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Hey, ya'll. ;)

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was really busy. (and gone) Anyway...

It's really quite amazing, this journey of having my ACL torn. It's interesting just to think about it. Who wouldn't I have met? Where wouldn't I have gone? All I can say is, I definitely wouldn't have been as fit as I am now. And, if I want to be able to walk, I have to be "fit" my entire life. That definitely would've never happened.

Anyway, I was just thinking about writing my own story about what happened. Kind of like a biography. I probably won't post it, but I'll let you guys know how I'm progressing through it. :) Have you ever written your own biography? What things in your life do you think are "worthy" of a biography? What's your favorite biography you've ever read?

Later gator. ;)

Over and out.

A chapter in which Wyn suddenly wishes she didn't look like a boy

I don't know about you, but pretending to be a page so that you can go to the Middle East and bring back your sister's true love so that she doesn't marry some other creep though the guy she already likes is a creep and then getting attacked by pirates and forced to flee overboard with the knight that you're pretending to be the page of and having to walk across all of Europe to get to the Middle East is not what I would consider good.

"I'm tired," Sir William whined.

I glared at him. "So am I. Keep walking."

"I want a horse," he told me.

"Buy one," I told him.

"I don't have any money," he pointed out.

"Gee," I snorted, "neither do I. How sad."

Since I'd saved our lives from those horrible pirates, it seemed that I had become the leader of our twosome. And that meant that I got to make all of the decisions. Which, of course, I loved getting to do. I mean, come on...

"We'll stop here," I announced, my eyes catching the faint sight of smoke in the distance. "Tomorrow we'll make our way to that village and see if we can get to the nearest sea port. From there we'll catch a ship."

"Where's the village?" demanded Sir William, plunking down on a rock like it was a royal chair.

I pointed to the smoke.


"And then, if we get passage, we won't have to walk the whole way," I smiled rather smugly, folding my arms.

"Hello, kind sirs."

I whirled around so fast that I nearly fell over. Remember, Wyn. Everybody else thinks you're a boy. Don't blow your cover. I cleared my throat and narrowed my eyes. There was a girl around my age standing in the shadows of a nearby tree.

"Who are you?" I demanded with a glare.

She stepped out into the moonlight. She was... OK, she was really pretty. Like... I wished I looked like her. She had blonde hair and big brown eyes that made me shiver. Sir William was immediately on his feet, then on his knee before her, kissing her hand.

"Milady!" he cried.

The girl's eyes were still on me.

Wait. This... wasn't good.

"What's your name?" she asked with an almost amused smile.

Oh, stink. I hadn't really thought of that. Everybody just called me page or whatever.

"Um..." I trailed off. Come on, brain! Think! "Edward," I finally blurted.

She giggled.


AS--The Voice

"Arawyn, wai...!" Damien started to say.

He was too late.

I looked into the lake.

And gasped.

Arawyn, we have been waiting for you...

* * *

Suddenly, everything was... dark. Different. Blind. Perfect. Wide. Empty.


My eyes flickered, but still the endless nothing stayed. I tried to move, but couldn't. I glanced all around. The darkness was the same here and everywhere. What was going on? Where was Damien? Where was the pool? And how had I gotten here?


My head whipped around, but there was nobody there. It had just been a whisper. A breath of air. And yet I knew that there was someone here. Someone who had spoken. Someone who knew me--knew me by name.

"Who are you?" My eyes flashed.

Someone you shall never see. Never know. Never understand.

I was confused.

Do not be confused, my child. All things will be explained in due time.

Who are you? The thought burst from my brain before I could stop it.


"Who?" I hissed, my eyes flicking around, trying to see the person, though I knew I never would. There still wasn't an answer. "Who are you?!" I yelled.

Calm down, Arawyn. I will explain things, but you might not understand everything. You must promise that you will never tell anybody but the King what we are about to tell you.

I immediately thought of Damien and Brumby.

Not even the boy and his father.

I didn't want to. Everything in my body fought against it. Why couldn't I tell them? It almost didn't seem fair. I glanced around again. Still there was only nothingness. Whatever it was was waiting for my answer. I felt it.

"Alright," I whispered. "Just tell me."

Pictures Hold Memories

I don't know about you, but I love going through old photo albums and looking at yourself, or people that you know, when they were younger. It's just so much fun. You get to relive your old memories, and see the memories of others. It's also fun when you go with someone who knows exactly was happening when the photo was taken. :) ("And here Cheryl had just pushed Chuck into the water, and that's why he's pushing her in...")

