More of the story

OK, so I didn't think I could leave you guys just hanging from that story. However, I'm thinking maybe I should just really write it in depth more. But here's a little more for you:

I woke with a start, sweat dripping down my back. Whenever I closed my eyes, the image of the sky ship--the sky pirate's ship--floated in my brain. Five years ago...... Had it really been that long? It was only as if it had started yesterday. I could still see my friends' faces, the High Elder..... everybody. They were as clear as day, though the faces of my parents were far off. Had I even had parents? Or had they been guardians? I didn't even know.
     I slipped my feet over the side of the bed. My nightgown, one that I had made from the soft moss of the earthy forest floor woven together, billowed softly in the morning breeze that blew through my window, the shutters opened wide to the new day. I smiled to myself, even though my days after the pillaging of the pirates had left me with so much grief.
    I flew off my wooden bed with the woven cream sheets and rushed to my wardrobe. I'd made it myself in one of the many spare hours that I'd had, carefully cutting the pieces from the wood of the forest that surrounded me and carving into it little beauties of the earth--magical trees, colorful flowers, giggling fairies, shy wood brownies, anything that had ever captured my fancy. Mostly things that had captured my fancy five years ago, the fancies of nine year old Arawyn Summersprite. 
     I threw open the wooden doors and looked at my clothes--one set of clothes, actually. It took so long to weave things with the products of the forest and there wasn't anything to dress up for--or anybody to dress up for--that I hadn't even bothered. What I had made was nice enough--tunic and leggings made of deer's skin, a jerkin woven of spider's silk and moss (for sturdiness, you understand), boots made of the soft bark of the Leavenly Tree and the bootlaces from braided Maiden's Moss (it was called Maiden's Moss because of how easily you could braid it, just like a maiden braids her hair). More of the braided Maiden Moss worked for my belt, on which I hooked my old pouch that I had carried with me that fateful day.
     After I'd seen the departure of the sky ship, I had ran off into the forest. Staying by the village--in the open--made me feel too vulnerable. I wasn't sure how long I'd wandered, but finally I saw a tree that something in my head told me would be a perfect tree to make a house in. I'd quickly made myself a house, layers of small huts, ladders, platforms, and swinging bridges that could easily be hidden from an untrained eye.
     I quickly put on my clothes and braided my long, wavy brown hair into a braid that reached past my middle. I put my nightgown carefully in the wardrobe, closing the door lovingly and with care. I didn't want to have to make a new one anytime soon. They weren't the easiest things to make, after all.
     There was a chattering sound outside of my window and I smiled to myself. 
     "Bardy, aren't you coming?" 
     A squirrel of ginger color poked his head indignantly into my room. "I don't suppose you'd like to stop saying my name that way. As if I was your pet. Humph!"
     I smiled, slipping a sharp rock--what I called my dagger--into my belt. "Well, I don't suppose that you are my pet, are you? I still wonder why I feed you each and every day, and yet you're not my pet. Maybe you're my friend."
    "Precisely," agreed the squirrel. "By the way... speaking of food...."
     I laughed. "Oh, come on, you!"
     I pushed open my door and grabbed my rope, sliding down to a small platform. Bardy climbed off after me. I ran down the swinging bridge and reached the ladder leading down to what I called my kitchen. I grabbed it, but instead of climbing down I slid down. I quickly flew inside of the hut before Bardy did.
   "So," I started, "since I made it here first, I shall pick what we shall eat."
    Just then, I heard a sound that made me freeze. Bardy's eyes grew wide. And then he mouthed the terrible words that I was dreading.
     "Somebody's down there."


OK, so there have been other things voted in other than Contests and Quizzes, though Contests and Quizzes are winning!! Here is a list of the poll's choices with their vote count:

Stories and Poems: 2 votes
Contests and Quizzes: 8 votes
Random facts: 1 vote
Cool pictures: 3 votes
Book reviews: 3 votes
Bible verses: 1 vote (that's sad, but that's OK)


I'm in a dilemma as to what I should do,
Because I do want this to be fun for you,
So I think I might just some of all,
So that there will be something for each vote small.
(that's your poem)

