What's going on before Thanksgiving...

Believe it or not, no, I'm not posting about my schedule that I told you I would be really soon. In fact, I don't even think I'm going to be posting it any time soon at all. (scary, right?) The reason? Well... I'm not going to be available to make that many posts in the next while, so I was like, "What's the point of getting my schedule out if I can't even follow it?"

This, my dear friends, is my horrible dilemma.

So, I will [hopefully] be doing the schedule sometime, but just not now. :) Eventually. I'm thinking maybe the beginning of the year? (That's sounds so scary. lol it's like that thing that I love doing on New Years... "See you next year." haha does anybody else do that? :)) Scarily enough, 2013 is actually drawing to a close. *gasp* Oh my word, I think I'm going to have a... a... um... scared attack. It seems like we just started 2013, and now another year?! My nerves can not taketh this, they cannot...! OK, OK, calm down, you can do this... (JK haha)

Ahem. Anyway.

So I finished Risked. I don't know about you guys, but I've always kind of loved learning more about Anastasia Romanov, the Russian princess. Well, that's what this book in The Missing Series (by Margaret Peterson Haddix) was about. And I found something out. (this is a *sniff sniff* moment, at least for me...) They've actually found out that all of the Romanovs died that day, unlike what I had thought until I read this book. (Apparently I haven't quite kept up with the changing times... =P) But it was really interesting. I'd really recommend it. :) (Though there's of course that middle school boy/girl thing that always happens... but yeah)

Yesterday night, my mom and I were making chocolate covered pretzels. I don't know about you guys, but I love chocolate covered pretzels. She made the brown chocolate and I made the white chocolate ones. I guess you could say that's kind of the start of our home ec class so far. :)

I have a question - has anybody ever heard of/watched an old Disney movie called Shipwrecked? We had watched it when we were really little, but we didn't remember the title of it. It was so funny, because suddenly I just thought of the word, "Shipwrecked," and I was like, "Type in Shipwrecked [into wiki]!" And guess what? That was it! So, we found it on YouTube and got to watch it for the first time in I don't know how many years. It was so funny as my mind remembered parts of it and how it all just fit together with the memories that I had of it. (That kid in it is really little, by the way. Just sayin'. I'm pretty sure I remembered him being older then that... of course, I was littler when I first saw it, so... yeah....) I'd love to know if you watch it and if you like it! :)

Have any of you heard that new song by Natalie Grant called Hurricane? I love that song - it's so beautiful. I also love Be My Rescue by Nichole Nordeman. Hurricane reminds me of a beautiful blue wave stretching up towards the sky, and like white beaches and blue skies. Kind of like the sea at the end of the third Narnia movie, the one that separates Aslan's country from Narnia. And Be My Rescue... I just love it. :) Thoughts? :)

[really random note that I should've put up by the book conversation:] I actually finished A Year Without Autumn [by Liz Kessler], and I think I might do a review on Dragonmaster about it soon. If you're interested, keep an eye out! ;)

We've been practicing for the play, and I now have all my lines down pretty well. (just a few mess ups, but nothing that'll totally ruin it. Hopefully.) So hopefully that goes well. :)

Well, I hope you're all having a great day today. As for me, I'm off to check my designing email, and then go and do my therapy. And then there's something that's happening tonight that I'm going to be doing. Have a great day! :)

Happy Early Thanksgiving!! :) God bless!! :)

Be a hero,


  1. Cool! lol, yes it does seem 2013 sped by :)

    But I guess that's how it is as you get older. Freaky. :)

  2. Yes I know- it seems like 2013 just started! Time just flies by! & yes I love reading about Anastasia & I'm actually reading a book right now about her family! It's partly fiction but so good so far =)

  3. WOW. I am overwhemled by smiley faces!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Anna :)

    Great now I'm craving chocolate covered pretzels. :P

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!! :D

    And can I just say that your blog design is rocking right now!! :D Love it! Especially love the header. <3

  6. Ooh this post just made me smiley. :) It involved chocolate covered pretzels and Disney haha I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! :)


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