Breakfast...... you can eat just about anything for breakfast, right? Well, yeah, but it won't always seem like breakfast. Usually I'm left to fend for myself for my breakfast. And I'm the type of person who actually wants to eat something good and something that's going to hold me out until lunch. Not like a piece of fruit here and a glass of milk here and maybe a piece of toast. I'm the bagel/bowl of cereal/baked potato awesome breakfast kind of a gal.

There's this one breakfast that I'm especially known for. It's my baked potato awesome breakfast mentioned above. :) It's my "nobody else is making breakfast, I'm starving, and I want something that's hot and going to taste good". And it's actually surprisingly easy!

I'm not one to post recipes or anything, but if you're in the same situation that I am, sometimes it's just nice to have something that tastes amazingly good and is actually a hot breakfast. (instead... of being stuck eating Lucky Charms for the rest of your life. =P)

It's actually really easy. I'll show you have to make it.

1 or 2 potatoes, depending on how big they are and how much you want to eat
cheese of your choice
Optional: onions, sausage, tomatoes
sharp knife
cheese grater

How to do it:
1. First, we're going to make normal baked potatoes. So take your 1 or 2 (3??) potatoes and put them on a plate and put them in the microwave. MAKE SURE THAT YOU POKE THEM WITH A FORK ON BOTH SIDES FIRST. (otherwise you're going to have an exploding potato :D) I usually cook them for 4 minutes on one side and then 2 minutes on the other. If it's still hard after that, you'll need to cook it more. You know, just a normal baked potato.
2. When that's done, take it out and slice it into pieces. (like... you're slicing it up to eat it, which you are)
3. Use the cheese grater and the cheese to grate cheese all over your potato. If the potato's hot enough, the cheese will usually melt a little. ;)
4. Pour on as much salsa and ranch as you like, and spread it around.
5. Viola!
(note: on the optional items... if you don't know how to cut up those, I'm afraid you shouldn't be making this dish =P)

It's not that healthy sounding, but I promise you that it's good!! :) 

What are some of your favorite breakfast foods? Do you find yourself fending for yourself in the morning for breakfast, or does somebody else (Mom?) make breakfast for you?

If you try my "recipe" (lol), I'd love to know. :)

God bless.

Later gator.

Over and out.


  1. My favorite are gluten free pancakes :) And of course bacon hahaha

  2. I usually make my own breakfast.
    I've never made a baked potato for breakfast before, but I do think that would be good! Maybe I'll try it sometime!

  3. Awesome breakfast!!! Really, I love breakfast as well, and it has to be filling and GOOD for me:)


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