Guess What...!

First off... God gave us a new car! Isn't that so amazing?! This is just... it makes my brain just like shriek, "THAT'S SO SWEET!" every time I think about it. *sniff sniff* It's just so great... Because of all of the extra travel that we've had to do for my dad's cancer and everything, this car is a really precious gift. <3

And guess what else?! My brace is fixed! YES. YESYESYESYESYESYES!!!! I think we're picking it up today. YAY! :) I'm so excited. I've missed it. My friend, whenever she's not running, always says that she feels so fat. (To which I'm always like, "You're like way not fat...") Now I think I understand. I. WANT. TO. DO. THERAPY!!! Wow, never thought I'd hear that out of myself. =P lol Anybody else like exercising? Like actually? :)

And guess what ELSE?! I'm going to be in a play!!! YES. :D My friend wrote it, and she did a really great job. It's just a cute little skit for a Christmas cantata in our town. I'm the main character, and I don't know the real meaning of Christmas. (Jesus.) It's pretty funny. My character's kind of a brat, but she gets lots of awesome emotions. :D (No crying, thank goodness.) And of course she changes. So that's really fun. We did our first practice last night. I've started memorizing my lines this morning. We have about three more weeks (but it's just with our youth group, so we only get like three official practices because we're doing it at youth group), but knowing me, if I don't start practicing it's never going to get done. =P Thankfully, it's not like a huge load of lines, so hopefully I'll be able to manage it. :)

And GUESS WHAT!!!!! :D (lol how many more can I do?? =P) It's snowing outside! Like the pretty big flakes, too. And slowly, like on a Christmas card. #love <3 The trees are starting to get covered, and the ground is still visible, but it's beautiful. <3 This morning we had some fog, which I got to walk through to the barn, and then it turned to snow. Sometimes I just love the weather where I live... <3

And now. Ladies and gentleman. THE COFFEE CUP... >>

By the way, please don't pin these. Thanks! :)
Well, I know somebody who didn't think it was that cute, but since I don't drink coffee and I just had cocoa in it, I thought it was pretty cool. (Like out of a book or something...) I also loved the straw. (Does anybody else like straws?? I mean, really, they're so fun...!!!) Anyway.

Don't pin these either, please...
The other day, I also made Mac'n'Cheese. (I obviously had some free time. lol) Actually, I think it was quite awhile ago now. I just never made a post about it. And then I saw it on the camera and was like, "Whatever! Let's do this thing!" haha =D

Or this one...
IN CONCLUSION. I love the movie Rudy. I know there's some bad words and stuff, but it just makes me want to cry... like every time... not to mention the person who acts Rudy acts the beloved Sam[wise Gamgee].... oh my gosh.... *sniff sniff* (Sorry, but whoever he [I think the actor's name is Sean Astin] always makes me want to cry. Anyway.) I also love the new Persuasion movie by BBC. (With Sally Hawkins [I believe] as Anne Elliot.) Oh my word. The photography's great--I love it. (And seriously, whats-his-face is a total jerk to her in the beginning.) That movie makes me want to cry, too. (I'm starting to see a theme here... crying=loving the movie [??]).

Anyway, hope you all have a great day! :) God bless! :)

Be a hero,

P.S. Brownie points to my friend who straightened my hair the other day. YOU. ARE. AWESOME. High five, girl.


  1. Awesome, awesome, and awesome!!! LOL; sounds like a lot of good news =D The part about you being in a play especially. I'm sure you'll do great! *sigh* I've always dreamed of being in a play but I never got the chance =/ maybe some day...

    1. Thanks!! :) I'm sorry. :( Well, if we ever meet, we'll have to do some kind of play. :) ;)

  2. Guess What!? I'm excited for you in every way! Car. Brace. Play. Awesome!


  3. Cool!
    We're expecting slush soon, but I. WANT. SNOW.
    That's awesome you get to be in a play!

    1. Thanks! :)
      I hope you can some! :)
      Thank you! :)

  4. Wow. Lota information here!:) We're expecting snow tomorrow!!!

  5. That is so great! God is so amazing. I read a book by Liz Kessler! It's called the tail of emily windsnap. IT WAS SO GOOD XD

    1. Thanks! :) Oh, cool! I've heard of that:) I think my library has it...

  6. Wonderful! So happy for you and your family (about everything!)!

    Wow. You have snow already?? Good gravy!! =]


  7. Haha! Sounds awesome! That's soo cool about the play! And I can totally relate to loving having lots of emotions except for crying. I could never be in something where I have to fake crying. Like, they'd have to put shampoo in my eyes or something to get me to cry.
    Oh, and that's so great about the car and your brace!
    Snow!! I love love love that kind of snow! You seriously feel like you're in a storybook!
    Ugh, why is mac 'n' cheese so good? I love that stuff!
    Anyway, lovely post!

    1. Me too! lol :)

      Thanks!! :)

      I agree!! :)

      Yes, it's just so cheesy and gooey... :)

      Thanks, Christina:)

  8. So, you liked the new BBC Persuasion? I just read the book and liked it well enough. My sister really likes it and can't decided if she wants to see the movie or not - she doesn't like the looks of the main actress. So what I'm saying - if I'm saying anything - is: I'm glad to hear you liked it! :)

  9. I think I've watched Rudy before (or at least part of it) :) And it snowed here today :) Not much and didn't stick well, but it snowed! :)


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