I'm not very good at painting

Thanks to all of you guys who've been praying for my dad. Good news - he made it out of the surgery great! He still doesn't have function of one of his kidneys, but I believe that they're still hopeful that he might regain function of it still. So that's really good. God is great! :)

Right now, I have this cold that I'm starting to feel like I've had for forever... I had it even before my little break for about two weeks. (Except back then it was mostly just this cough that would take over for a few seconds now and then.) I don't know if you guys do this, but we've kind of always had this rule in my family where if you're sick, you don't eat anything sweet (like candy, desserts, etc.), because it makes your cold worse. It gets really, really hard when there's like this really yummy-looking chocolately cake sitting on the counter... oh well. I guess I'll get some eventually. ;)

Yesterday, I [somehow] found myself clicking on one of my word documents on my writing computer that I hadn't opened in awhile and, frankly, had rather forgotten what it was about. What awaited me was the beginnings of what I realized could probably be a pretty good story. Thankfully, I'd put my outline at the end of the doc, a little habit of mine that I've started doing so that I don't forget what I'd had in mind for the story after I've left it alone for a few months/weeks/etc. There was only one little part in my outline that I couldn't quite remember all that I'd planned, but I'm pretty sure I can come up with something... ;)

I'm not very good at painting. Rephrase: whatever I paint looks like a two year old did it. I admit it, I haven't painted (officially, other then helping with like this landscape for a vacation Bible school...) since like several years ago or something, but still. I'm just not good at like doing all of those different colors and everything to make it look real. I like drawing, because then I can make my characters look more cartoony, which it seems I'm a little better at doing. (In my own opinion.) I like doing rough kind of drawing, where you don't have to do all straight lines and everything and it looks rather humorous. That kind. Yeah. ;)

I don't know if I told you about this, but if you love listening to songs on YouTube and always get annoyed that you have to keep on repeating them and repeating them, then this is going to make your day! (Well, I don't know if this will make your day, but when I found out about it it made my day, so... hopefully this makes your day. :)) So, if you want YouTube songs to repeat, simply put the words "repeat" right before the .com in youtube.com when your song's loading, and it'll take you to listenonrepeat.com where you can listen to your favorite YouTube songs on repeat! :) (I actually found that out via Pinterest. Another reason why it's awesome... ;))

Well, I'm off to do other things. God bless you guys! :) Have a great day! :)

Be a hero,

P.S. Have you ever listened to this song? It grew on me...


  1. That's wonderful that your dad's surgery went well!! I hope he's better soon!
    Yeah...painting. I can't do it either. My drawings are pretty sad, too. ;)
    It's good to hear from you! I'll keep praying for your dad!

  2. I'm so glad to hear your dad is doing well! I hope everything goes good for his other kidney:)
    You should do some art posts with your drawings, too, they'd be really nice to see:)
    P.S I love that song hehe

  3. Glad to hear your dad is doing okay!
    I love drawing, but painting is a bit more challenging for me.

    p.s. You have a very cute blog here, and I like that you put a prayer request section in your sidebar... that's so sweet. :)

  4. God is awesome. :) I'm happy to hear that your dad is okay. :) I will continue praying for you guys. <3

    Yes, I'm not much of an artist myself... my drawings and paintings are terrible! I feel like I have this landscape in my mind that i want to draw/paint, but the materials I am using refuse to co-operate.

  5. Oh, yay! Great to hear that your Dad's surgery went well!

    I love to draw/ paint soooo much. But, I'm awful... :P

    So, instead I became fluent in writing Dwarvish. cause I'm a nerd... If you and your friends need another code you can always learn that... I'ts actually really easy. 24 letters that we have in English alphabet and 5 new Dwarvish ones. My sister and I both know it, it's awesome!

    Okay then!

  6. I am glad the surgery went will.
    Praise God!

  7. OH, am SOOO glad that your dad is better and got through his surgery. :D Will still be praying!!

    haha! Know all about finding stuff oyu have written and going like ... WOZERS! did I write this!?!? LOL!

    I LOVE painting, but I like sketching cartoon-ish/Disney-ish character looking people. LOL! (that was a wordy wordy sentence) Would really like to see some of your drawings. ;)

    OH MY! I ADORE the song Deliver Us ... but I like "There Can Be Miracles". (Um ... I think that is the name of the song) Have you seen Prince of Egypt??


  8. great to hear that your dad's surgery went well!

  9. Hi :) I recently changed up my blog a bit, and I was wondering if you could check it out and maybe follow? You follow my sister Aimee; I'm her older sister Ellie! I really like your blog and its whole set up. You're actually a lot like me! We could totally be friends. :D

  10. And I am so glad your dad went through surgery well. You must feel so blessed! :)


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