i have a fever

“frozen” fever (the short), that is.

that’s right - i went and saw “cinderella,” and because i did? i got to see “frozen fever”!!!! (slightly ironic that they paired “frozen fever” with “cinderella”, when you think about it - “frozen’s” all about how it’s ridiculous to “fall in love” with someone in one day, and cinderella’s all about a girl and a guy who meet each other once and “fall in love” with each other in one day. hmm...) anywho, “frozen fever” was just like you’d expect - yes, awesome. :) i was dying laughing (even when i felt like i was laughing the hardest in the whole theater. #awkward). let’s let just say it was some level of... EPICNESS. :) (as for cinderella? i think i might do a review. we’ll see...)

are you one of those people who might have that bad habit of sticking stuff that could, oh, i don’t know, become pretty important in the future? well... *nervous laugh*... guilty. *waves hand* i had these gift certificate tickets for the movie theater (that, yes, i used them to watch “cinderella”) that i’d been saving since Christmas, and i honestly COULD. NOT. FIND. THEM. i was looking for like three whole days before i finally found them. so i’ve decided to think twice before placing stuff like that in just any place so that things don’t look so cluttered... yeah. ;)

recently, i read a short story by O. Henry called “one thousand dollars” (i believe it was...) and i actually really loved it. (i won’t give too many details, but i really liked it, so if you’re interested, you should totally check it out! :)) i’ve decided that i really want to start reading more (though if that’s actually going to happen, we have yet to see... ;)). the thing is, is that i want to find a really good book series to enjoy. i feel like either stuff doesn’t capture my attention enough and it’s just boring or it’s bad or i’ve already read it a million times and i’m looking for something new. does anyone have any suggestions, maybe? :) that’d be awesome sauce. :) #awesomesauce (<-- i kinda just wanted to do that ;))

lately, i’ve started a new story that’s actually one that i promised a REALLY long time ago for Britt (yes, hopefully it’s coming, Britt!! so sorry!!!) but is way different than the one that i’d originally started, and i think... i think i really like this one. i’ve realized recently that some of my stories have lacked something that is kind of really important to any good story - a message. any kind of message, really. something like, “everyone’s a person, no matter how small,” in the words of Dr. Suess. something like frozen’s, “true love is putting someone else before yourself.” and suddenly, the story started to just click inside of me and become that much more alive. and what message did i choose?

with God, you’re never alone.

i chose this message because i think it’s one that not only a lot of people can relate to, but it’s also a very personal thing for myself. i feel alone. a lot. i’m not sure if that’s really an easy thing to admit. i mean, everyone wants to think that they’re totally secure about who they are and what their role is in life, and they want to think that they’ve got everything figured out and they’ve got so many friends that it’d be impossible to be alone. but i don’t know about you, or about anybody, really, but i feel alone a lot. it’s like that saying - “you can feel alone in a sea of people.” have you ever felt that? it’s so strange. and scary. really scary.

but the thing is, as Christians? we are never alone. i often have to remind myself of this, because like the terrible sinner that i am, i always forget. but He’s always right there, reminding me of His love for me. and that’s the message that i want to relay through this book. i’m excited. :)

i hope all of you had a wonderful Easter! :) i know i did. and i hope all of you have the greatest day full of sunshine! :) God bless all of you! :)

be a hero,
anna :)


  1. I hope you had a great Easter, too! :)

    xoxo Morning

  2. Love this post! So interesting and raw. <3

  3. lovely photo :) I know, sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and scared, and alone. But the thing is, God is by my side through everything... and that's the most important thing. And yet it's the thing to forget the easiest. You should definitely do a review on Cinderella :) I haven't seen it yet, but I think I just might hop on the bandwagon =)

  4. I love this! It's so easy to think we're walking this road all by ourselves, but indeed, we are never alone. God is always with us, and He puts in our life precious people to support, love, and guide us. The journey we make is together. xxx.

  5. Oh, Anna, it's always such a blessing to read one of your posts! I love your message for your book--it's always so pertinent.

    Hmm, well, I love children's books, so if you like them too you should try the Swallows and Amazons series by Arthur Ransome. It's about a bunch of kids who have spectacular yet nearly realistic sailing adventures :)



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