Storm and Fire

Storm brewing, swirling, turning,
Fire licking, coming, burning,
Storms that blow throughout the land,
Fire coming and burning the last stand,
Storms that rage and roar and quake,
Fire that destroys everything in its wake,
Storms that rage across the sea,
Fire that separates you and me.
Storms that cross between the gap,
Fire that comes and licks and lap,
Storms that extinguishes the fire,
Fire that roars across the moor and mire,
Standing there, hand in hand,
Storm and Fire, the little band.
Storm that's wild, the frenzy high,
Fire that stretches to the sky.
Storm stands there, ready endeavor, 
Fire that stretches on forever.
Storm and Fire, hand in hand.
Fire and Storm, from land to land.


The Story
Swishing, swishing,
Wishing, wishing,
Wishing for the coming--
Coming of the day.
Swishing, swishing,
Wishing, wishing,
Wishing for the sending--
Sending them away.
Through the grass,
Comes the snake,
Reminding Her of
The choice she'll make.
The tree there stands,
Waiting, waiting,
The serpent waits,
Baiting, baiting--
Baiting Her, the lady innocent.
The baiting has happened,
And He has come,
Banishment is the punishment,
Punishment of all-some.
But yet in the storms,
And dreary days of life,
There is a hope,
A way out of strife.
For if we do believe,
We know the joyful truth,
That one day He'll return,
As in the days of Youth.
He'll smite down all His foes,
With but just a word,
He looked all around us,
And His voice will be heard.
He'll take Us away,
To not return some day.
But to take us to another tomorrow,
A place of no hardship or sorrow.
And we'll sing his praises,
All the time of day,
And never will he take us,
Never take us away.


The Legend of the New Dragorns

A cold dark night has settled upon the land,
And this is the night of her last stand.
Fire shoots up through the air,
I can't help but stand and stare.
And whisper,
"Dragons are coming."
Running, bounding, leaping, bounding,
Running over the dark moors.
Stunning, astounding, creeping, hounding,
I knock on all the doors.
And whisper,
"Dragons are coming."
I hear the cries and roars of anger,
As They descend upon the land,
They won't stop until they've done It,
Done to the last little man.
I whisper,
"Dragons are coming."
Thudding, thumping, thundering, dumping,
The dragons are coming near--
Studding, bumping, sting, thumping,
Hold on and run for all you have dear--
I whisper,
"Dragons are coming."
As if you didn't know
That soon the sudden blow
Will wipe away you and me
And then you will see
I whisper,
"Dragons are coming."
Nobody believes me now
But I watch and wait, knowing,
That one day I'll be safe after
My things I'm done stowing.
I whisper,
"Dragons are coming."
They won't spare any one of us,
Not you are or me,
They're coming for all of us,
None of us you'll see.
I whisper,
"Dragons are coming."
And then these twins came,
Alex and Andria Dragorn,
The girl strode forward,
Brandishing a Dragon Horn.
She stood there firmly,
Stood without a fear,
She wasn't thinking of anything,
Not of what she held dear.
And she held the horn to her lips,
And blew one, deep note.
The breath came from deep inside,
Coming up her throat.
Then Alex grabbed his sword,
Made of Star-metal rare,
And he stood by his sister's side,
And all I could do was stare.
And when the note had passed
Off into the land of the unknowing,
The dragons, I knew, were gone,
Back into the Medallions stowing.
And I turned to the twins, amazed.
But they had already disappeared,
And all of a sudden I felt something--
Something for awhile I'd feared.
Joy welled up in me,
Something that was forbidden,
And now of my hate
I was thoroughly ridden.
I knew the dragons were gone,
Locked in Alex's necklace,
Taken away from the world,
Packed away with a mace.
But now I knew something--
Something I hadn't known all along--
That now I had a new job for me--
To write down this song.


Who Am I?

Who am I?
The birds in the trees,
The fish in the seas,
Who am I?
Do you define me?
Can me you see?
Who am I? 
The dragon in his lair,
The planes in the air,
Who am I?
The people on the ground,
Everybody who's around,
Who am I?
Is it things around me,
That happen to define me?
Or are there things up high,
Up farther than the sky,
Who am I?
Does a family describe a person?
What describes their worth?
Is it standing or position?
Where they were given berth?
Who am I?
Who are you?
Ask yourself that question,
Did I forget to mention,
Who I am? 

What Will You Do?

Coming, coming,
Going, going,
Your own fate,
You are sewing.
What will you do?

Every move you make,
Everything you say,
Is changing you,
Day by day by day.
What will you do?

Things you do now,
Might change your life,
Might put you in splendor,
Or in the midst of strife.
What will you do?

Coming, coming,
Going, going,
Your own wealth,
You are stowing.
Whether it be riches
Beyond compare,
Or death in 

The Devil's lair.