Pictures, I think, hold memories better then almost any other thing. I think the other top two things that hold memories for us are old things and our journals/diaries. I love going through my old journals and reading, and then I found myself thinking, "Oh, yeah, I remember that, that was when..." And then I remember something. :) Or I'll be cleaning out my room and come upon, say, a drawing, and I'll remember how hard I worked to make that picture look just right.

But it works for other things, too. For example: yesterday morning I had sausages and apricots for breakfast. (don't ask...) While I was eating breakfast, I was reading in the back of a Better Homes and Gardens magazines about cruises. (strange, I know...) Then this morning I ended up having the same breakfast. (as you can probably tell, we have a LOT of sausages on hand..... lol ;D) As I was putting my sausages into the microwave to heat them up, suddenly I remembered how I'd been reading about those cruises. Kind of strange, right? But that breakfast had held a memory. A memory of reading about cruises from a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, but still. ;)

What things hold memories for you? What are some of your favorite memories? Do you like looking through old photos? What kind of photos do you like looking through--photos of yourself, or of someone else that you know (friend, parent, etc.)? What's the strangest thing/object that's held a memory for you?

Later gator. ;)

Over and out.


Sisters make the days brighter,
Sisters make dark days lighter,
Sisters are always there for you,
Sisters don't cast you off like the worn shoe.

Sisters love to laugh and play,
Sisters love a shopping day,
Sisters love ice cream out,
Though sometimes sisters scream and shout.

Whatever happens, sisters are friends,
It doesn't matter how the road bends,
They're always there for each other,
They're as close as a brother and a brother.

Sisters always make things right,
Sisters are a sisters' delight,
Sisters sometimes understand the most,
Sisters are your party's host.

Sisters will comfort you when you're scared,
Sisters will surprise when you're not prepared,
Sisters won't fail the kindness test,
No--sisters are the best!

Do you have a sister? Older or younger? There's a special bond between sisters, isn't there? You're either friends or enemies like nobody's ever seen. Hopefully it's friends. If your sister is your friend, watch out, mean people. She's going to be there for you, to protect you, to guide you, to laugh with you (or at you, though hopefully you won't take it personally like I usually do...), and to give that glare that only sisters give when they feel you're misbehaving.

Sisters are unlike anybody else in the world. I know sisters who are closer then two peas in a pod. I know sisters who squabble worse then chickens. Sisters. They're amazing, aren't they? So unique. So special. And such a blessing.

Go and bless your sister today.

Revised Bucket List... and other things(:

volleyball player
soon-to-be library volunteer
getting bolder
feeling braver

So... like the post before I had my skiing accident (during which I tore my ACL and got a neon yellow knee brace), I told you that I had a Summer 2013 Bucket List. Right? Well, I'm not sure if you noticed, but it's going to be kind of hard to complete everything on that little list because of my knee brace. I mean, I can still do some, but not all.

So you know what this means? I need a new bucket list!! *score* #lovingbucketlists #toomuchfun

OK....... so...... let's get started. :)

Summer 2013 Bucket List {revised}
1. Try to write every single day.
2. Finish the fifth Unusuals.
3. Get a Dropbox account. {will explain in future post}
4. Become more like God each day.
5. Get up every day (except if I'm sick, stayed up late because of something really important, etc.) at six.
6. Spend a night in the cabin.
7. Play volleyball practically every day. {without jumping, of course}
8. Read 25 books. {at least}
9. Get the right design for Dragonmaster. {one in mind...}
10. Live life the way God wants me to, with no regrets.

Well... let's just say that wasn't quite as impressive as my last one. =D

Anyway, I have several "life updates" to tell you about. :)

First off... our dog had puppies again!!! Yay!!! :) They are the most adorable dogs EVAH. ;) I believe she had them on Wednesday. There's four in all. They're a bichon frieze shitzu Yorkie cross. They're soooooooo cute. :) I might post pictures of them when they're a little older. :) (If you want, of course..... ;)) We haven't picked names yet, but two we're considering are Mia and Bunny. (any ideas??)

Also... starting next Wednesday (I believe), I'm going to be volunteering at my local library!!! :) How exciting is that?! Gah, I love my library and the librarians there. :) Everyone's just so nice. :) And we have awesome books. :) It's going to be really awesome. :)

Also... other then getting published in the magazine, starting this next week, I'm going to start submitting Rubberboot Girl to some publishers. (I have to admit the Unusuals, so don't worry about that. Like... I didn't even know the different names [Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhatten, Queens] of New York. I said like "poor part" [Bronx] and "nice part" [Brooklyn]. So... yeah... I have to go and edit that.. :D)

I'll talk to ya'll later. ;)

Over and out.

It's WHAT?!

