I’m back!


Oh, the happiness. <3

YES! WE GOT FROZEN! I’M SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!!!!!! :D We’ve already watched it twice (like... two days in a row, I think? ;)), and I almost just want to watch it again... and over and over and over again and again and again. ;) (Random funny thing: I took a Frozen character quiz the other day and I got Olaf, except when I changed one answer that was kind of like “Well, I guess that’s kind of me...” I got Anna. So.... ;) Then after that we just did the quiz over and over trying to get the different characters. =D haha :))

Well, I went to TeenPact, and I had like THE MOST AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND AWESOMEST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was definitely one of the best weeks of my life. :) It was just so awesome, and I was so blessed by the people there, and I loved the worship times and everything. I also learned a lot about government, and it was so much fun doing the mock legislative part. :) My bill apparently got passed, but I didn’t speak on it, but I ended up speaking in favor of somebody else’s bill, which was good. :) If you’ve never been, I would like HIGHLY recommend it!!! It. is. AWESOME. :)

What have you guys been up to? :) Any good books? :)

I have this book that I got from my book club called Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio, which I’m pretty sure is by Peg Kehret, and then I’m also reading this book called (I believe) Conspiracy 365, by Gabrielle Lord. (Apparently it has a few bad words, but I haven’t run into them yet and plan on skipping right over them.) As for writing...? Well, I’ve got a few ideas, but I’ve been pretty slow lately, so we’ll just see how that goes. ;)

Well, I hope you all have the greatest day! :) God bless! :)

Be a hero,

P.S. I had some onion rings the other night, and I found out that if you dip them in ketchup, they kind of taste like fish. Interesting...

P.P.S. I’m planning on introducing you to that something, hopefully, in my next post! ;)


  1. Hello!
    I love Frozen!! :) That's great that you got to watch it!
    If you don't mind my asking, how did you make that cool picture-slideshow-inside-the-title for your blog? It's really neat!
    Sorry if you don't know what I'm talking about. I couldn't figure out what to call it! :D

    1. Hey! :)
      Me too! :) Thanks! :)
      I kind of made it up, it was really fun. :) (I put a slideshow and then put a picture with the see-through words on top of it using code. =))

  2. Lucky! I really want to see it, but as the only girl in a family of guys, I'm outvoted. :( Glad you're back to posting! Teen Pact sounds awesome, I'm going to 4-H Texas Congress, which sounds really similar.
    Have a great day!
    -Laura Ashley

    1. Hopefully you'll get to see it soon. =) Me too ;) That's really cool! Hope you have an awesome time, Ashley! =)

  3. Aah! Frozen! I might.. sorta kinda.. be drawing Elsa for the hundredth time ;) She's so beautiful. What's your favorite scene/song in the whole movie? How about quote?

    Books...have you ever tried the Ranger's Apprentice by John Flanagan? Not sure what kind of books you like, but I recommend these books for anyone! I just finished the last one (#12) and *sniff sniff* I'm devastated they're done! I should read them all over again...

    How about The Door Within books by Wayne Thomas Batson? OR the Airborn books by Kenneth Oppel! Those are amazing and so adventurous and fun!
    And lastly, the Dragon Slippers books by Jessica Day George are very good =D

    1. Oh my goodness! haha I don't think I'll be able to pick... ;) But one of my favorite scenes is when Kristoff and Anna are in the sleigh... haha... hehe... lol ;) And then one of the series of quotes that I came up with was [something along the lines of [because I don't remember the exact words and everything ;)]]:

      Kristoff: When we get there, just stay out of sight!
      Olaf: OK!
      *sleds [kind of...?] into the village*
      Olaf: Hi!
      Random townsperson: *shriek!*

      hahaha :D I love that part. ;)

      Yes, I actually have! :) Thanks for recommending them, though! :)

      I've checked them out before, but then I ended up not finishing them, probably because I wasn't telling myself to read them and I was doing other things. I've never heard of the Airborn books! :) Thanks for telling me about them! :) I don't know if I've read the Dragon Slippers books... (I think I might have, but I only remember one book....)

      What's your favorite scene/song/quote(s) from Frozen? =)

    2. Haha oh Olaf =)

      Obviously Let It Go!
      And also when Anna and Kristoff are heading to the trolls:

      Anna shivers.
      Kristoff: 'Are you cold?'
      Kristoff goes to put his arms around her, but catches himself just before doing it

      Haha I thought it was such a cute scene ^_^ Do you remember it?

      Olaf: 'Yeah, I bet she's the nicest, sweetest person ever.' (middle part of his body gets poked through with an icicle)
      'Oh, look at that. I've been impaled heheheh.'

    3. Awesome! :) haha oh my goodness, those are so funny. :)

  4. FROZEN!!! Yes! One of the bestest movies EVER. :]

  5. FROZEN IS SO GOOD-it's amazing. I mean it's just...i just love it so much. lol; and that's so cool you had a good time at teen pact! One of the guys are our church goes every year and he just got back. He says he really loves them and now that you say you enjoy them too I might look into going next year...

    1. I totally know what you mean! I love Frozen. <3 I almost just can't believe that we have it haha :) That's really cool! :) And that would be TOTALLY AWESOME if you went! :) I had a total blast. :)

  6. Oh, Conspiracy 365! I had to read the first book of that series for my book competition. And FROZEN: GAH IT'S TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR WORDS, ANNA.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Cool! :) How did you like it? :) (Boges was probably my favorite character, what about you? :)) Totally! <3

  7. Lol, Frozen ia the best movie EVER! I've watched it about 5 times and I don't own it! (Yet. :) I've been busy reading The Search For WondLa
    by Tony Diterlizzi (I think that's how you spell it) :) It's really good! Have you read it? Now I'm caught up in another series; Septimus Heap By Angie Sage I'm on the second book, Flyte. What is your favorite book? Love your blog! Make sure to check out my blog and follow! thisandthatbyaliah.blogspot.com
    In a while!!

    1. I seriously totally love that movie. <3 That's so awesome! :) I don't think I actually have read that! Sounds pretty interesting! :) (Was Tony Diterlizzi the author who helped write the Spiderwick Chronicles?) Cool! :) The Bible's my favorite book, but like fictional book? I don't know. What about you? :)

  8. I love Frozen. I resently saw it for the first time.

  9. I haven't seen Frozen! I guess there's no use to ask if it's good since you've already expressed your love for it :P by the way, you're blog is very enjoyable :)


    1. Hopefully if you want to see you'll get to. :) Aww, thanks. :)


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