What will you do?

So--what will you do?


The Fairies
Midnight comes, falls,
Fairies come, calls,
Out in the freezing night air,
Dancing without a care,
Flittering dancing in the light,
Softly coming, only at midnight,
Tittering, laughing, across the glen,
Away from the world of men.
Dancing in the fairy ring,
Raising voices, hear them sing,
Beautiful, enchanting, eerie,
Fairies, of us, are leery,
For what would we do to them?
If they were caught?
They would be hunted down,
Forever to be sought.
So now they only venture out,
At the stroke of twelve,
And into the fairy ring,
They come and delve.
Voices raised and feet floating,
They dance around the ring,
Listen, listen can you hear them,
Raising their voices to sing?


Kayleigh’s Poem
A tinkle, a laugh, they haunt you as you go,
You see the bracelet, oh how you wish so,
You wonder what'll happen, if your do what she said,
Will everything be fine? Or will you turn up dead?
"Take each charm," she'd whispered,
"And place it in its spot.
"I won't be here forever, Kayleigh,
But I love you a lot."
And then, just like that, she's gone,
Off in the world of the dead,
And even though she's gone,
I can hear the words she said.
What will happen, if I do it,
Will stone dragons flame my things?
If I looked closely at butterflies,
Will they be fairies who sing?
Will the griffins wink at me,
Or will they come alive?
Will the bees just stay put,
Or will they leave the hive?
What will happen, I ask you now,
But you don't have to reply,
Because I think I know it,
But don't ask me why.
I think I've found another world,
That's found through the charms,
The world can be rather scary,
It could full you full of alarm.
But still there's a promise,
And that's what my mother said,
That even though she's away now,
There's she's as alive as dead.


The wind flew, through the trees,
The wind threw the mysteries,
Flying through the sky so high,
Mysteries for you and I.

The mysteries flew in the wind,
Flying in the sky,
The mysteries flew higher up,
Than ever you and I.

The mysteries landed,
Right in my hand,
I'll figure out the mystery
That's come to my land.

The wind flew, through the trees,
The wind flew away the mysteries,
Now they're gone from my land,
And I hold up my empty hand.

Will it come again? To my hand?
Or has it forever departed my land?
I wonder and wait, looking to the sky,
Are the mysteries just way up high?

The wind flew, through the trees,
The wind threw the mysteries,
Flying way up in the sky,
Mysteries for you and I.


Bored to Death

I've been picking spinach all day,
No time to laugh or play,
I'm bored to death and in my brain,
I wonder if I'm really sane.

I've mowed the lawn and petted the cat,
My cherry pie just went splat!
I read all the books of the Lord of the Rings,
And my auntie my uncle brings.

And soon it'll be the reunion day,
No time to laugh or play,
I'll be bored to death and in my brain,
I'll wonder if I'm really sane.

So, I...

Mow the lawn and pet the cat,
My pumpkin pie just went splat!
I read all the Chronicles of Narnia,
Here comes my cousin, Mia.

I look out the window all day,
No time to laugh or play,
(for goodness sakes, I've got family look-out duty)
I'm bored to death in my brain,
I wonder if I'm really sane. 

And here comes the family, all in all,
Here comes Uncle George and Aunt Doll,
They bring something to eat (it's really gross),
I quickly go and the cousins I hose.

So maybe it wasn't so bad after all,
What with Uncle George and Aunt Doll,
And all the cousins, wet they are,
They don't think I'm such a star.

After Mom and Dad found out about the hose,
They gave me a punishment (dishes I chose),

Now I'm bored all the day,
No time to laugh or play,
I'm bored to death in my brain,
I wonder if I'm really sane. ;)


The Mists of Time
Once upon a dragon's scales,
A brownie listened to these tales,
Of maidens fair and knights sublime,
Time after time after time,
Slaying dragons, the horrible beasts,
Celebrating afterwards with the feasts,
Maidens sent off to a dragon's lair,
Is there a dragon, swooping in the air? 
Times of great feats are gone,
Off in the winds of Time,
Gone are the great acts of knights,
Knights of heart sublime.
Gone are the praises to heavenly kings,
Gone are the praises, through the air rings,
Gone are the beautiful hearts sublime,
Lost in the mists--mists of 

Once upon a Storyteller's Pages,
That echoes throughout many ages,
Tales of hearts pure and sublime,
Time after time after time,
Stories of many a daughter and son,
Look for Jesus, for he's the One,
Wonder if you're walking on air?
If there's someone with a care?
You feel as if you are lost,
Wondering what is the cost,
Of the hearts sublime,
Lost in the land of Time,
Will it ever come back?
Or be lost for forever?
Will the knights fight?
Win the worthy endeavor? 
Where are the beautiful hearts sublime?
Lost in the many mists--mists of Time.