Hey, ya'll. :)

Sooo.... I was getting flooded on my dashboard by saying that Google Friend Connect (otherwise known as the followers gadget) is getting... *gasp*... DESTROYED on July 1st. I'm not sure if this is true or not. I've looked it up, and this is what I got. As far as I can see from that, we here on blogger would be safe. So... I'm rather confused. IS IT REALLY SHUTTING DOWN?! All I can is, I sure hope not!!!! =P

Either way, if you have bloglovin' and normally follow my blog (or even if you don't), I'd be honored if you followed me!! :) I don't have bloglovin' (like... I didn't even know it existed until it started popping up around March =P) but if I ever get one, you'll all be having a new follower. :)

God bless!! :)


You are Lord of lords,
You are King of kings,
You are Mighty God,
Lord of everything,
You're Immanuel,
You're the Great I Am,
You're the Prince of Peace,
Who is the Lamb,
You're my Saving God,
You're my Saving Grace,
You will reign forever,
You are Ancient of Days,
You are Alpha,
Beginning and End,
You're my Savior,
Redeemer and Friend.

You're my Prince of Peace,
And I will live my life for you.

If you have never heard that song... all I can say is, please look that song up. I love that song. I love singing to the Lord His many names. Whenever I'm singing, I really feel alive the Lord. Not that I don't anyway. But I mean, I really just feel so... so... I can't even explain it. Whole? Perfect? Loved? I don't know. I just get this amazing feeling when I'm praising the Lord. Have you ever gotten that feeling before?

Lord, i love You
Lord, i praise You
Lord, You are my All in All
thank You

I love having a heart of praise. It makes me feel alive in a way that nothing else does!!! It's sooo amazing!! That's why I love being at Christian concerts with my friends. (especially my favorite artists... coughcoughForKingandCountrycoughcoughthissummercoughcough) It's just such a great experience. I love praising the Lord with my friends.

In what ways do you feel alive in the Lord?

You can't always win...

dear diary,

guess what? last night we played a game. and i lost again. as always. i don't want to talk about it.

a girl

I sometimes feel like I always lose. I'm not even joking. Like... I seriously do. If I'm playing a team game, it's like our team stinks and the other team has all of the awesome people. If I'm playing a card or board game, it seems like I'm always in last. Have you ever had the feeling? Like you're a loser? And you can never win?

When I'm last... it makes me feel like I'm horrible. Like I should be doing better, but I just can't. And then everybody's like, "Oh, it's OK," and everything, and it just makes me feel like a baby sometimes. (ugh) Have you ever had that feeling? Like you're always going to be last, at whatever you do? And you can never do anything right? You can never win?

Lately, God's been showing me wrong a lot. I've actually won some games, which is surprising. It's nice to win something, isn't it? Because otherwise I just feel like... ugh, I just get this feeling in my gut, like your heart dropping, just saying, You're in last, and that's because you're stupid. I HATE that.

But God's been showing me something else other then that I can actually win--it's OK to lose. No joke. I know that sounds really stupid that I'm just coming to that point, but I'm serious. It's. OK. To. Lose. You don't have to win all the time. And the fact is, you can't win all the time. Believe it or not, there's always going to be something better then you at something in the world. And it's just learning how to gracefully accept defeat, laugh it off, and not have to carry the weight of losing. Because, come on, it's not your fault, right? ;)

You can't always win.

And that's OK. :)

//Guest post//Good Bye//

Thank You so much for letting me Guest post! :)
  It was super fun and exhilarating. * I slightly like to use big words.. *
I love this blog! 
 And the privilege to post on  Storyteller of Weston County is tremendous!
Thank You!
        I guess this is Good Bye!
 Until we meet again. Fare Well.
Please checkout my blog! 
 Possible follow?

Xox. Kayla

Pernisia and Rowan--The Changer

By Poem Girl

I was having mixed feelings right then…one minute I was angry the next I was happy then angry then curious then scared and now here I was with a mixture of anger, confusion, relief, and fear actually the fear was just a dull throbbing again. I stared at the dark where Rowan’s voice had come from before asking, “How?” 

“It’s me Nisia.” Caleb called from above instinctively I looked up but saw nothing but black. I growled up at the black I could hear Caleb laughing. “Okay, okay I get it I’m the only one who still can’t see, how do we get out of here Rowan?”

“Here take this.” She handed me something coarse and long I gripped it slightly and immediately felt myself lifting from the ground I frowned and let go.” 

“Aaah.’ Caleb cried suddenly finding slack on the rope. ‘You weren’t supposed to let go. Grab the rope again.”

I shook my head. “Not until you guys promise to answer some questions, I seriously am going crazy here and no one will tell me anything!” 

“Fine, Fine just grab the rope alright.” Caleb said hastily. 