I lifted my eyes towards the sky, so wonderingly and glittering in all of its glory. And then, faintly, a small shadow crossed over the moon. I blinked--was it me, or was that the shadow of a ship? I almost couldn't believe it myself.
     I peered at it some more. There was no mistaking it. It was a Sky Ship. I almost couldn't believe my eyes. My heart pounded wildly as I remembered what the Old Elder had told us children yet the day before--
      "Sky Ships are bad luck, aye, that they are."
      "Why?" I had asked.
      "Why, Arawyn, I thought you yourself would know." The Old Elder had leaned forward, whispering, his breath still stinking of onions and garlic, "Because where there's a Sky Ship, there're Sky Pirates."
        I whipped myself out of my reverie and started running towards Derbyshire. I thought of the peaceful houses lying quietly in the trees, the beautiful cottages arrayed in their splendor of flowers, and the cobbled streets and brick houses. No, I couldn't let it happen...
        I looked up towards the sky. The ship was gone. Was I too late, even now?
        I ran harder.
        Up ahead, I thought I saw some light. Then, I saw with a horrible turning in my stomach, that it wasn't light--it was fire. Flickering flames that engulfed and overtook the beautiful houses of Derbyshire. Dead bodies lay strewn on the cobbles. 
      I froze as I heard the sound of children crying. Why weren't the children dead, too?
      I hid, seeing the Sky Ship floating in the sky, hooked to the top of one of the trees. Ropes were dangling down, and being pulled up on them were the horrible crew of the ship, holding Derbyshire's children.
      And as the ship flew away into the night, I knew that I had to get them back.
(that's your story)

Random fact: there are 1,525,000,000 miles of telephone wire a strung across the U.S.
(that's your random fact)

(here's for you picture folks)

Book review--Dear America Books
Status: some are interesting, others are boring, others are average; aren't all books? ;)

These books go from the eyes of girls (and sometimes boys, though I think they're in a different series......) that live in America or are involved in America history. Examples: Civil War, Titanic's crossing... the list goes on. Some of them are really interesting. We have lots of these books at our library. Note: ask parents.
(book review people)

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, "Let there be light": and there was light.
Genesis 1:1-3


More from Me ;)

Hey, ya'll!!!!! (Wow, I haven't said that in like ages) :)

So--some news really quickly before I start out with a normal post--

Best news: We have a new follower!!! Welcome, Keller Girls!!! =D

Good news: Our camera is back in business!!!! Yay!!!!

Bad news: Our printer is out of business. Stink.

So, I will still have to rely on our trusty old computer to take the pictures that I display (such as of our puppies and of my origami haha). 


Contests and Quizzes is still winning!!! Yay!!!! To get more information and possibly enter in a fun writing contest on this blog, look for the 50s Writing Contest picture on the side of this blog. If you click it, you can get more information and then enter!!! So that takes care of you contest people. :)

So I am seriously quizzed out right now!! If you're new, I have several fun quizzes in my archive (though you might have to hunt for them for awhile.......).

Here are a few:

Writer's Quiz--find out what type of writer you are!!
Letters to Jo Quiz--find out what character you are from my book Letters to Jo (displayed as a page on this blog).
What Kind of Blogger Are You? Quiz--find out what kind of blogger you are and drag off your own award!
Get to Know You Quiz--in which your author gets to know you better. :)

That's what I could find for now. =D If you want a quiz and you haven't taken one, here they are!! Also, please, please, PLEASE help me with my last post about signatures and everything. (P.S. Willow how on earth did you make your awesome signature?! LUV!) =D 



P.S. This is my 180th post!!! Thanks for following, 15 followers!!!! =D


So, I really should come up with a why that I address you guys all the time. What's your favorite of the below? If you don't tell me, I'm just going to have to keep on switching... ;)

Hey, guys!!
That's starter #1.

Hey, ya'll!!
That's starter #2.

Dudes! What's up? (OK, please not this one, and Hadassah? No mans here!!) =D
That's starter #3.

Dear Readers,
That's starter #4.

That's starter #5.

That's starter #6.

Or, option #7, I could just start right off without addressing you and you wouldn't feel as if I was personally yelling at you ("you! Yeah, you!!! You with the pink dyed hair!!" haha). :)

And how about going away? You know, like the goodbye? How would you guys like THAT?

1. Bye!

2. Later gator!

3. Adios, amigos!

4. Bye, guys!!!

5. Bye, ya'll!!!

6. Later!!!

7. Be back soon!!

8. Or just go one with the ~Storyteller

So what's your answers? Whichever ones gets the most votes, I will choose that.

And when you see my posts, oh fair,
You will know that you did that,
You will know that your fingers flew,
As you typed, at your computer sat.
And you will know that you influenced me,
Poor Storyteller of this site,
And I hope that you like what you pick,
And when you see it, it gives you delight.




So Madeline May awarded/tagged me on her post about heros!!

