where have i been?

 i walk out my door, closing it softly behind me. i lean up against the peeling white paint, tilting my head up towards the sky. the clouds glow in shades of pink and color, blue and purple, gray and black. birds sing like a choir, trilling happily at their lives. the insects hum, a low sound that vibrates in my soul. the trees sway slightly in the mild wind, and i stand there, and i think...

...where have i been?

i step out of my house, and suddenly, i stop. i laugh almost unbelievingly, and then walk over towards the edge of the forest. could it be? were we already here? but there they were, those bushes of thorns, rising up around the trees, little blossoms peeking out, ready for life to begin. it seemed only yesterday that they were dead, waiting for the storms to pass, waiting for the time when life was to again take hold. and yet, here they were, blooming again. and i think...

...where have i been?

i step outside of my house, heading towards the garage. darkness surrounds me, and i stumble on the rocks. then i pause, glancing up a the sky. my keys jingle in my hand, reminding me of my journey. reminding me of the reason i left my home in the first place. but something keeps me there, staring up at the sky. to me, it’s not just black - it’s a palette of dark blue and gray and charcoal. and then, bursting forth, are the millions of stars, stretched out like a diamond necklace across the sky. the moon shines like a single lone pearl, peeking through the willowy clouds. and i think...

...where have i been?

this is it. this is the day. my schedule is cleared. my work is done. i grab my camera, slip on my shoes, and head out the door. the sun beats down on my forehead, and beads of perspiration start to form on my hairline. but that doesn’t stop me. i walk through the grass, nearly up to my waist, the blades brushing against my jeans and tickling my sandaled feet. i sink down, my eyes surveying the scene before me from a different view. and i smile, and think...

...where have i been?

i don’t know where i used to be, but now?

i’m here.


the grass is turning greener, the air is turning warmer, the sky is turning bluer... summer’s almost here. it seems like only yesterday you always had to take a coat everywhere and we were all wishing it was summer so we could see our friends again. and now? it’s here. i honestly can’t believe that we’ve reached the middle [pretty much] of 2015. we’re in the sixth month out of twelve. i guess i never thought that time could travel this fast, and yet not seem fast enough. strange, isn’t it?

let’s go out and enjoy.

be a hero,

p.s. random: i’m trying a recipe with ginger in it tonight. guess we’ll see how that goes... ;)


  1. well, this was beautiful. I love your imagery and your photographs <3 You have some real talent!! xoxo

  2. Beautiful, as always. <3

    I agree with you on summer coming so fast- December felt like yesterday! Gosh, I can't believe the year is already almost half over.

    Hope you have a lovely day, It's been a while. <3

    xx Mackenzie

    1. Thanks :)

      I know, right?! Sometimes it kind of freaks me out how fast time goes...

      Hope you have an amazing day :)

  3. Oh, and would you mind putting my grandma on your prayer request? She has cancer and is going through a hard time. I would appreciate it deeply. <3 Thank you.

  4. Mackenzie - I will definitely put your grandmother on my list, and I will be praying for her. I really hope she gets better soon. <3

  5. those photos are gorgeous!! could you please pray for my mom and gram? they have very bad back trouble. thank you <3


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