“Rowan?” I looked in her direction and was surprised to see that my vision was finally improving and she was crossing her arms looking quite annoyed. “Rowan…” 

She tossed her arms into the air. “Whatever just climb up.” 

I nodded at her and grabbed the rope watching Caleb slowly pull me up. He looked determined and it appeared to me that he was lifting me up almost effortlessly…how much had this elf thing changed him? And how did he get up there anyways I’d have to ask him right after I got done grilling Rowan.

As soon as me and Rowan where both up Caleb grabbed my wrist and yanked me ahead Rowan followed after. I was blinded again when we exited the cave but they continued to run and I was helpless to do anything but follow weakly after
finally after I was sure I was going to be blind and lame for life they stopped I crumpled to the ground clutching my sides and heaving long heavy breaths, Caleb seemed hardly touched by the run and Rowan was so used to it that she was only slightly winded. I watched as Caleb nimbly scaled a nearby tree and scouted out the perimeter while Rowan went off to look for something sharp to make weapons with. I felt so impatient till finally they said they were ready to answer my questions. “Okay so first….what’s a Wolf Moonworker? 

She looked at me with blank eyes. “I don’t know.” 

“What, what do you mean?” 

“I mean I don’t know.” She placed her hands on her hips. “I didn’t even know I was a Moon Daughter till they told us and I’m not even from this world.” 

“I thought…..” 

“That I was the all knowing forest girl?” I looked at her startled that was exactly what I had been thinking. “Yeah I thought so. Listen Pernisia I may know more about certain otherworld things than you but this Moon Daughter stuff is different, the Moon People where very secretive and the Legend of the Blue Moon was always closely guarded I know very little about it.” 

“Do you know someone who could tell us?” 

“I can tell you.” A musical voice answered; we whirled around a girl with pale skin approached us…

By Me

The boy with the tanned skin came towards us. I immediately picked up the stick that I'd been hoping to use as a walking stick and wielded it like a sword, putting myself between the boy and Pernisia.

The boy stopped, surprised. "Whatever is the matter?"

He might think he was winning. He might think that he was going to win. But I knew his type. Everything about him was too... perfect. His skin was unblemished. His eyes sparkled like stars. His hair shone like polish.

He was a Changer.

"Get away, scum," I hissed.

"Rowan, what on earth are you doing?!" Pernisia hissed at me. "It's just a little girl! Probably not even twelve!"

"He's got you in his grasp," I snapped at her. "He's a Changer."

"He?" she looked at me like I was crazy. "I'm telling you, that's a little girl!"

At just that moment, Caleb came rushing down the hill. I sighed in relief. Surely the Changer wouldn't be able to hold an elf in his power.

Caleb's mouth dropped, and he bowed on the ground. "You are the most beautiful being I have ever seen!" he declared.

Apparently not.

"What on earth are you talking about?!" cried Pernisia. "It's a little girl!"

"It's an angel!" Caleb answered.

"IT'S A CHANGER!" I shouted angrily.

The Changer just laughed.

Am I a Failure?

I feel like I'm a failure a lot. You know--all the usual stuff. I'm always losing things, I'm the ugliest person I know, I'm always doing stupid things at the wrong time, my friends know so much more then me, etc. I always feel like a failure. Like I should be more. But I'm not. It's a heavy weight to carry, isn't it? Have you ever had to carry it? I have. It's heavy. Very heavy. And I don't like it.

Funnily enough, I'm the one who chooses to carry it, every time I feel that way. Whenever my mom told me that it was my own fault that I was getting mad at somebody, that never used to make sense. (you ever had that happen to you? I know, it's the most annoying thing in the world, right? But true, of course.) I mean, it's not your fault that that person's being really annoying, right? Come on--they deserve to be yelled at.


I'm the only one who calls myself a failure. [I'm not quite positive about this but I'm sure] Lots of people don't think I'm a failure. [In fact, I'm pretty much sure that] No one does [and that it's all inside my head]. The only reason I feel like a failure is because I say to myself, "-------, you should be that." I am the only one saying that. I'm the only one telling myself that I am a failure. And you know what? It's a heavy burden. And really, I get sick of it. But sometimes it just seems like it sticks, doesn't it? And even when people tell you that (like, um, >this< person right here...), it doesn't really seem real, does it?

Well, there's Someone that I know will never think you're a failure--whether you fail your math test or sink the Titanic, or murder a person or accidently push somebody into the water. If you repent, if you're open to the Gospel, God is always going to be there for you. He always is there for you. You're the onl one holding yourself back from spending eternity in paradise. And it's just as easy to fall away, which is why you need to keep on seeking Him every single day, whether you're busy or bored, even if it's just a simple pray that says, "God, I need you today. Please help me be like you."