The Rules:  
1.  Write some facts on your blog on the hero of your choice.  
2. Give one reason why you chose that paticular person.  
3.  Make up an award for your hero (Ex.  Honoring George Washington for the courage he had and standing up for the land he belived in.  Thank you.)  
So this means that whoever I tags gets this? Please correct if I'm wrong, Maddie! :)4.  Tag 5 friends 
5.  Tell them they have to do it with the hero of their choice.  
6. Have fun!

So I'm guessing that Jesus doesn't count, because Jesus is, of course, my hero of heroes!!!!!!! =D

But if I had to pick a real hero, I'd probably have to pick my family.

Sorry, Maddie.

I'm a sad, pathetic human being.

I don't have a hero like you do. :(

Let's see--who am I inspired by?

I'm inspired by Jamie Grace. So I suppose you could call her one of my heroes!! (yes, I am inspired by other people, such as Britt Nicole and such, but I saw Jamie Grace in concert, so that's why I'm picking her). :)

I picked this picture because it reminds me of how she kind of looked when I saw her in concert (though her hair was different).

Jamie, if you didn't know, struggles with Tourette Syndrome, a special syndrome that makes her move sometimes without her being able to stop herself. However, she still uses her talent to sing for the Lord and bless thousands of people!! I guess that's why she inspires me. Because she pulled through her hard time and is now reaching millions of people around the world in concerts!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't know that she suffered from this until I saw her in concert and she said it. It just makes me admire her more. And not only that--she was so REAL. She was just like "hey guys I sing and how are ya'll doing?" I loved that about her.

So, who am I going to tag? ;)


Bye, ya'll!!!!!!

~Storyteller ;)

The Adventures of Tintin

Yes... those big words are pretty visible, I'd say! And if you can't read it, it says "The Adventures of Tintin." What a name, I know. And who is Tintin? Above is the theatrical poster of a 2011 film called the Adventures of Tintin (which I just told you haha). =D If you've watched this movie, then you know how awesome it is!!!! Yes, I did just say awesome.

And why do I think it's more awesome? Because I knew Tintin before the movie.

Before the movie, Tintin was, and still is, a comic series about a young kid named Tintin who's kind of like a young Indiana Jones except way awesomer!! You never know his age, but I'd guess he's probably anywhere from age twelve (amazing, I know, haha) to eighteen, though it's never made obvious in the books.

In the books, Tintin does lots of cool things--is the first person into space, saves historical artifacts...... the list goes on and on!!!!

And, now, here are the characters of the Tintin comics.

This is Tintin himself, with his trusty dog Snowy by his side. He is the hero of the comics, and is smart, brave, and heroic. He also seems to always have lots of passports.......... he's always in some weird place.......

This is Captain Archibald Haddock. He's a captain who's lost his ship, but I won't tell anymore.....

This is Professor Calculus, a professor who's rather deaf.

And, finally, Thompson and Tompson, the two police officers who aren't that smart.

Click here for the wiki article on the comic series. Click here for the wiki article on the movie.

And now, finally..... the trailer of the movie!!!

Hope you guys enjoy!!!!


My origami

Big announcement....... I have found my hidden talent!! JK hahahaha OK, so maybe it's not such of a talent. But it's sure lots of fun!! 

And what is this mystery thing, anyway?


Yes, paper-folding.

I did just say paper-folding.

And what does my amazing work look like? Well, you might not think it's so amazing after you see it.

This is my penguin
This is my cup.
This is my hat.

And, yes, I did use the same piece of origami paper. =D



50s Writing Contest

OK, wow!! Thanks to everybody who's followed my blog. Welcome, Purple Pixie and Hannah!! I'm pretty sure I visited Purple Pixie's blog briefly, and since I'm going to be rather busy today, I'm hoping to visit your blogs soon!!!  (like maybe tonight or tomorrow) So, now Contests and Quizzes has pulled way out front!! I don't believe I have any contests going on on this blog (if you entered one and I haven't done it, please remind me!), and I've done lots of quizzes, so you know what that means?

Another contest, coming right up!!! =D

And this time, I'm going to put the award on the side of my blog so that I don't forget!! (I almost forgot about one on Dragonmaster... wow.......) And just to say, there's a story contest going on on my other blog, Dragonmaster!! Please click here to go and check it out!! (by clicking that you don't automatically join the contest. It just takes you to my blog. It is not dangerous). :)

So this is the 50s Writing Contest. You come up with a short story, characters, and small plot. The best story will receive this awesome award to display on their blog(s)!

(please click to enlarge)

Good luck! Bye!!

God bless,
The Storyteller


Real quick question--do you guys know how to change comments to something else? Example: instead of say 5 comments, it would say 5 drops of love (something I've seen on other peoples' blogs). If you know how to change this, please tell me!! Thanks!!


