you know that feeling when you just sit down, grab whatever needs doing, and tackle it? it’s so great. it feels like you just flew to the moon and back - and somebody gave you an ice cream cone of your favorite flavor for free. it’s called accomplishment. i honestly love that feeling. it’s like you just feel yourself relax, and you think, “it’s done.” it’s like it resonates throughout your whole being - you’ve done it. that’s it. congrats. and then that little bit of anxiety that was trapped somewhere inside of you in a box was suddenly unlocked, and it flew away.

it’s like a checklist. i love checklists. it’s like, when you get to the end of them, you get a whole bunch of boxes inside of you being unlocked! and you can just stare at that list of crossed off items and think, “wow, i am so awesome. i just did all of that. right there. sweet.” (JK ;)) it also helps me remember everything. because i honestly forget - really easily. and part of the stress that comes into my life is over, “did i forget something??” and then you have to waste valuable seconds (minutes??) remembering everything you need to do.

have you ever just added stuff to the checklist that you’ve already done, just to check them off? i’m guilty, i know that for sure. and really easy stuff that you know you’re going to be doing later in the day. i love doing that. even if it seems ridiculous, it kind of makes me happy. it’s like, “wow, look at this huge long list of things that i accomplished today!” it seriously just makes me happy. for example...

7. Eat lunch!

mmhmm. still, i like doing it. :)

you know how sometimes you have a whole bunch of stuff to do, but you just don’t want to do it? and then you just keep putting them off and off... and then you don’t get them done in that day. i do it. you might, too. i hate doing it, really, when it all comes down to it - then i’m left with this feeling like there’s a loose end out there. like an itch i can’t scratch and yet i don’t want to. i really don’t like that. but i still don’t do it sometimes. i think i’ve found that the easiest way to avoid that, is to do the things that you hate most first. then it won’t be haunting the back of your mind while you do everything else, and you’ll exactly end up probably doing everything you needed to do.

what are things that you make you feel accomplished? do you like checklists? :)

have a great day! God bless!

be a hero,
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