God will never think that you're a failure.

Think about that.

God bless.

funny things...

Hey all! Claire here, and today I'm going to show you some things to make you laugh:)

I wonder...
Yes, ME TOO!!

If Dr. Seuss wrote Star Wars

Said no one ever :)

Then it's not so epic

This floor is perfectly flat! Try "simply walking" on that!

Don't try this at school, kids!


Lord of the Rings and Google
I always say this.:D

I KNOW right??

Last but not least, a video...


God bless,

Guest Post. Awkward+Awesome

Hello! Kayla Here!

Walking into an inside joke.
Walking into a room and forgetting why you walked into the room.
Having your best friend ( Who you've know for years. ) ask you what your last name is.
Calling your friend on the phone. Awkward silence.
Not knowing what to blog about.
When people say LOOL. Yeah .....laugh out out loud!
When you've said your final fare wells to someone. 
    Only to return because you forgot something.
When you're struggling to open a door.
     Only to realize it says PUSH.

Having an inside joke with your friend.
Acing a test that you thought you bombed.
Thinking its Thursday when its Friday!
Sneaking under someone else’s umbrella.
When you look in a old purse and find 10 bucks.
     * I am rich! *

                   Haha! I just wanted to share some awesome and awkward things... :)
Xox. Kayla

missing it||back early

dear readers,

let's just say i've missed you. (and why on earth am i in italics?! will explain...) things have slowed down here a bit, and i realized that if i have time to go and check out new blogs and check my email etc. i probably have time to make a blog post. (i'm serious..... i've been coming up with all of these good post ideas.... and been wanting to get back.....)

i suppose i should start off by explaining why i'm in italics. simply because... i do italics when i don't capitalize haha :D and i'm in the mood not to capitalize. because... i like how the "i" looks. lol ;D

anyway, i've been really busy lately, with lots of things, which i won't be able to all explain. (though i really wish i could) i'll be piecing together some of what's been going on through my blogs, and somehow you'll just have to make it look like a picture.

thanks so much for sticking with me. (and for now unfriending me. what a sad thought.....)

talk to ya'll later....

(yes, i still capitalize names...)

||thanks to my guest posters||
you mean a lot
{and you can still keeping posting for a bit. If you want.}

'Ollo' & a Story

I'm Sarah, I'm fourteen, home schooled, and I love fantasy. I want to be a filmmaker when I grow up. I love writing. Chocolate is good. Jesus is king.
My blog, A free mind, is where I...well, write (...yeah, very profound.). Its called 'A free mind' because that's what I want to have; I want to remember to think for myself instead of just going with the flow, to think looking at a situation from a vantage point. I hope that makes sense. :) 

Sos, here's a story I wrote a couple days ago, I hope you like it.

The Closed Door
by Sarah, May 7, 2013

He had dared stand against her. The hate in her heart was dense, and she ached for revenge.

Evil and beautiful, the enchantress Miral stood by the tall window watching the white winter day gather to its end. Her most willing man-servant stood a few feet from her, waiting.

‘Does he have a place to go to when he is weary...a home?’

The man-slave looked up,

She turned from the window and smiled.
‘Close the door. Lock it...forever.’
The slave saw the face of his queen, and smiled in return.
‘Yes, my lady.’

It was night when he reached his cave in mountains, dark, and the sky heavy with water. Stone was blue-grey and cold on the mountain; the trees grey-green and black, naught but shadows of time gone by. Up here there was no time. Not time you could measure. That place on the mountain circled by trees was measured by actions, memories. When the birds came back, when the flowers bloomed, when the ice broke from the stream and the water ran. When a life passed, and when a life began. When a heart broke, and when a heart lived. That was the time of this place. This place so high.

Scattered around the cave’s entrance were broken stones, he hadn’t been home for a long time. Not since the snow had melted, and here the snow had come again. So quickly. Perhaps it had been too long. But he was back now. He placed his hand on the cold stone, smiled, and spoke a word of command. The wind stirred the tree’s shadows. A moment passed. And the stone was unmoved. The smile was gone, where none could have told. Somewhere very far.

Two hands this time on the blue-grey stone, a word of command, and the moment was repeated; over, and over, and over, and over again. And the smile would not come back. The door would not open. His door, his home. He could not go in. He was shut out. And he could not bare that, not again. He needed this place, this lonely, beautiful, perfect, place. The only place where he could think, rest. He was tired. So very tired.

A word once more - more powerful than the sun on the flowers - and he was on his knees, his head in his hands. No tears came. It wasn’t like that. He was tired and aching and he shook.

