what am i thankful for?

the other day, a friend and i went to watch "the hunger games: mockingjay part 2". (yes, this post might contain spoilers... ;)) during the movie, you just watch all of this destruction, all of this...death. i felt like someone was dying like every five seconds. (not in actuality, but pretty close...) when one of the mainish characters die (any guesses??), it's kind of horrific, in my personal opinion. not just that the person dies, which is terrible in itself, but the way that they die. it's just...horrible. and you can just see their face, moments before they die. they sacrificed themselves so that everyone else could get away. and i felt fear. what if that happened to me?

i feel fear. kind of a lot. mostly "i'm-going-puke-and-probably-die" fear. but in those kind of fear situations, it's like i know i'm going to make it out on the other side. i'm super scared about whatever it is, but i know it'll eventually be over. but this fear wasn't like that. this fear was deep-seated, deep-down inside of my soul. it was a fear that was out of control and raging.

and then i stopped.


i don't have to be afraid.

i have a God who is mightier than anything there ever was. He will always be with me. and even if i die, even if i die in that horrific way? i know where i'm going. i know what i believe. and i know who my God is. He is the God of the universe, the Creator of the world, my Lord and Savior. and even if i die, that is not the end of my life, for i will go to be with my God for all eternity. and i don't have to be afraid.

so, what am i thankful for this Thanksgiving? a million things - my family, my friends, my life. i am thankful for all of the things that i have been blessed with, all the people i've have the privilege to meet, all of the things i've been able to learn.

but most of all? i am thankful for my God.

have a blessed Thanksgiving.

be a hero,


  1. I saw Mockingjay Pt. 2 the other day as well and read the books, so I know who you're talking about. ;)
    I have felt a lot of fear too. Instead of elaborating on that, I hope you don't mind if I share a verse, and a song someone who is like a mentor to me wrote. :)
    "God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid but a spirit of power and love and self-control." -2 Timothy 1:7

    Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving. <3
    xx Sarah

  2. oh wow, I love how you connected Christ and hope into something that SO many teens think about, especially after watching movies like the Hunger Games series.
    In Christ there is no fear, and I'm so thankful for that ♥
    So glad I followed your blog ♥

  3. such a lovely blog x
    Savannah // www.zolablog.com


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