i realize that march 2015’s pretty much over. we’re in the 20s now, and time’s just going to keep flying, faster and faster. but this idea - march fest - came to me in this very special march 2015, a march that will never come around again. and so that’s why i’m honoring this festival of seeing through different eyes by dubbing it march fest.

what is march fest?

well, march fest is something that many people can do in many, many different ways. it’s a way of having yourself see the world through different eyes - more thankful eyes, i suppose. it’s where, at the end of every day, you ask yourself, “what applies to me today?” the answer can be a something God’s been teaching you - “seek God with all your heart” - or a well known quote - “shoot for the stars” - or just something that seems applicable to you today - “it’s okay to make mistakes. don’t dwell - learn from them.” i find that it not only brightens my outlook of what happened in the day, but it also gives me something to look forward to - thinking of something that puts a more optimistic look back on my life. often times, i end the day feeling as if i’ve lost a war. but maybe, instead of just staying in defeat, i can learn from my losses and conquer whatever it is the next day. sometimes i have a hard time remembering stuff like that, and that’s why i think God put #marchfest on my heart.

the story behind this is pretty cool, i think. i was reading the first chapter of Matthew - the chapter where it has the genealogy of Jesus, and then ends with Joseph going to divorce Mary, but God tells him not to. i had randomly flipped to it, asking God to show me where He wanted me to read that day. and when i first flipped to it, i couldn’t help but think, “how on earth is this applicable to me today?” and i was just sitting there, reading it, and i get to the end, the part where Joseph was going to divorce Mary but God told him not to. and then this phrase just suddenly jumps into my head:

“God will direct your paths.”

and then i got up, went over to my calendar, and wrote it down on that day’s date.

“God will direct your paths.” written out, in ink, in front of me, on that day’s date.

then the next day, i got something else. so i went over to my calendar, and wrote it on that day’s date. and i’ve been doing it pretty much on every day since.

so that’s what #marchfest is.

if you want, you can join me in #marchfest. you can write things you’re learning from God, quotes, and just stuff that you think is applicable for you today in just about any place - your journal, your blog, on your calendar like me, or any other place. you don’t have to join #marchfest, but #marchfest is something that i plan on doing at least for the rest of the year. who knows? maybe i’ll do it for the rest of my life.

and if you want to join - and if you’re comfortable with this - you could hashtag #marchfest in the comments and grab the button below to put on your blog. you don’t have to. you don’t have to join #marchfest, either. i just wanted to share this with you guys. :)

#marchfest linkup

i hope all of you have the greatest day, and God bless all of you!! :)

be a hero,


  1. Lovely idea! I will do it. :)

  2. It's a beautiful thing, seeing God work. I have started doing something similar recently and have been shown the wisdom of His word over and over. Thank you for sharing!

    On a completely different note, i recall you went to teenpact last year and was wondering if you were going to NC. Itd be cool to actually meet you! :)

    In Christ,
    Hannah Michelle

  3. I want to join this! I'll have to do this off-line only because my schedule does not allow much time for me to spend my free time on my laptop... le sigh... 'Tis such a splendid idea, truly!

    xoxo Morning

  4. This is so encouraging Anna! I need to tell more about what God has been saying to me everyday and put it in my posts. And this is a great way to do it!
    Thank you <3

  5. lovely idea :) This is really applicable and I just might join :D


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