The rain had left the clouds now and it fell gently down. So gently. Mocking.

And the snow shone white against grey-blue stone, and the trees waved, and the moon looked down at a boy with a broken heart, kneeling before a closed door; and shone a white light.


Yes. There was more. Beyond the stone, blue-grey and old, beyond the trees, and the clouds, and ach, and the pain; there was more than all of that. There was a light; it burned, just a little, but enough. A light strong enough to burn in the night, brave enough to live in the winter, in the cold. Just a candle, one small flame.

In the wild, hysteric, dance of words that kept a door shut, there was a slow rhythm of music. The magic of music and power of word together seething in stone. An old magic. Used now by an evil one.

To the boy the dance went unseen, the music unheard. But there was more. A little flame in his heart. A flame trying with all its little strength to burn through a wall of stone, to make it a door once more. The flame, little and blue, shone on stone and bounced off dance. It went back, that little flame, back where it had come, to a broken heart.

A dance needed only the music put wrong to break.


The moon shone down and watched a boy, to whom it gave shadow, stand, and put out his hands, and touch the mountain.

There came then, through the stillness of time gone by, an echo of words. Words of power, strong in hope and full of love. Words to break a dance.


Far away a smile left the face of an evil one and flew across the dark forest and white snow to a boy standing by his home.
And with a last word of command the dance broke and shattered, and a door opened outward towards a boy standing on scattered stones. And the boy took his hand from the blue-grey stone and smiled. He went into the mountain. And the door closed.

The end.

If you read all that, bless you. I hope you liked it.
P.S. Storyteller, thank you for letting me guest post on your lovely blog. :)
P.P.S. All images via Pinterest.


I walk towards you.
Like I am in a dream.
Things grow fuzzy.
As I start to get nervous.
With the butterflies in my stomach.
I decide that I will wait for you to notice me.
I don't want to stand out in the crowd.
As the seconds turn in to minutes.
I realize I need to make the first move.
The room starts spinning.
My heart is telling me to go.
My head is telling me to stay.
I tell myself 'you can do it'.
As I make my way through the crowds.
I brush off any doubts or worries.
I am almost there.
Almost about to say 'Hi.'
Some one walks up to you.
Abruptly shoving me to the side.
My faith starts waivering.
I stand patiently.
I don't want to seem rude.
As the person starts to end the conversation.
I walk up to you and say 'Hello.'
That wasn't as hard as I thought.
You say 'Hey' back.
The conversation starts growing.
I actually said something funny.
As we laugh together.
You give your number.
I give you mine.
We part with friendly goodbyes.
I can't believe my Imagination and Mind got the best of me.
Telling me that I was going to fail.
You wouldn't like me.
Well.. Who's wrong now?

Have you every been shy, or nervous just about saying 'Hi'?
This little 'poem' describes how I feel every time I walk up to some one and say, 'Hi.'

Xox, Kayla


Hello! My name is Claire, and i'm also going to be guest posting on this blog. My blog is hello little birdy, Carrot and Claire, and Doll Express. Here are a few things about me:

1. I'm sorta crazy:)
2. random
3. always happy (mostly...)
4. funny!
5. writer
6. book worm
7. photographer
8. I'm a fan of Storyteller
10. I'm allergic to tree nuts{That includes nutella:(} 

I'm also a doll lover!

Thanks for reading!

God bless, Claire:)

About me. *Kayla*

Hello Everybody!
    I have been pronounced this great honor of being able to guest post! *Huge Grin*

      As this being my first guest post on this blog..
 I will just tell you a bit about myself.

    I get distracted super easily..
     I love blogging!
      I love expressing myself through what I write.
    I like photography.
       I am home schooled.
    I am going into 8th grade.
        I am a crazy christian girl.
 I love the colors pink, sea foam green, and aqua blue.
   I love skiing.
      I adore reading.
 I consider myself a fashionista.
  Chocolate is my kryptonite.
    I secretly love superman.
      I have played and completed 5 Mario games.
  I am techno geek.
   I love music.
       I play piano.
 I love to sing.
    I love movies.
I dislike scary stuff..
 I am currently obssesed with the 39 Clues.
  And I am training to be a Secret Agent! *In my dreams*
I am a dreamer.
       I have two blogs.
          My main blog.
         And my doll blog.

