What’s Your Level of Shyness? Quiz

OK, so, I’m a seriously pretty shy person. (At first. But then you get to know me, and... ;)) But I’m pretty sure I’m at least a little better then I used to be. But, anyway, as I keep on talking about doing a quiz but... um... not doing a quiz, I thought I’d finally do one. =D So, as I was thinking of things to do (Train of thought: do I have any of my books that I haven’t done yet? *checks the stories* Not really... hmm...) I finally came up with this idea.

What’s Your Level of Shyness? Quiz

Basically, I’m going to go and characterize just how shy everybody is. ;) So, let’s see how this goes, OK? ;D 

First off - The Categories
A Little Shy
Extremely Shy

You ready? Let’s go! :)

1. There’s a new girl who looks pretty nice at school and you notice that she’s sitting all alone by herself in the corner table at lunch. You...

A ...immediately walk over and sit down, introducing yourself.
B ...suggest to your friends that you sit by them all together.
C ...manage a smile at them and tell yourself that you’ll grab some of your friends to go with you to introduce yourself later.
D immediately go right to your table and hope that they don’t come up and talk to you, because that would be extremely awkward and you wouldn’t know what to say.

2. You’ve been going to this same summer camp for years now and feel like a pro at knowing where everything is and who everyone is. You find out that there’s a new girl in your cabin that you don’t know. You...

A ...go and introduce yourself and help them get settled into the cabin, introducing them to some of your friends and some other girls that you know they’ll get along great with.
B ...wait until the meal on the first day, the day that everybody’s arriving, to go and introduce yourself and let her know that you’re in her cabin.
C follow some other friends who thought of talking to her first and manage to be friendly and be nice and eventually end up giving your name as you talk together.
D ...end up giving your name when your cabin counselor introduces you all.

3. You’ve just moved into town and are in the local library looking for your favorite book. But the problem is? You just can’t find it! Your mom suggests going and asking one of the librarians, but you’re freaked out because they all look scary and mean. You...

A ...push aside your fear and go and ask.
B ...hesitate and stall for a little while, and then go and ask.
C ...pace around the kid’s section for awhile, swallow down your fear, despite the fact you feel like you’re going to puke any moment, and then walk up and ask.
D ...end up not asking them because you were so freaked out.

4. Your friend goes and introduces you to a friend of hers that she used to be really close to. Your friend’s friend seems pretty nice and friendly. You...

A ...immediately start talking about how nice it was to meet them and what your name is and start asking them series of questions.
B ...are a little nervous at first, but quickly warm up and start asking questions and making jokes.
C and nod and listen to the conversation and let your friend carry it, saying something every once in awhile and when asked.
D ...manage to say your name but then pretty much drop out of the conversation.

5. You tried a recreational sport over the summer and loved it! Now your parents have started asking you if you wanted to do that sport at your school, too. But you’re not so sure. Would you be good enough? Would you do so badly that you were made fun of? Eventually, you...

A ...decide to do the sport. After all, nothing tried, nothing gained!
B ...go between saying yes and no, and then eventually end up doing the sport, though you’re still freaked out about it.
C ...get so worked up so your mom finally says that you don’t have to, and that’s what you do.
D ...tell your parents that you don’t want to do it for competition, just for fun.

OK, hope you all enjoyed that! :)

And now - The Answers
Mostly As is Out-Going!
Mostly Bs is A Little Shy!
Mostly Cs is Shy!
Mostly Ds is Extremely Shy!

I’d love to hear who you were! =) I’m pretty sure I know who I am (I tend to find out as I write the questions...) but I’ll take it again real quick just to make sure. ;) OK, so, I’m A Little Shy. ;) (Though I was almost shy.)

Hope you have a great day! :) God bless! :)

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“I like warm hugs!”

So, before you start thinking that either 1) I turned into Olaf (or would that be Olafa...?) or 2) I might just be a little off (haha JK :D), I’ll explain the story here a little. The other day, we went and made a snowman (“Do you want to build a snowman...?” Just slightly wondering if I was the only one singing that in my head... lol =D) with a real carrot nose, which we’d never done before because we saved them to eat instead of using them for snowman making. ;) So, anyway, we finally made one! :) And then I was like (something close to), “We should name it!” And then of course Olaf was the first thing that came to mind. ;D

(So yeah. The warm hugs thing is about the fact that we named our first [only??] snowman of this year was named Olaf after my favorite movie of 2014 [so far? Always???]. :))

So, here is Olaf. :)

As the little notes at the bottoms of these might indicate... please don’t pin these. Thanks. :)
Have you guys made any snowman this year? If so, did you name them? If not, are you planning to? (I might say that it’s actually quite fun...) Do you guys usually make snowmen in the winter? If so, have you always used carrot noses? (If you’re wondering what we used for the mouth... well... we have these wild rose bushes that we’d taken out from somewhere else on our property and planted them in a homemade flower bed, and these like berry bud things were on them, and so that’s what we used... And the eyes and buttons? Rocks. ;))

Hope you all have a great day! :) God bless! :)

Be a hero,
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