The Mystery
I close my eyes and smell the sea,
I look around, and feel the mystery,
Have mermaids swam these very oceans?
Have elves come up with these notions?
Have pixies come and crossed these lands?
Have gypsies come in mighty bands?
Have griffins come and swooped and soared,
Have you seen your Christ, the Lord?
My eyes snap open as the sea gull cries,
I listen and wait, wondering what lies,
Underneath the depths of the ocean blue,
Just waiting there for me and you.
As if the mystery had always been there,
Waiting out in the cool night air,
Wishing, wondering, if I'll soon be,
Coming there for the mystery. 


Voices, echoing through the ages,
My quill pen across the pages,
Doing what has to be done,
The Father, Spirit, and Son.
Stories are everywhere,
You just have to look,
If you go into the library,
You'll find more than a book,
You'll find a story,
Stuck in those pages,
A wonderful story,
That echoes through the ages.
Storytellers weave their stories,
Writers right their books.
If you're looking very hard,
You'll find the right nook.
So close your eyes and listen,
To the Storyteller's pages,
Listen very carefully,
To the story of the Ages.


Friends—You and I
Lunar sparkle across the sky,
Wizards separating you and I,
Holding us far apart, two friends,
Going away from the road that bends,
Going down, away, faraway,
Waiting for the coming day,
The day when we’ll break these chains,
And get away from the aches and pains,
We'll grab a magic carpet fast,
And finally see each other at last,
Our eyes bright,
Oh, what a sight,
Each other, finally, together friends,
Going towards the road that bends,
And in the bend of life we'll see--
Nobody; just you and me.


I’ll be Seeing you Soon
Stars flying wildly across the sky,
Midnight dark between you and I, 
Moonlight sheds light on the sea,
Standing right between you and me,
A star may fly wildly off its course,
But still it's flying towards the moon,
I'm coming, from across the big sea,
Coming--coming very, very soon.
Don't forget, don't run away,
So watch for me, every day,
Look out for my ship, my flying ship,
And maybe with you I'll stay.
Remember I'm coming,
Stars flying on my tail,
Looking for my ship,
With blue shining sail.
Look out across the sea,
Look out across the moonlight,
Soon you'll see me--
Oh, what a sight!
Sails flying high,
Up way in the sky,
Sails shining blue,
Just for me and you.
Shining from a moon from another place,
Shining as if from fairy lace,
Shining form the Blue Moon,
I'll be seeing you very, very soon.


Rain thunders, falls,
Sprites come, calls,
Derry's eyes are bright,
Moon, what a sight!
Green grass sparkles,
All around me,
I start, turn around,
Moon I see.
Grinning at me,
From across the glade,
Neighing softly,
Follow him, he bade.
Across the land of Chronicles,
We rode as one,
Faster than lightning,
Towards the sun.
I closed my eyes,
Feeling a surprise,
I wave to the Jiggler,
Waved to the hobfairy,
Moon pulled to a stop,
And there was Derry.
We laughed together,
Ran and played,
As for Chronicles...
Forever I've stayed.



You feel as if you are flying,
Sprouting wings, soaring into the sky,
You wish you could go,
Oh, how you wish so,
But we've got to stay, you and I.

You feel as if you are falling,
Falling from safety, down in the hole.
You wish you could leave,
Oh, how you heave,
But your sane mind your dream stole.

You feel as if you are amazing,
Standing there, waving hello,
You feel so grand,
Proudly you stand,
And off on your way you go.

You feel as if you are nothing,
Just sitting in a clump of dirt,
You're so alone,
You sit and groan,
And you can't help but feel hurt.

You know that you are being chased,
Your heart pumps hard inside,
Eyes fly open wide,
You're not outside,
Out of dreams you'll abide.


The Race

Tension fills your body,
Running through your veins,
Your legs start to tense up,
Up your hip shoots pain.
You push down the pain,
Waiting for the starting shot.
Hoping, always hoping,
Hoping you'll not be caught.
The spark of power and noise,
And we take off, down the path,
I knew that it was going to hurt,
To know that you don't need math.
Times seems to go slow-motion,
As you race out of your heart,
Hoping, always hoping,
To finish the race you start.
Your legs are starting to burn,
Soon they'll burst into fire,
You have to keep on going,
Your situations turing dire.
Now your legs are on fire,
Burning up your leg.
You look up at God,
And can't help but beg.
"Let me finish this race,"
I whisper with closed eyes.
"Please let me finish--
Give them a surprise."
Though your legs are burned,
Feeling dead and scarred,
Put you try to push through it,
Feeling worn and marred. 
Now your legs burn fiery,
A scream comes up your throat,
But instead comes a song,
A lone, beautiful note.
And you have the power--
The power to go on.
You cross the stream,
Up the hill you're upon.
And then there it is--
The ending place,
You keep on going,
Your friends you'll face.
And then you're there,
Running across the line,
And deep down inside,
You know you're fine.
And everybody's there,
Cheering out their heart.
And then you see your friend,
Jesus, who from you is never apart.


