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I picked up the scrap piece of paper and folded it into an airplane - the kind where you fold it in half normally. Throwing it, it didn't go very far - just a few feet, and then it fell into the ground. Frowning, I unfolded it and made it the long way. Now it sailed across the room.

I amused myself for awhile by throwing that airplane across the room. Practically silent, mostly straight in flight. I went back and forth, back and forth - retrieving, throwing, retrieving, throwing. And yet I didn't tire of it for so long.

I paused a moment, later, before I threw it out. This thing had amused me for awhile, it seemed. And yet, so easily, I was throwing it away. I put it in the trash bag and didn't give it another thought that day.

- - - - - - -

My feet crunched on the snow in the dark as we headed back to the house. My dog crazily went from behind us to before us as she investigated the smells on the ground. The wind bit at my face, and I was glad I'd put on a snow mask. I can't help but wonder now what it would be like to be faced with miles upon smiles of the same crunching snow, with nothing in sight. Only the wind howling and the snow crunching and the darkness of the sky.

- - - - - - -

I glanced out the window, big fluffy snowflakes meeting my eyes. It was Christmas snow, the kind that you always dreamed about getting on Christmas day. It was beautiful as it drifted swiftly towards the ground, ready to get its journey over with.

- - - - - - -

I sat on the mattress on the floor, placed there because I'd been sleeping next to a sick person who'd sometimes needed help during the night. I'd pulled out the pink book with the Bible verse on the front - "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - and turned past the words at the front of the book and the rants in the middle of the book and the cyphers towards the end and then even past the pictures I'd drawn with some younger kids in it earlier today. And I started a new picture - that of two floating islands that looked like masses of jungle with normal trees. A single large bridge, in the style of the Romans or Greeks, was between the two islands.

And at the top, I wrote two words:

"The Highlanders."

I went on to draw two maps of the two islands, and to start to describe the story that went along with them. I mentioned the names of the main characters of my story - Ravenna, Ekron, Hadrian - and even went on to say what they were like. My friend helped me with a lot of it, which was really fun. She helped me so much that I told her that in the acknowledgments I'd have to put, "And thanks to - - - - - - - - - - - - -, for everything."

- - - - - - -

I've been gone for awhile now, haven't I? Seems like quite awhile since I sat down and wrote something to you guys. Anything to you guys. (My last two posts were scheduled because I wasn't able to get on.) I've been doing a lot - like learning cyphers, writing in pig pen (and accidentally keep on calling it pig latin), listening to a funny book called The Hidden Hand and reading part of it myself, and lots of other stuff - and having lots of fun, but I must say I've missed you guys, too. :)

I seriously feel really horrible that I haven't commented on any of your blogs in forever. I just haven't had the time lately. I am really sorry about all that. You guys have some of the most amazing blogs... EVER. Seriously. :)

Well, yesterday, we got Netflix! That was pretty fun. (Last night we watched an old Disney Channel movie called Avalon High, because when we'd been somewhere a long time ago [it seems now] where we had access to a TV that actually had TV there was a commercial for it but we left before we got to watch it, so we finally did. Then we watched Yours, Mine, and Ours [and I found out that Miranda Cosgrove/iCarly/Margo from Despicable Me was in it?! Whaaat?! Never knew that...], because we used to watch that when we were younger but I think our library lost the DVD, so we hadn't watched it what seemed like forever. So that was fun. :)) I think we're planning on watching Kronk's New Groove sometime soon because, of course, it's hilarious. ;) Do any of you guys like Netflix? What's your "review" on it? ;)

Well, hey, I've got to go, but it was lovely talking to you guys! :) God bless! Have a great day! :)

Be a hero,


  1. We have Netflix too- but on the Roku. I've watched Avalon High!

  2. I love the little snippets!! It's really good to hear from you again, Anna :)
    Netflix is pretty good, but it seems like half the time they don't have the shows we want to watch. :P

    1. Aww, thanks:)
      lol I know what you mean... "This movie is only available on DVD." Us: NOOOOOOO!!!!!! =P lol

  3. Oh, it feels good to comment on here again! :D It's been WAY too long! Great post - I loved reading your snippets. :) And I love Netflix! I use it a ton! :D I have also seen Yours, Mine, Ours! It's so funny! :)


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