                                            Haha. Thanks for reading!
        Xox. Kayla


i'm going to miss you

|| dedicated to a very special person ||

dear you,

i'm going to miss you, you know that? i know everything wasn't always perfect, but i'm still going to cry when you have to go. sorry when i was annoying and horrible and bugged you. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to be like that. please forgive me. i'm trying to grow in Christ. i hope you will, too.

i'll always miss you. i'm already starting to feel sad, even though you're still here. i know we still have awhile together. but i'm still sad. knowing that it's coming. it's going to be so soon. the time's going to fly. i know, because it already is. and i'm going to miss you. i know that, because i already do. so, so, so much.

i don't know what we'll do without your jokes, your laughter, all of that life that you bring. but i suppose we'll survive. promise that you'll keep in touch, ok? i'm going to miss you. i hope that you're going to miss me.


About the guest posting

If nobody else has posted, just post. If somebody else has already posted, you can just post. A few of you, I believe, will have to post twice (would you be willing? If so, thanks!! :)). I have four. Thanks, guys!! :)

Just please introduce yourself, explain about guest posting, give a link to your blog, and pick a topic to talk about.

Thanks!! :)


Hey, Guest Posters, you ready? :)

Hey, guys!! :)

I'm not going to be able to get on the computer for about a week, so I'm thinking that this is when I want to have my guest posters take over. :) So it would be from tomorrow (Thursday, May 16th) to next Thursday. (May 23rd) If you wanted to guest post, please comment with your email, and I will add you as an author. :) If you were wanting to be a guest poster on either Dragonmaster or Rubberboot Girl (or both), please hop on over there and give me your email. :)

Thanks!! :)


Christian Music can make all the Difference...

Today's a special day for me. I mean, there's therapy. (which... more hurts and makes me sweaty) And I have lots of chores to do. (which makes me sigh) But, the most important and awesome thing, is that my grandparents are coming to visit. I'm so excited!!! :)

Anyway, we just got some new songs off iTunes, and... we've been listening to them A LOT, which has been really fun. :) I love Christian music. There is a BIG difference between secular music and Christian music. Like when I'm at track meets or there's a fire and we have to listen to the local station to find out what's happening, all of this... well, depressing songs come on. They just hold you down. Almost just make you want to give up.

But Christian music is so uplifting. Whenever I listen to it, it just makes me feel so... alive!! It's so amazing what God can do to you through music. :)

In listening to the music that we got the other day on iTunes, I found my new favorite song. I didn't really think it would become a fave, but it did. I just love it so much. The music, the harmony, the singer's voice... I just love it. And it has a really uplifting message that really speaks to me. And what is this song?

Yeah. Mark Shultz, "You Are a Child of Mine." If you haven't listened to it before, I encourage you to do so. Even if you have, please just listen to it again. I love that song, so so so so so much.

What are songs you love? That encourage you? That build you up?

God bless.

Later gator.

Over and out.


Breakfast...... you can eat just about anything for breakfast, right? Well, yeah, but it won't always seem like breakfast. Usually I'm left to fend for myself for my breakfast. And I'm the type of person who actually wants to eat something good and something that's going to hold me out until lunch. Not like a piece of fruit here and a glass of milk here and maybe a piece of toast. I'm the bagel/bowl of cereal/baked potato awesome breakfast kind of a gal.

There's this one breakfast that I'm especially known for. It's my baked potato awesome breakfast mentioned above. :) It's my "nobody else is making breakfast, I'm starving, and I want something that's hot and going to taste good". And it's actually surprisingly easy!

I'm not one to post recipes or anything, but if you're in the same situation that I am, sometimes it's just nice to have something that tastes amazingly good and is actually a hot breakfast. (instead... of being stuck eating Lucky Charms for the rest of your life. =P)

It's actually really easy. I'll show you have to make it.

1 or 2 potatoes, depending on how big they are and how much you want to eat
cheese of your choice
Optional: onions, sausage, tomatoes
sharp knife
cheese grater

How to do it:
1. First, we're going to make normal baked potatoes. So take your 1 or 2 (3??) potatoes and put them on a plate and put them in the microwave. MAKE SURE THAT YOU POKE THEM WITH A FORK ON BOTH SIDES FIRST. (otherwise you're going to have an exploding potato :D) I usually cook them for 4 minutes on one side and then 2 minutes on the other. If it's still hard after that, you'll need to cook it more. You know, just a normal baked potato.
2. When that's done, take it out and slice it into pieces. (like... you're slicing it up to eat it, which you are)
3. Use the cheese grater and the cheese to grate cheese all over your potato. If the potato's hot enough, the cheese will usually melt a little. ;)
4. Pour on as much salsa and ranch as you like, and spread it around.
5. Viola!
(note: on the optional items... if you don't know how to cut up those, I'm afraid you shouldn't be making this dish =P)

It's not that healthy sounding, but I promise you that it's good!! :) 

What are some of your favorite breakfast foods? Do you find yourself fending for yourself in the morning for breakfast, or does somebody else (Mom?) make breakfast for you?