Get to Know You Quiz

Hey, ya'll!!

Thanks to everybody who took the quiz. It's so much fun to hear what you guys are and that you actually read my things!! =D Contests and quizzes are still winning!!!! Thanks to everybody who voted Book Reviews off because, seriously, we had that for like over a month!! :) 

So here's another sort of quiz. If you have taken this quiz, please take off your own personal award below!!

OK, you guys ready? All of these questions are optional. If you feel that you might give up something you don't want to by answering any of the questions, please feel free to skip those.

1. What is your favorite color?

2. What would be your ideal house?

3. What is your favorite thing to do?

4. What is your favorite animal?

5. What are your favorite type of people?

6. Where do you want to live when you grow up?

7. What are your favorite names? (both boy and girl names)

8. What are your favorite type of stories?

9. What is your favorite thing that you are/have experienced in school?

10. What is your favorite sport?

That's all for now!!!

(my signature is still being voted on. If you would like to vote on it, too, please click here)


Just a quick post! I just noticed that I'm over 1000 pageviews on ALL of my blogs!!!!! Thanks so, so, soooooooo much, guys!!!!! =D


What kind of blogger are you?

What kind of a blogger are you? Take the following quiz to find out!
After you take it, I'd love to hear your answers!! Please just put them in the comment boxes below.

These first few answers are just to get to know each other better, and to ask yourself some actually pretty important questions. If you get "other", please when you post your answer tell what that other is. Have fun!!!
If there is a link, please visit that blog!! All of these people have awesome blogs that I hope, if you're new, you go and follow!!!! =D

1. Why did you create a blog?

A. Do display something of yours (drawings, photos, stories, etc.) that you think others would enjoy.
B. To be random.
C. Because your friends had one.
D. Other.

2. What did you originally dedicate your blog to?

A. Your talent (A above)(Piano Bookworm).
B. Something specifically--letting God know that you're special (Alexandra Marie), for your dolls (Jess), or something else.
C. Just for random things (Otter Days)(Madeline May)(Madeline).
D. Other.

3. What do you mostly put on it now?

A. Just random stuff.
B. Still sticking to the course.
C. Post?! I don't even post on my blog barely any more!! I'm WAY busy!!
D. Other.

OK, now here are the ones to find out what kind of a blogger you are:

1. How much do you usually post?

A. I try to post at least once a day.
B. Maybe once a week or something.
C. Barely ever, only when I have something that I think is really important.
D. Other. (remember!! What's your other?)

2. What do you do about your blog's template?

A. I try to get it to look pretty professional, but try to keep it when I get one I really like. I usually change it maybe once a month.
B. I get a template I like and stick to it, changing it once in awhile.
C. Are you kidding? I still have my original template from when I first started!!
D. Other.

3. How much do you usually change about your blog?

A. I see what kind of things are popular, miss-and-match, kind of see what I like and then when I get the right amount of polls and everything I leave it for awhile.
B. I get a few polls and stick to them, and barely ever change things.
C. Polls? What even are those?
D. Other.

4. How much to go onto the blogs that you follow?

A. I usually try to leave a comment each time I see a new post come up.
B. Only if it seems really interesting.
C. I barely ever go on other blogs.
D. Other.

5. How do you deal with comments on your blog?

A. If I have a comment, I always reply to it.
B. Sometimes. If they're asking a direct question.
C. Barely ever.
D. Other.

OK, so here we go!! Mostly As are the Busy Blogger. Mostly Bs are the Comfortable Blogger. Mostly Cs are the Life Blogger. Mostly Ds, and you're the Other Blogger!!!! ;D And, remember, be honest!! I'm the Busy Blogger. ;)

Drag off who you are and display it on your blog!!

From Me To You

Magical lights fly over my head,
So close, I can almost touch, brushing my fingers,
My eyes close as God's angels,
Fly overhead, their lights bright, holiness lingers.
I can almost see the end,
Just around the next bend,
With God waiting there for me,
But now only Jesus I see.
As I'm waiting for the time,
That I'll really be there,
When I will come before him,
And only be able to stare.
I do not know what's ahead,
But I do know this,
That after I meet Jesus,
I shall know only bliss.
I shall be swept up into His arms,
And then everything will be right.
Then Jesus will lead the angels,
Oh, and that shall be a sight.
Then we'll be there, praising Him,
Our hands lifted high.
But for now I waited with uplifted hands,
Stretching towards the sky.

