#feelinghappy + I slipped [but survived]

So tonight we just decided we wanted some cake. (I like basically everything surgery haha so of course I was like, “Yeah! Let’s do it!” ;)) So I went and whipped up a carrot cake (from the box...) with cream cheese frosting (and the only reason it was carrot was because I was like, “Ooh! Cream cheese frosting! Can that be with white cake?” [Which... I’d been holding in my hand. And I probably didn’t say those exact words. But something like it. ;)] And then I was informed you do that with spice cake or like carrot cake. So, carrot cake it was... [I love that stuff. <3]). And after I do my therapy, I’ll hopefully be able to have some while we watch The Croods. #feelinghappy :)

(Note: The cake looks nothing like the picture. It was just a picture of a cake and it looked amazingly yummy. =D Just thought I’d mention that... ya know... just because ;) On another side note concerning the cake: I’m pretty sure I just realized that those are pretzels on the top. Hmm... #random)

Anyway, so, earlier today I was walking, and it’s like seriously slick outside. (as in icy) The roads were all icy and so were parking lots and sidewalks today. So, anyway [again], I was stepping out onto a parking lot today and I just slipped. Like... I kind of almost did the splits. And the container of onions in the vanilla yogurt container (don’t ask... haha you can if you want ;)) came rolling out of my bag. Otherwise, I wasn’t hurt.

lol believe it or not, I was laughing. :D

I was walking with my friend, and immediately they were like, “Are you alright?! How’s your ACL?!” (Because last March I went and tore it... and I wasn’t wearing my neon yellow brace today...) I was just like laughing really hard (I suppose because it didn’t hurt and just seemed hilarious in the moment =P ;D) and was like, “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine!” So, note to self: Walk more carefully on potentially icy surfaces. ;)

Have a great day! :) God bless! :)

Be a hero,


  1. Good to know your ok. Ice can be so... Unpredictable !?

    Eb x

  2. Mmmmm carrot cake! One of my faves.
    Glad you're alright! To be honest, a winter does not go by without me slipping at least three times.

  3. I almost always laugh after I fall, even if it hurts. It just feels so ridiculous that humans can slip and fall that I can't help but laugh. One time at Disneyland, I missed the curb (because I wasn't paying attention. I was probably thinking of Owl City or something) and I like faceplanted the pavement and all my friends were like "Oh my gosh are you okay?!" And I had just bought a ton of stuffed animals and they all kind of flew everywhere. I started laughing (well, I actually cried a little at first because I was just shocked that I fell) and then it was over and I still laugh when I remember it. :)


  4. I have fallen countless times and thought it was the funnest thing. I am...weird. lol :-) Glad you didn't get hurt.

  5. Ice has got to be one of the most epic villains of all time. Good thing you're okay!

  6. Oh wow! I really really REALLY love your writing style! It's sooo fun and bubbly!

    Looking forward to see more fun posts!


  7. Hahahahaha! That was surprisingly hilarious!! I love spontaneous cake!!


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