Fog and TeenPact

today was beautiful foggy and misty. this morning, it just seemed sort of damp, and i wondered if maybe it had rained, but it didn’t quite seem likely. then the mist and fog rolled in. i love it so much, it’s so beautiful. in some directions you can’t see very far - at least as far as you normally would. the ground’s muddy and there’s still some snow on the ground. but then there’s always rubberboots, right? ;)
 so, this was really unexpected, especially for me. but i found out that i had the opportunity to take a TeenPact class - it’s like a government class - and then i found out that i’m actually getting to go! it’s pretty exciting. :) it’s not normally where i would’ve taken it, so i don’t like know anybody there except one person. it’s kind of scary, but i’m pretty excited. you know those times, when you’re just like, “God, that was so totally You working there!”? God works around us all the time, but sometimes we don’t really understand or realize everything until it’s all done. it reminds of the song “whisper” by Natalie Grant. it’s about she’s always waiting for that flash of lightning from God, like how He spoke to Moses out of the burning bush, and sometimes we miss His whisper. well, this was definitely one of those flashes of lightning! i’ve just been praying that i’ll follow Him and do what He wants to me to do as the date comes closer and closer.

there’s a good amount of work into preparing for the class, which has been been kind of hard, but not really. like each of the projects aren’t like too hard, it’s just that it’s a lot of work. (i got to write a bill! lol sorry, it was just so funny to see it - it looked kind of awesomely official but in that copied-on-your-computer way. i guess. ahem. anyway...) today, i also wrote this letter to an official and then looked up some facts for this worksheet. the class is Christian, so i’m memorizing two sets of verses for the class. i started memorizing those today, and it went pretty well. i have a little while still to practice them, so i’m hoping that i can do a little each day so it just kind of gets ground in there, you know?

have any of you ever heard of TeenPact? have any of you ever been to a class? do you know of other people who have?

God bless! :)

be a hero,


  1. I love the new blog design! Beautiful like always! ♥Claire♥

  2. I went to TeenPact one year, and wasn't too excited about it because I am not into politics at all, plus the vetoed my Bill thing, which didn't make me happy.

  3. Love your new design :) It's just not pulling up a header on my browser. There's just a slideshow of pictures... :)

    1. Thanks! :) Hmm... you know when you saw it on my design blog? I was just wondering... was it showing up there? Thanks for letting me know! =)

    2. On your design blog, yeah, it was.. it's just like a slideshow, like for a second I can see the font with the picture behind then it just goes back to a slideshow pf pictures :( probably my browser or something.. o-o

    3. like this :

    4. Hmm... I changed something, can you see it now? :)

  4. Never heard of it ! Your photos are beautiful !
    Eb x

  5. O my! Anna are you going to NC?! I'm so stinking excited right now! You better be, because I may be ,too! I attended TeenPact for the first time in Feb. and I am hopefully going to NC in May! We could actually meet! Which may be a little awkward cause heck lets face it I'm terribly awkward :)


  6. Oh! Whoops! I was so excited that you mentioned TeenPact that I totally skipped the bottom half of your post which laid out that your going to the State Class... Oh! Well!

    You're gonna have a blast! It's awesome!


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