And now I must ask you a question, dear friend,
What do you think of my blog template?
I know that I might've changed the other one,
At such a very close, indeed, date.
But I do like this one, oh I do,
I hope you love it so, too,
Please tell me what you think of it, friend,
And maybe to you tips I'll lend. ;)
Just ask me nicely on this post,
And I will be sure to help you as I can,
Even if I might seem as a ghost,
I'll try and help you across the time span.
Now I didn't design my blog template,
Well, I guess I kind of did, my friend,
I went out to The Cutest Blog on the Block,
And to my blog a template I did send.
So how do you like it?
I like it a lot!
And it was for free,
No trouble, naught!
So maybe you might use it,
That'd be really sweet!
And maybe some day,
In Heaven we'll meet. =D

Bye!! Look to the sky!!


Liebster Blog Award--from Jenny!! Thanks!! =D

Hey, guys! I just saw that I got award by Jenny!! Thanks so much, artsy peacock!! ;)

1) Each person must list 11 things about themselves.

1. I can't snap.
2. I love writing.
3. I love spy books.
4. I love writing stories with people.
5. I love creating a character so real you're sad when you kill them off in your book.
6. I love fantasy novels.
7. I LOVE GOD!!!!!
8. I am writing a story to go along with the letters from Jessie Bender.
9. I have yet to choose a favorite animal.
10. I love spaghetti, onions, chocolate, dill pickles, and lay potato chips and about everything else potato!
11. I love zucchini pie. (yes, that does exist)

2) Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you PLUS you MUST create 11 questions of your own for the 11 people you will nominate with this award.

These are Jenny's questions:
1. What's your favorite fruit?
I love lots of things, including blueberries, strawberries, and bananas (mind you, that's not all!!).
2. What's your favorite color?
Sunlight yellow and purple.
3. If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be? (And no, you cannot say that 'I wish for more wishes'. :D)
To love like God, to be able to fly, and that everybody would be become Christians.
4. What's your favorite book?
5. If you could meet anyone famous, who would it be?
6. What needs work or is inconvenient about my blog?
Nothing!! By the way, how on earth did you do it? I think it's AWESOME!!
7. What's your biggest desire?
To grow closer to God.
8. Do you have a special story behind your name? What is it?
I love writing stories.
9. Do you enjoy drawing?
10. What are your hobbies?
Writing, reading, blogging, drawing, playing piano, and designing things. =D
11. What do you like most about blogging?
I love meeting people, seeing new ways to design things, and seeing how people react to things that I create.

OK, here are my questions:

1. What is your favorite thing about me?
2. What would you describe your personality as?
3. What do you think happens when a person dies?
4. What is your favorite style of book?
5. What is your favorite book of mine?
6. What is your favorite blog of mine?
7. Do you think that awards are more annoying or they're awesome?
8. What do you think is the best quality in a friend?
9. What is your favorite movie and why?
10. What is your favorite thing about being on blogger?
11. What's your favorite award that you've gotten so far and why?

3) Choose up to 11 bloggers linking them to your post.

OK, here we go!! *deep breath*


4) Go to their page and inform them of the nomination.

Will do!!

5) Absolutely NO tag backs.

6) Remember to ONLY tag bloggers with less than 200 followers.



Random Poem of Awesomeness ;)

So here's a poem for awesome you,
I've got lots of things to do,
I've got write on my other blogs,
And maybe watch my own dogs.
And after that I'll write on my story,
Of the girl named Jessie Bender,
I hope that you guys enjoy the story,
And most of all enjoy the sender!
I hope you guys enjoy reading this,
I hope you guys enjoy this blog,
Oh, dear, stop that scratching you!
Just a sec--I've got to let out the dog!! ;)



Flexible Blog Award--from Maddie! Thanks! =D

Hey, guys! I just saw that I got awarded. It didn't say what blogs, just my name, so I thought that I'd just put it on my most-viewed blog. :) 

1. Thank the person who gave you this award and leave link(s) to their blog(s).

Thanks bunches, Madeline!!! OK, so Maddie's links:

Totally Me!
100% Bookworm
The Star Wars Gazette
I know you had more, but since you switched over to Google+, I don't have a list of your other blogs!!! :( :( (note: if you could post something on your blog about your other links, that'd be great!!!)

2. What do you like best about your own blog?

I like lots of things about my blog--I like seeing that people are actually on when they comment, and that they actually care when they follow, and that they care and are on when they do both. I love to hear what people think of my stories, and I like hearing from them!!!

3. What do you like best about the person who gave this award's blog(s)?

I think that Maddie's funny, nice, kind, has a heart that yearns for the Lord, and a certain charm about the way that she writes her posts!!