If you try my "recipe" (lol), I'd love to know. :)

God bless.

Later gator.

Over and out.

You can Change

Come, you've got to admit it. We've all got that pet sin that we always resort to. For me, it's my anger. (and impatience, and frustration, and worry...) But what is it for you?

God calls us to keep on growing closer and closer to Him. But how can we keep on growing closer and closer to God if we've got that one sin, that's always there, always in the way of us growing closer to Him?

Well, I'm sorry to tell you that there's only one way.

You've got to get rid of that sin.

But we can't do it in our own power, can we? That almost makes us do it more, just because we're frustrated that we can't stop. No, we need God's help. We need to pray for awareness when we're starting to do it, and for the self-control to stop. We need God's power to enable to us to not do our sins. We can't do it without God.

So what do you need to pray to God about today? Whatever it is, it's between you and God. If you're really willing to change and be formed in His likeness, you'll be convicted to change, just have I have. And you can change. You can. Because God's going to be there for you, waiting for you to ask for His power to change.

You can change.

Just pray.

God bless.

Sarah Elizabeth's Personalized Interview

Hey, guys!! :) Sarah Elizabeth won my Rubberboot Girl Book Cover Contest and got a personalized interview!! :) Here it is!! :) Hope you enjoy!! :) {note: this if looks like fun, and something that you think I should do again, connect up with on Google+ (Andria Dragorn is my name on there... you know, the main character girl from The Dragonmaster series??) and I can get the questions to you. :)}

Me: So what's your favorite thing about blogging? 

Sarah: Hmmm... Right now, the stories! It has given me a good reason to write every day in order to publish a short story on my blog, and to work on actually finishing a WIP (work-in-progress).

Me: Which was the first blog you created? 

Sarah: Oo. That is kind of a long story... My sisters and I created a blog called Maidens of Virtue (with the same web address) and long story short, it was accidentally deleted... which was sort of... my... fault *cough cough* Ahem. Now, we have the "same" blog with the same name, but different address (threemaidens.blogspot.com) =]

Me: Why did you pick the name "Sarah, Plain & Average" for your blog title? Was it based off the book "Sarah, Plain and Tall"? 

Sarah: Yes. I got my title idea from the classic book by Patricia MacLachlin, which I haven't read in YEARS, and don't really remember. When deciding to create a personal blog for myself, the name with "average" substituting "tall" just came to me. I couldn't use the word "tall" because I don't think of myself as tall... (I stand maybe 5' 5" to 5'6", and while I am an inch or two taller than my mother and maybe even some of you readers, I'm really just average, in height and most anything else -- intelligence, speech, talents, etc. Hence, the name.) =] However, in the eyes of my King, I know I am far from average or plain, I am special and unique. ^__^ (Forgive my ramblings!)

Me: What's your favorite online social media? 

Sarah: Oh, dear... I love Pinterest, but good gravy! It's so addicting!! ARGH. (In all actuality, it is a huge waste of time - does anyone else agree?) So, yes, Pinterest, and blogger, of course, but I can also be found on an art site called deviantART.com, where you can find the largest portion of my photography. [Note: be warned if you decide to visit the website, it is a SECULAR site.] You can find a direct link to my photos on my blog, but they are also on a board in my Pinterest. My sisters and I share a shop on Etsy, as well, though, through the summer, it is currently on vacation.

Me: What's your favorite thing about Rubberboot Girl?

Sarah: ... I apologize, but I haven't read it... *blushes in shame* I try to keep up with the blog, though! =D

Me: Where do you get all of your awesome names for "What's in the name?"

Sarah: Monkeyfeathers. Must I give up all my secrets?? Haha, I'm kidding. ;D The majority of name meanings and their history hail from a site called behindthename.com. If there is a certain name not found in their database, I usually Google it to find other sites. But Behind the Name is the best. You can also find meanings and history for surnames on their branch site surname.behindthename.com.

Me: What's your favorite blog design you've ever seen?

Sarah: I LOVE the design I currently have (on both Plain & Average and 3Maidens)!! Thank you, Storyteller!!! But if I had the ability and know-how to design everything myself, I would probably go for something like this blog: literarylane.com.

(me on side note: that design's really awesome :))

Me: What's your favorite story you've ever read?

Sarah: Do you mean blog stories or published novels like "Pride & Prejudice" and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"...? Either way, that is a difficult question, far too hard to answer! But I would probably say, though it is impossible for me to have an ultimate favorite book/series... that my favorite book would be: "The Walking Drum" by Louis L'Amour and my favorite series: "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis. But their are SO many good reads out there! Thank you for the interview, Storyteller! <3

Me: You're welcome! :)

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