ii. recap

aha! you say. here is another recap! you say. and yes, there is one, i say. believe it or not, i actually have lots that i haven’t been able to write about! alright, well, let’s not say lots, but there have been some changes in my life that i haven’t mentioned. and so, here we are, at another recap of Anna’s life.

i. i’m seeing the world a different way.
through glasses, most specifically. yep! i have glasses. but just for long distance, so it’s not all the time. i managed to snag a pair that i love, and hopefully i’ll be showing you guys a picture of them soon! :) (soon, hopefully. i have to get some pictures uploaded from my nikon, which... might take awhile. but hopefully soon...)

ii. i made baked beans. yum.
i honestly love baked beans. (even if they’re from a can) my favorite way is with hotdogs. also, onions taste good in it, too. i love onions. i’m kind of different like that. i just like onions by themselves, too. actually, if you like cook/fry onions and take all their taste away, they aren’t as appealing in my opinion. basically, i like them when they’re spicy.

iii. i’m playing Frozen.
...on the piano. i got this awesome Frozen piano book, and i’ve been having a blast pounding out “love is an open door” [and pretty much everything else, though i warn you, “do you want to build a snowman?” is as sad when you play it on the piano as when you listen to it in the movie]. i also got two other piano books, a piano guys book and a book with themes from the “new” (2006??) version of “pride and prejudice.” they’re all really awesome, and the nice thing about the piano guys book is that it came with optional cello piece and - yay yay - i play the cello, too, so that’s sweet. :) (it’s slightly hard for me, since i haven’t been playing the cell for very long - less then a year! but we’re almost there... kind of - but i’m still able to start-and-stop my way through them. :)) my favorite one is “a thousand years,” because it’s just so gorgeous. :) (you can listen to the piano guys’ version of “a thousand years” here.) speaking of the piano guys...

iv. the piano guys.
they just came out with a new song! i didn’t know part of it, but it still sounded pretty cool. if you want to check it out, just look up the piano guys on youtube and go to their channel. (and if you’re new to the piano guys, you should check out the rest of their songs [if you want to, of course]!! they’re totally awesome. :)) anyway, have any of you guys heard the one called “story of my life”? i love that one, it’s kind of sad, but it’s really pretty. :) oh, oh! and “batman evolution.” i love that one!! :)

v. stories.
yup, here we go. ;) first off - just wanna say, isn’t it so much fun to read older stories written yourself? oh my goodness, it’s just sooooo funny. :) usually, they’re not the best in quality (usually pretty cheesy and stuff) but usually they’re hilarious. =D and then there’s the time when you think, “dude, i could totally change this into really good story now.” i have a new story started off one of those, and it’s actually pretty good. (man, i should really write on that...) anyway, so, i’ve been thinking about stories lately, and i really want to write a story where the main character’s like really a lot like me. i feel like most stories are about daring, adventurous, curious people who take everything in stride and do things pretty perfectly. except i’m not really like that, you know? i’m sometimes shy - unless i know you, then i’m pretty loud - and i’m not really looking for some kind of crazy adventure where i could be killed, and i don’t break rules (and i don’t think it’s good when “curious” people do, either). and i was thinking of some story about this person, who’s like me. and i couldn’t help but think that this could be a really good idea. :) as they always say, “write what you know.” hopefully i’ll be able to tell you more details about it later.

vi. different.
you know what’s really weird? when i was younger, i was so different. rephrase: now that i’m older, i’m so different. and now that i think about it, i think that the differences might be good, you know? i’m not as shy. i’m more willing to do things that i feel like are totally out of my comfort zone. stuff like that. and i think, maybe different’s not that bad...

vii. escuchar música.
so, i’ve started to learn Spanish, which is kind of crazy, but pretty rewarding and fun. i love that moment when you’re learning, and then it just all starts to fall into place, until you can start writing sentences and everything makes sense. it’s one of the greatest moments ever, i feel like. (and the coolest thing? you can in Spanish on our computer! sweet, right? :)) i love practicing by having fake conversations between two people, and then translating them. (translating being optional, of course.) for example (i’m using fake names, just to clarify):

Marisol: ¡Hola, Rosa!
(Hello, Rosa!)
Rosa: ¡Hola, Marisol! ¿Cómo estas?
(Hello, Marisol! How are you?)
Marisol: Muy bien, ¿y a ti?
(I am well, and you?)
Rosa: Así así.
(So so.)
Marisol: ¿Cuál es la fecha?
(What is the date?)
Rosa: Es el diecinueve y noviembre.
(It is the 19th of November.)
Marisol: ¿Qué te gusta más, bailar o cantar?
(What do you like to do more, dance or sing?)
Rosa: Me gusta más cantar.
(I like to sing more.)
Marisol: ¡Adios!
Rosa: ¡Adios!

i don’t know why that’s so much fun to write, it just is. :) i think it would be awesome to be like fluent in Spanish one day. and like maybe try another language. what language? not sure. (maybe Irish? that’d be sweet. :)) oh, and by the way - “escuchar música” means to listen to music. :) which... i like to do. :)

viii. crêpes!
so, guess what? i made crêpes! it was pretty awesome. i kind of made them way too thick (apparently the recipe was for like fourteen, and i made like four...?), so i’m hoping to try it again sometime and make it better. also, i tried custard. probably won’t make that again any time soon. it was actually pretty good, just a little too eggy for my taste. (except then it was in the fridge for awhile, and when i ate it again, it tasted better. so...? i guess i don’t know.) i’ve also got my eyes set on creme puffs. and like crème brûlée. i’m excited. :) *rubs hands together in anticipation*

ix. and they all said ¡adios!
i’ll talk to you guys later, and hope you have all have a great day! :) God bless! :)

be a hero,
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