4. Who's the most active person on your blog?

Oh, wow!!! Well, the most active person currently on my blog would probably be Jess!!!!! ;D

5. What's your favorite blog?

Lots!!!!! =D

6. What's your favorite design (swirls, lines, etc.)?

I love swirls, stripes, polka dots, flowers, and other things!!!

7. What do you think is the most flexible thing about your blog?

Most flexible? I COULD say that I like to post about a lot of different kinds of things, but I'm not sure that you guys would agree with me. :)

8. Award five people this award.

Oh, brother!! OK, here we go:

The World According to Laura Ashley, by Laura Ashley
Rosalyn's Blog, by Jess
Chatty Kathy, by Kathryn
Instantly British, by Madeline
Otter Days, by Otter Days



Letters to Jo quiz

So, contests and quizzes are winning on the poll!!! I've probably got enough contests going, so--here's a quiz!! The question is: what character are you in Letters to Jo?--Willow, Jo, or Laura? (oh, wow, don't want that one!!!) =D Hereeeeeeee we goooooooooooo!!!!!

1. You see a kid that you don't know getting beaten up. What would you do?

A. Go and tell them to stop what they're doing RIGHT THEN or you'd go get the authorities.
B. Skitter off before they start doing that to YOU.
C. Go and help them beat the kid up--at least it's not you, right? And you might as well make friends with them......

2. You have two tickets to go to an awesome concert. What do you do?

A. Go invite the new kid who you know is shy and doesn't have lots of friends.
B. Hoard it, because you DEFINITELY don't want do go with anybody else anyway.
C. Snidely give the ticket to an already rich person who you know is already going right in front of a whole bunch of kids who've been complaining about not being able to go.

3. A foster kid is coming to stay with your family. What do you do?

A. Make sure they feel welcome and treat them as part of the family.
B. Stay in the shadows, not engaging with either them or your family.
C. Pretend to be nice and then start taking things from them quietly.

4. You hear that your friend's run away. What do you do?

A. Go out and look for them in the places that you're sure they are.
B. Cry and wish that they were back, but make no effort to go and look for them--because as far as you're concerned, they're long gone.
C. Who cares? I mean, really.

5. A car is rushing towards your best friend, who's obliviously walking out into the street right in front of them. What do you do?

A. Push them out of the way and sacrifice yourself.
B. Scream and try to pull them back, but if it's obvious you'll die, you can't do anything.
C. Why should you care?

As--Jo. Bs--Willow. Cs--Laura.

Who are you not to be?

I hugged my knees to myself. I realized, with a sharp pain, that I was nothing--nothing compared to God, or anybody else for that matter. I wasn't pretty, or smart, are athletic. But then a thought whipped around my head--something that I'd heard somewhere.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

My eyes flicked open. Who was I not to be?

But how could I? It didn't make any sense. I would never be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, or fabulous.

But then how did this quote apply to me?

I got off the ground, standing next to the tree. In the distance I could see the farmhouses and barns of the families that lived here with me in rural Ohio. If I let my light shine, was I really giving other people the unconscious permission to do so, also?

No. That's just an old saying.

But was it?

I started to run, my hair flapping wildly in the wind.

Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous...?

I ran faster, my feet flying.

Actually, who are you not to be?

I stopped, pulling to a halt. I closed my eyes and in my head I prayed, God, I don't know how to shine, I don't know how to be anything, but with you, all things are possible. I opened my eyes, smiling. Quietly, I whispered to the wind,

''Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."

Interview with spy Alex Rider

Hello, hello, hello!! And welcome to the second Interview of August, with our host, Storyteller! Today we are going to be interviewing a very special person. We had to go to special lengths to let M16 of England let our special person be here today. Everybody, welcome spy Alex Rider!!

Alex: Thanks.

Me: Welcome, Alex! And how are you doing today?

Alex: *shrugs boredly* OK, I guess. I'm kind of depressed.

Me: Well, um, that's great!

Alex: *perks up* But I'm doing better since ____________ happened. (I'm sorry I had to edit this part, because otherwise you would've found out a critical something that happens in the book Scorpia!)

Me: Well, Alex, what's it like having your interview being put in front of thousands of people?

Alex: What?! I thought M16 said this was a private interview!! Are you crazy?!?! You're going to reveal me to the whole world!? What if Scorpia or Snakehead or the triads or something found me!?!? Are you nuts!?

Me: Well, um, I'm afraid your whole story has already been recorded by Anthony Horowitz.

Alex: ?!?! Give me that mike!

