“I like warm hugs!”

So, before you start thinking that either 1) I turned into Olaf (or would that be Olafa...?) or 2) I might just be a little off (haha JK :D), I’ll explain the story here a little. The other day, we went and made a snowman (“Do you want to build a snowman...?” Just slightly wondering if I was the only one singing that in my head... lol =D) with a real carrot nose, which we’d never done before because we saved them to eat instead of using them for snowman making. ;) So, anyway, we finally made one! :) And then I was like (something close to), “We should name it!” And then of course Olaf was the first thing that came to mind. ;D

(So yeah. The warm hugs thing is about the fact that we named our first [only??] snowman of this year was named Olaf after my favorite movie of 2014 [so far? Always???]. :))

So, here is Olaf. :)

As the little notes at the bottoms of these might indicate... please don’t pin these. Thanks. :)
Have you guys made any snowman this year? If so, did you name them? If not, are you planning to? (I might say that it’s actually quite fun...) Do you guys usually make snowmen in the winter? If so, have you always used carrot noses? (If you’re wondering what we used for the mouth... well... we have these wild rose bushes that we’d taken out from somewhere else on our property and planted them in a homemade flower bed, and these like berry bud things were on them, and so that’s what we used... And the eyes and buttons? Rocks. ;))

Hope you all have a great day! :) God bless! :)

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  1. We never get enough snow here in NC to do much with, we mostly get ice. So I don't have any really strong memory of building any 'real' snowman.

  2. Oh yes, I and my siblings had to make one recently when it snowed here in Washington! :) It was fun but it took forever since the snow was really powdery! :D


  3. We usually build a huge snowman with our dad every year! We always make it taller than him, which is quite difficult! However, we haven't done so yet this winter cause we just got snow and I've been sick.
    We nearly always use a carrot for his nose and coal for his eyes and mouth, though last year we used spray paint!
    We've never named our snowmen though...

  4. Sadly, it has and never will snow here in Singapore... so I've never made a snowman... But I will, one day *clenches fist and looks determinedly into the horizon...* haha!


  5. He's cute! And yes, I have that song in my head now. :)

  6. That's awesome! Yay, Olaf! And now I have that song stuck in my head! :D

  7. uh-uh- may I say my snowmen probably look more like clumps of snow than people?? As far as the talent goes, count me out lol : )

  8. He looks so cool ! I haven't had any snow to make a snowman this year ! Usually get enough to make 500 though !
    Eb x


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