autumn is an adventure

 i’m sitting here, the summer starting to end, the autumn coming upon us so quickly that i start to feel like the year’s already almost over. there’s something that i’ve realized, sometime over this summer, over this year. in this life, there’s so many things to do. it’s kind of hard to juggle everything that we want to do. and sometimes we don’t get everything we “want” done. i have so many new things to do, i feel like, i have new hobbies, new things i love to do. this year, i got a cello, i bought my camera. i’ve done writing like i’ve always done, on and off, sometimes coming up with ideas, sometimes writing on things, sometimes reviving old stories, sometimes feeling like everything is dry and boring and taking a huge break from it all. i’ve tried to read, though i definitely haven’t read as much as i have in past years. i’ve been doing way less designing and blogging then i have done in previous years since this whole journey started for me, but i’ve tried to at least give a little time for it all.

and now we’re all being plunged into new things to do - all of those things that were kind of “quieted” over the summer are now coming back alive. we have new things to do, new responsibilities, new events, new places to go. those easy summer days are coming behind us fast, and it’s hard to grasp onto them. soon there’s going to be snow on the ground, and we’re going to be wondering where on earth 2014 went. (i honestly almost put down 2013, but i promise, that was a typo. ;))

there’s excitement, you know? new friends, new places, new things coming upon as we’re thrust into the autumn. scarves, coats, boots. (yes, i’m thinking of my bearpaw [and all the rest of my comfy] boots - seriously, they’re the greatest. ;)) so many things that change with the seasons. i have fears. it’s kind of scary - i don’t really like change. i’ve never liked change. i like things the way they are. and sometimes i just fear that i’m going to fail. and i don’t want to fail. but you know what? i have a God Who Is Greater then anything that i fear. i need to be reminded of that. “And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us? And if our God is with us, then who could stand against?”* We have a Great God.

oh yeah. i almost forgot. so, i’ve actually got to make some really awesome baking foods. i’ve cooked a decent amount of food (like normal people...) but it was really awesome to do some baking. i even made some crêpes, all by myself, which was totally awesome. i kind of botched up the recipe, though. i’m pretty sure i made them way too thick. because apparently, i was supposed to able to make like 10 to 14, and i only made four. either way, add some cream cheese, strawberries, and whipped cream, and you really can’t go wrong. ;) (though they were pretty thick... i might need to work on that) but it was so much fun to make them. i might just have to randomly look through a cookbook, find some yummy sounding, and make it. sounds like a good idea to me. :) (by the way, i’m hopefully going to be able to post some pictures of the crêpes and, if you guys want, a recipe. it’s not mine, and if i do, i’ll make sure to credit the recipe book.)

anyway, i think i mentioned my spaghetti meal before, and i thought, one day, “hey, why not take some pictures of it?” so, my friends, i did. viola.
i love this meal - i’ve used it a lot for lunches over the summer etc., and it’s been awesome. i love spaghetti, and it’s like an easy, different version of the one we all love. not that the original version is that hard at all. ;)

i love this meal, and it is so simple (and apparently cheap...). and it’s pretty quick, too. i’ll post a recipe later, if anyone’s interested. (like i said, super easy. as long as you know how to boil spaghetti, you’re pretty much set.)
i’ve been working my way through the book “roll of thunder, hear my cry” by Mildred D. Taylor, which reminds me, i should probably start back on it. ;) i don’t know what all happens in it, but apparently it’s pretty sad. some if it just makes me boiling mad. (the things that they do to the main character and such.) but it’s a pretty good book so far, as far as i can tell. (like i said, i haven’t finished it, so i don’t know if the whole thing’s good.) also, there this devotional book called Jesus Today (there’s another devo by this author that is great - i think it’s called Jesus Calling?) by Sarah Young which is really uplifting. if you’re looking for a new devo, you might want to check this one (or the other book i mentioned by her) out.

you know that sense of adventure that comes over you? you’re kind of scared, but there’s this... this feeling that, even though you’re scared, this could be a whole new, amazing experience. everything obviously won’t go well. but aren’t there troubles and trials for a heroine in a book? it’s just all apart of the adventure. i don’t know all that’s going to happen to me in the next few days, months, years... but i know that it’s going to be an adventure. and i’ll never be alone. God will be there, right beside me, every step of the way.

this autumn... it’s an adventure. and i’m finding more and more that i can’t wait.

have a great autumn! God bless!

be a hero,

*“Our God” by Chris Tomlin


  1. I still can't figure out where my beautiful summer went.

  2. My father has the book Jesus Calling. He loves it. ;)

    Thick crepes...hmm. Sounds good. :P

    ~Lydia~ <3(BTW, this gal LOVES chris tomlin)

  3. I had to study roll of thunder hear my cry a year ago at school and I thought it was a pretty good book even if everyone else hated it ! Haha. This post is very inspirational - I enjoyed reading it :)
    Eb x

  4. I can't want for autumn and it's chill mornings. I think it'd be great if you posted some recipes! I can't make anything but eggs but I still love reading through them. :)
    {I know I've already said this but every single time I read your blog I have to adore your design. It's lovely, honestly.} xx

  5. {I did accidentally remove myself from our story blog thingy--I just wanted to tell you so you knew. Though it was an accident, I might want to keep it that way. Thanks. :)}

  6. Yay, I missed your posts Anna!! Greats words of wisdom as always...and good luck on your exciting journey through life!

    God Bless,

  7. Autumn, lovely <3 hehe... Great post, Anna! Missed ya :)

  8. Man, I've missed commenting on here. It's been a while! I loved this post as always. :)

  9. Love the photos!



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