*struggle over mike* *loud feedback* *muffled grabbing*

Me: *punches Alex and rips mike back out of his hands* Ahem, yes, sorry about that everybody!!

Alex: Give me that!

Me: *in a hiss* You're ruining the show! Stop it!!

Alex: Mrs. Jones, get me------

Me: ALEX RIDER!!! Now, what was it like for you to be separated from your friend Sabina Pleasure?

Alex: HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!

Me: *background* be quiet! *to the audience* *nervous chuckle* Well, um, I guess that's kind of a touchy subject..... moving on.............

Alex: *gets out of seat and looks for exit* *to my horror takes out some of the zit cream from the first book/movie, about ready to burn through the metal walls*


Alex: *doesn't listen*

Me: *sighs, tackles him, ties him up, and calls M16* *turns back to audience* Well, I think that concludes our show for today!!!

Alex: *muffled* Let me go!!!!

Interview with Codebearer Hunter Brown

Hello!! This is the first interview of Interviews of August, a new series that will continue throughout August of 2012. Our first interview will be with Codebearer Hunter Brown. Welcome, Hunter!

Hunter: Thanks, Storyteller!!

Me: So, Hunter--what's it like having an interview?

Hunter: Well, this is my first interview that I've ever had before, and so far it's going great! Though you haven't asked any hard questions yet.

Me: Well, yes, we just started. So, Hunter, what's it like having your story recorded and having possibly millions of people read it and be impacted by your amazing story?

Hunter: It's very life-changing. I'm so glad that people can read my story, though!! I hope that more people come to the Author, aka God, because of it.

Me: Well, that's great, Hunter! But let's backtrack some. What did you feel like when you accidently like almost killed Hope in the first book?

Hunter: I felt horrible.

Me: Which is to be expected. What was it like when you first realized that Rob had drawn the sign of the Codebearer on that piece of paper at school in the second book?

Hunter: Well, it was kind of shocking as I realized that other kids believed in the Author, too, and that they knew of the Codebearers.

Me: I could only imagine!! Well, Hunter, you have an amazing story. What was it like for you when your friends rejected you in the first book?

Hunter: (pained) It was hard. (struggles to look for the right words) But I managed to pull through it. But I felt very betrayed by them. It was horrible.

Me: I'm sorry you had to go through that. Now, Hunter, what were you thinking when you realized that Desi was a bad guy?

Hunter: Well, something like "oh, wow, this is NOT good".

Me: Well, thank you Hunter for your precious time! I really enjoyed that.

Hunter: Thanks for having me, bye guys!!

And that concludes our interview with Codebearer Hunter Brown. Give him a big hand, ladies and gentleman!

Napkins? Are you JK?

Hey, ya'll!!

Real quick--you guys won't believe what gave me a story idea. Two napkins. No joke--two napkins. I was eating, and I grabbed a napkin, but I accidently grabbed two. And all of a sudden this story idea just kind of shot into my head. And it's really good, too!! How random is that? 

Adios amigos!!


I am scared--I am alone. I don't know where I am. Everything is dark. I wonder faintly if I'll ever see the light of day again. The darkness seems to say otherwise. I do not know anything. For some reason, I cannot speak. I cannot sing. I cannot make any noise that will even let myself know that I, myself, am alive. All I know is this--I am in danger.
    I do not know how long I have been in this place. I have no feeling in my soul here here. No sense of smell. No touch. No nothing. I do not dream here. I am stuck in a void of darkness that I cannot escape. I am trapped. I have no memory. I have no idea what kind of thing I might have done to deserve this. It must have been a very horrible thing.
   A song pounds in my ears; it is my own fear. I cannot escape it. I cannot escape anything. I cannot move. I cannot see. I cannot do anything at all. I am stuck here, until something saves me. What, I don't know. I don't even know what I need to be saved from but this evil darkness that has crept over me and stolen my freedom.
     My eyes--they have been hidden. I cannot see anything. Anything at all. If only I could see any color. But I am stuck in this dark void. My eyes are covered. My eyes cannot see. They cannot help me. Nothing can help me now.
     I am in grave danger. That is all I know. My eyes cannot see; they can't help me; they cannot do anything to aid me in anyway. My eyes are blind.  I cannot remove the things that cover them, because in reality they don't exist.
      I am stuck.
      Can you get me out?

Short story.
What are the themes?
What is going on in this story?
What is the person feeling?
Write your answers in the comments.

Poem of Random

So I've come back to do what I do best,
And write a poem for all of you readers,
So I don't really know you or what you're like,
Whether you're followers or leaders.
But I hope that you enjoy the things on this blog,
And hope that you comment and such,
I might not get back to you right away,
But I'll try and stay and keep in touch!

