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What did I actually do? Well, I think I did a post about it on Rubberboot Girl (I just spent several minutes trying to find a link to it, but I can't...) like a really long time ago - it was about like how I'm awful at keeping journals and stuff. Like, seriously. I think it's part of my compulsiveness. You have to write down everything. You have to write that down. What if you want to know that in the future? You can't forget all of that. Write it down. All of it. It, frankly, gets tiring to have to write it all down. Even when it's on the computer. (I had/have a computer journal [like a word doc where I act like it's a journal and write stuff down because it's faster for me to type then to write] but then I just got tired of writing every single thing down. So I haven't written in at least a few months, I think.) So I kind of stopped.

And that's when I decided.

I wasn't going to have a normal journal. Not where you write about everything that's going on in your life and all about yourself and explain everything until the reader feels like you're writing a story just for them. I get too bored having to write all of that down, not to mention that I really don't have the patience for it and I'm not sure that I'll like even care about it in the future if I didn't write every single thing down. (I have to tell myself that, because I get crazy compulsive.) But sometimes it's kind of nice to write stuff down, isn't it? To just sit down and grab a notebook and jot down a few words about how you're feeling.

Which is why I started a new journal/diary/thing. Just to write down what I'm feeling. I don't have to say my name. I don't even have to say anybody else's name. I can just write what I'm feeling. Just write what's coming out of my heart. And I don't have to write down everything that's happening. Just write what I feel like writing. (Believe me, it's a freeing thought.) I had started to do a "everything" journal in the front of it, so someone reading it would probably know all about me, unless they thought I was a random person who picked it up from somebody else. But that's OK. I just needed somewhere where I could just write.

Do you have a journal or diary? Are you compulsive?

Have a great day! :) Thanks so much for reading. <3 God bless! :)

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  1. I am awful at keeping a journal/diary! But maybe I should try to have a new approach to it...

  2. I completely agree; it is sooo hard for me to keep a journal, and I get sick of writing everything that I did/do.
    That's a great idea! Whenever I want to write, I type it up on my iPod, which works pretty well. (Besides, I can never keep track of where my notebooks are....)

  3. I do the same thing!!!! I've tried to have journals/diaries soooooo many times in my life, so I actually started doing the same thing, I found a pretty spiral notebook, closer to the size of the average journal, that I really like, and I've been writing in it randomly, whenever I feel like it. It's actually really fun!!! I'm actually running out of space in it, so I'm asking for another journal for Christmas :)


  4. I had a journal about 'life' but I never wrote in it. So I decided I would start a journal where I just pour out my feelings (like yours), but I address it to God. I found it easier and funner to write in it. :D

  5. i stink at keeping diaries. i start it for a while and then it dies :( i'm totally going have to start working on my endurance.

    1. but it love your idea! it's great and i might work on doing the same once i get my endurance issues sorted hahah(:

  6. I can't keep a journal/diary, I love to write....just not about myself, that's why I feel kinda funny when I'm writing a "My Life Post", I feel like when I'm writing about myself I'm making a big to do about nothing, and I feel like I don't really want to share "everything" about myself even with myself ( I know I'm using the word 'myself' a lot) and sometimes everything can include not writing hardly anything, so when I do write a "My Life Post" it's only 1/4 of what's actually going on (or something like that...) aaaaaaaanyways, ack, even now I feel funny :P like I'm infiltrating your blog with my weirdness! Sorry about that...I had more to say but like I said I feel like I'm talking to much about myself on your blog, sorry, sorry :P

  7. I've tried to keep a journal. I had the same problem. I think I'll try to do it like you are. I do keep a prayer journal.

  8. You sound exactly like me! That's how I feel, like I have to put every single thing down. which makes me want to avoid my journal as much as possible because I have this "feeling" that every single detail of my life has to be written down. and that makes journal-ing boring and oppressive. I will try your idea; it sounds so much better!

  9. I was compulsive like that for the longest time yet I still filled several journals writing like you described above. I am writing differently now. Just writing from my heart and writing what I want to write. :)


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