1. Get 100 followers on this blog. Here.
2. Publish my first book.
3. Meet a blogger in person.
4. Get a laptop.
5. Dance in the rain.
6. Finish the fourth Unusuals book.

7. Get featured on somebody else's blog.
8. Get this blog shared 10 times.
9. Go to Middle-earth.
10. Get a Pinterest account.
11. Play volleyball in the rain.
12. Write a play.
13. Be an extra in a movie.
14. Learn how to make my own blogger templates.
15. Read a book of mine in book form after it's been published.
16. Eat cheerio cereal with chopsticks for breakfast.
17. Have a book of mine turned into a movie.
18. Watch the next movie in the Narnia series. :)
19. Get an old trunk to place all of my old things in for my kids. (If I have any)
20. Crochet a scarf.
21. Finish the movie I'm trying to make with my friends.
22. Send a bottle with a note in it with the URL to this blog on it and send it down a river.
23. See somebody galloping along the ocean's shore.
24. Succeed in not looking like a nut when the wind's flying in my face and actually have my hair look like Pocahontas. ;)
25. Get 200 followers on this blog.
26. Be in a play where I have the prettiest costume.
27. Swim in the ocean and not be afraid of sharks.
28. Live in a huge Victorian house with turrets, secret passageways, and spiral stairs.
29. Read a book where the person who has my name is actually awesome.
30. Read three real sized books in day.
31. Survive the play. :) Here.
32. Get 1000 followers on this blog.
33. Have somebody dedicate a book to me.
34. Have somebody dedicate a song to me.
35. Write a story outside with a laptop.
36. Finish the Rubberboot Girl series.
37. Get to visit like all of the places I always write about.
38. Tour around a private boarding school.
39. Be paid for graphic designing.
40. Spend like an entire day reading. <3
41. Survive an MRI. =P
42. Learn how to make an un-repeating blogger background.
43. Learn how to put music on your blog without a mixipod.
44. Learn how to (successfully) change fonts on your blog to fonts that aren't available normally.
45. Run a mile. (without stopping, of course =D)
46. Create a drama club.
47. Get 100 followers on Dragonmaster.
48. Get 100 followers on Rubberboot Girl.
49. Run/walk/be in a marathon.
50. Memorize an entire chapter of the Bible.
51. Succeed in putting my name on a cup without it looking totally stupid. =P
52.  Actually look good in a picture.
53. Find out what on earth's going on with the blog buttons... (like they're not working...?)
54. Have summer come!
55. Be in a singing [more official] choir.
56. Finish the Fairy Eyes series.
57. Finish New York Piper.
58. Find out how to put pages in a header.
59. Actually finish a journal/diary.
60. Go to a track meet and not get a sun burn.
61. Get a flu shot without freaking out.
62. Actually have tea while reading a book.
63. See all the oceans in the world.
64. Do a blog design for each of my three closest bloggie friends.
65. Survive some new changes coming up.


  1. I love this! I should add some more to mine. Oh, and congrats on 100 followers! :D I am almost there!

    1. Thanks!! :) I'll definitely go check it out if you do. =) Thanks so much!!! You'll get them, I know you will (because you're so awesome :))!! :)

    2. I told you I got a Pinterest account, right?

    3. Yeah, you did!! That's wayyyyyy awesome!! :)

  2. This is a really fun bucket list! :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Kara!! :) You're welcome!!! :)

  3. The ones that apply to my are...
    2, 3, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 17, 21, 29, 37,

  4. Great goals list, hope you finsh everyone! -Bethany! http://bethanysbrightlife.blogspot.com


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