So first of all, I'll clear some things up--
The Alex Rider books are getting better!!
So maybe you've read that book review,
And read of the depressing letter.
But since I've finished Scorpia,
Alex's life has been going grand,
And he's still being a spy,
And defending his lovely English land.

Some other things, too, that I shall say--
We have been working on The Agent Files,
I'm afraid it's not exactly like Jennifer, Victoria, Katherine, and Elizabeth,
Certainly not turning back time dials.
But for now I'll let you in on the secret--
The main characters are really spies.
They live in the beautiful city of Denver, (U.S.A.)
Where they give crooks a big surprise.

I'm afraid that my story with Otter Days--
Unseen World if you didn't know--
Isn't going quite as well--
I have to admit it's going kind of slow.
Of course it's neither of our fault;
We're just really, really busy;
Hopefully we'll finish it soon;
We'll do in eventually, you'll see.

I've just made some cool new headers!!
For all of my blogs, most recently Rubberboot Girl,
That's my blog of lots of random stuff,
And of pictures of the sea as white as a pearl.
I hope you go and visit,
My fair blog Dragonmaster, it's sweet!
I believe there's been a post from Andria....
And she can't be beat!!!! =D

So I hope you've enjoyed my ranting,
And my raving, too.
And so farewell for now, my readers;
I'll soon be seeing you!!!

I know you won't guess,
I just wanted to say,
Thanks a day!
For voting on the poll,
On Draognmaster fair,
Of my beautiful signature,
Thanks a hare! ;)

The Poem of the Tale of Jess

I have been away for a long time,
Not for awhile have I done a rhyme,
So I shall relive the moments of the past,
And I shall make another poem at last.

What shall my poem be about, pray tell?
How about a farmer who lived in a dell?
No, not that, that's old, I know,
So for you a tale I'll sew.

Once upon a time there lived,
A young girl by the name of Jess,
She loved the color sunlight yellow,
The color of her favorite dress.

She lived in the land of Florence,
A place of magical things,
Where elves weave, and dwarves live,
And an enchanted fairy sings.

She had a thing about her,
That made her special, it did,
She had a strange birthmark,
That quite resembled a lid.

It set her apart from the others,
When she moved things with her eyes,
It scared some of the others,
And just gave others a big surprise.

And then one day something happened,
She was kidnapped, she was,
She'd been taken, they didn't know why,
The birthmark, it was because.

And then she found her destiny,
In the sight of elves that see,
She found her beautiful life,
And pulled herself out of strife.

So now here's the end of this tale,
And I'm afraid this is new mail,
I hope you enjoyed this little rhyme.
Maybe I'll do one another time. ;)

Writer's Quiz

Wow!! Book reviews finally got voted out!!! Thanks so much for whoever did that. =D OK, so I started a writing contest awhile back called Faith, Family, and God Writing Contest (or something like that). The sad thing? Nobody entered. :( Well, that's OK!! So now we're going to have to have a quiz. Well, sort of a quiz. ;) Let's call it the Writer's Quiz. The person with the most promising answers shall get an award!!!!

I might have to modify it, but for now, this is what you'll get! So don't forget to take it and put your answers in the comments with this post!!!

1. When you write a story, how many pages do you usually try to aim for?

A. Oh, just whatever--five pages or hundred, doesn't matter.
B. Maybe fifty pages, if I'm lucky.
C. At least over a hundred pages.
D. I'd die if I didn't have my story over three hundred pages!!

2. What's your writing style?

A. See one thing and immediately start writing on it, though you don't have a story plan.
B. You have a general idea (kind of), but it's not that long.
C. You get an idea and start writing, and the rest comes naturally.
D. You laboriously write down every single detail, and after you've planned everything out, then you start writing.

3. How do you develop your characters?

A. Throw your characters into the action before you really get to know them.
B. Draw your characters out, but you barely know anything about them still.
C. Try to develop your characters like they're real people.
D. Spend WAY too much time explaining everything about them.

4. How do you describe places?

A. What? I have to DESCRIBE them?????
B. I kind of do.
C. I give people enough so that it benefits the story.
D. I give so much that you're either so into the story that you freak out when my character gets stabbed or you're bored to death.

5. How do you like to end your stories?

A. A happy ending.
B. Everything turns out right, with minor loss.
C. I love to leave my people hanging for the next book!
D. Have people that you've grown to love while reading the book die.

That's all for now!!

Here are my answers: 1. C 2. C 3. C 4. C 5. C, A, B, and sometimes D!!!


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