Life’s Flying By

Life's flying by,
Faster than clouds in the sky,
Strife's coming by,
Coming towards me, my oh my.
The world just won't stop,
Not for you or me,
If you just come along,
You'll soon see.
Life just won't pause,
There's just no cause,
For life's flying by,
Faster than you and I.


Land of the Blue Moon

Unicorns whinny and neigh,
Lonely, as if to say,
"Where is my master,
My lady fay?" 
Fairy eyes turned,
Everlasting burned,
The torches flickering,
Faeries bickering.
There is a legend,
Of a brownie young,
Of a Sky Ship,
The masts unstrung.
The land of Blue Moon,
They're coming soon,
Fairy weapons gleam,
Upon the silver seam,
The dwarf's treasure,
That lasts forever,
Fairy queen divine,
Declaring what's mine,
The brownie's quest,
She'll fight, lest,
The kingdom subdued,
An elf-prince shrewd,
And a fairy warrior,
A young dwarf lawyer,
A brownie small,
But that's not all.
And through the sky,
They'll glide along,
Just you and I, 
Singing this song.


Sky Ship

High in the sky,
Ships fly by, 
Flying past the moon,
Going towards the lagoon.
Moon's blue light,
Making ship bright,
Shining off the sails,
White cloth pales,
Shining blue,
For me and you.

Midnight dark,
Ship's mark,
Look for the isle,
Go the last mile,
Eyes lifted,
Sand sifted,
Eyeglass spying,
Isle lying,
Off in the sky,
Just for you and I.

Moorings creaking,
Music leaking,
We're hand in hand,
Looking for the land.
Way up in the sky,
Up so very high,
Adventures waiting,
Waiting pale--
For you and I,
Mysteries waiting,
As we sail--
Sail through the sky.


The Trail

Prairie grasses swishing,
Pioneers wishing--
Wishing for the end,
The end of the trail.
Fearing the send--
The send of the gale.
Eyes upward turned,
Lessons well-learned,
The sky darkening in the west,
They've got to do their best.
Roaring, wailing,
Storing, veiling,
Nothing seems safe
From its clutches.
And then the sun,
Bursts out in the sky,
And we stood, 
Hand-in-hand you and I.
The danger was past,
One of many dangers,
Just like the Beginning,
Of the baby in the manger.
The sun high in the sky,
Warmth swarms upon the land,
This isn't our last stand,
Hand-in-hand you and I.


My Land

I love the golden gleam of the prairie grass,
I love the brilliant green of the pine-tree,
I love the amazing shining blue of the sky,
All of it made for both you and me.


The Prairie

I love the way the prairie grass shivers,
I love the way water flows in rivers,
I love the big prairie's clear blue sky--
As if put there for just you and I.



  1. I LOVE your poems! Love, love, love! (Oh, and did I mention love?) I feel like I'm living the 'Dreams' poem. Sky Ship is also really great. 'The Legend of the New Dragorns' is so cool! How do you come up with all this?

    1. Thanks!!! =D I just want to write a poem, write what I want, find words that rhyme, fit that in, and write, write, write!!!!! =D

  2. Dear Storyteller,
    you definitely have a gift
    please keep them coming could you
    look this poem over and tell me
    what you think it's from my book
    Cathrine Weatherbane...

    A little locket in an apron pocket
    And a poem for a clue
    Take this now and remember me
    For I’ll always remember you

    It's supposed to be written by Anastasia
    Weatherbane my main characters mother nicknamed
    Lady by Nana Cathrine's um... Nana I guess.

    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    P.S. Cathrine's nickname is Catty (in case you were wondering)

    1. Dear Poem Girl,

      Well, thank you!! I do it for the love of it, just like my stories. :) It's just something that I love to do!!! You have a book?? Sweet!! I would LOVE to read it. :) Is it on your blog??

      I love your poem!!! I think it will work very well for your purposes. :) Keep writing!! :)


  3. Dear Storyteller,
    no I'm only working on it presently I still have to edit it
    but I plan on posting the prologue and first chapter soon.
    Oh and I've started adding pictures to my book too it helps
    to keep the mood I was in when I started writing I'm really excited
    about it!
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

  4. Wow. Just wow. You are an amazing poet. And the one called "Dreams" is about me. ;)

    1. Thanks!! :) Actually, it's about me. =D


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