i. recap

wow. just... wow. it’s the beginning of june! i can’t  believe it. summer’s just around the corner. like... summer. i feel like it should almost still be january! lol ;) it’s so amazing how fast time flies. i’ve been pretty busy, which is why i haven’t posted in almost a month (kind of...). but i’ve been thinking of blogging and posts and what i should do because sometimes it’s kind of nice to get an idea of what your blog’s all about. :) so anyway, i’m thinking about adding recaps - like if i’ve been gone for awhile, or just randomly, i can recap what’s been happening and different things i’ve noticed. :) so, here we go.

i. the thing i’ve been dying to tell you guys about.
GUESS. WHAT. i got a camera! like a really nice camera! i. am. like. totally. EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve had it for a little while now, and i absolutely love it!! it’s so much fun to play around with it and just take random shots, or do photo shoots. this camera is like my dream. (i literally had a dream about it like the day before it was supposed to arrive haha) i’ve been taking photos like crazy. (i already have over 1000 photos on my camera. scary...? maybe...) i love taking pictures of flowers and stuff and i keep on thinking, “i can wait to post these on my blog!!!”

(i actually kind of clogged up the computer with my photos lol and i’ve been busy, which is why i haven’t been able to upload many pictures to post on here. but hopefully soon. hopefully soon ;))

ii. the birds.
the birds have come out in full swing and they sound beautiful. i’ve been going on “adventures” with my camera to try and get pictures of them. (i’ve got a few...) i took a video on my camera, partly because i wanted to try out the video quality and partly because it sounded so beautiful where i was at. (i seriously love listening to birds) the birds were singing this morning, too. <3
The birds of the sky nest by the waters; they sing among the branches. - Psalm 104:12
i seriously love listening to the birds. <3

iii. flowers!
there have been so many flowers out lately! plus there’re these roses and let me just say... THEY. ARE. GORGEOUS. (and one of the roses smells like really good. like lemony or something. kind of.)

iv. stories? whhhhhhhat?
ok, so, i’ve been kind of working on some stories. i’ve been pretty slow, though, and i thought i had one going pretty good, but then it kind of didn’t turn how i wanted it to, so i think i might redo at least part of it, add in a new character, that kind of stuff. ;)

v. oranges
i’ve found out that for some reason, i really love cutting up oranges in slices (like round slices), and i like eating them better that way. (except usually i cut those in half...) hmm... ;)

vi. a new recipe
so i kind of sometimes “make up” food. basically: i take food i like and add stuff i think would taste good to it. usually it’s pretty simple. (like my breakfast potato, which i’m pretty sure was thought of before i thought of it ;)) so i came up with something to go with spaghetti noodles because, frankly, i love spaghetti. (i might post the recipe...)

vii. that awkward moment when you have to add a search bar to find an old post of yours

viii. the cello
so a few posts ago, i mentioned i got a cello. (which is awesome ;)) i’ve been having lots of fun playing it and finding out songs by ear (like “do you want to build a snowman?” at least part of it ;)) and playing some easy songs out of some piano books, which has been awesome. :) do any of you guys have any instruments? :)

xi. and they all said “the end”
well, thanks for coming along for the wild ride of my first recap. :) hope you all have a great day!! :) God bless you guys!! :)

be a hero,
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