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I can't believe it's already November. It seems like October was like really long and the rest of the months just sped past. Soon enough, it's going to be December, and then Christmas, and then New Years, and then... *gasp* 2014. DOES THAT JUST SOUND OLD TO ME?! OR DOES 2014 MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU'VE JUST BEEN SENT INTO THE FUTURE BY TIME TRAVEL?! OK, ANNA, YOU CAN DO THIS... breath deeply, breath deeply. DON'T. FREAK. OUT.

But seriously. Like... that's really old. (Though I do admit 2013's sounding just a tad bit old. Like there was this car commercial on the TV saying "2013 model!" and I found myself thinking, "That's like last year's... oh, wait..." *face palm*) It makes me a little freaked out. Like... I'm getting older, too. So much has happened this year that it's crazy almost. Like seriously.

I tore my ACL in March. That's when I first started to realize that big things don't just happen in books. Then I realized that that person was actually moving on. And then my dad got cancer. (I didn't do an official post about it, I don't believe, but just put it on the prayer requests.) It's... it's been hard. With my dad's cancer, our lives have kind of been thrown upside down. We've had to go to places we would've never been to if this hadn't happened, we had to have experiences that we would've never had... I even went with my parents when we were gone away from our home for a month, and suddenly I felt like what it was like to be the new girl again. It was so... strange. Everything was strange. 2013 is a year of change for me and my family.

What does 2013 signify for you?

OK, guess what. I didn't write anymore on the Unusuals, but now I know KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO NEXT!!!!!! YES!!!!! :D That's because I went back through like ALL OF THE FOUR OTHER BOOKS (no joke) to make sure that my hunch was right. (It was wrong, by the way.) So today was really a researching today, mostly. And believe me, it was FULL of laughs. =D I actually laughed out loud several times... like with D and Josh?... don't even get me started... lol :D

Guess what? I'm going to be checking out cellos in just a little bit! I'm pretty excited. If you didn't know, I got hooked on the sound of the cello from ThePianoGuys, and I just love the sound and the instrument so much. My mom loved it, too, and was really open to looking into getting a rented cello for the both of us to learn to play. We got some books and are looking around for maybe a teacher, too. (The books are self-teaching, but it's always good to have a real person who you can ask things and such.) I'm really excited about checking out the cello. I've heard that they all sound different and look different, which makes sense, and that sometimes people want prettier ones or better-sounding ones etc. I was just like, "I don't care what it looks like, I want it to sound awesome!" That's me for you... lol Anyway, I'm really excited about checking out the cellos. #excitementlevelover9000 :)

Do you play an instrument? What's your fave?

I have a question--so, has anybody else ever read the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series? I read like all of the story ones and got stuck on the first history one. =P (Seriously, owl history is boring. Sorry... No offense to the author--she's really good.) But the rest of them were pretty interesting. I haven't read them in what seems like forever. I remember that the main character was called Soren and that they always said, "Goodlight," when they went to sleep instead of "Goodnight" because, like, they're owls and so they sleep in the daytime instead of night. =P Anyway, if you have read them (or... if you haven't), did you know they made a movie?! I found out about it when it first came out, and watched it when my library got it. Seriously, I don't really remember about really anything that happens in the movie, except for the fact that they combined several books and revealed a big secret from the books.... (no spoilers here! ;)) I'm going to watch it tonight. #hopeful #hopeitsgood

Anyway, have a great day! God bless! :)

Be a hero,

P.S. My friend is awesome. She gave me some nacho cheese and chips. #yum


  1. I can play the piano, self taught. I really LOVE playing the piano. I would love to learn to play a few other instruments like the, Oboe, Clarinet, Violin, Organ, Harp, flute, and a few others.

  2. Oh my word... Can't believe 2013 is almost over... It's been a huge year for my family, more like SINCE this time last year. *sigh* I know what you mean when you say you realized big things don't just happen in books, last fall my family & I went through stuff that people told us we should write a book about, we would respond with "But no one would believe it!". It was absolutely insane, but though it was horrible , I'm thankful for that experience now, it made me stronger. Amazing what God can do <3

    Rambly comment, huh? Haha. I told you I could talk your ears off. :P

    xoxo Molly

    1. Yes, it is amazing what God can do. :)

      I loved it! :)

  3. I love November, and I am so with you, 2013 has sped by way to fast. But I am excited for 2014.

    I kind of play the violin... I took a break from lessons when a year ago, and I haven't been able to practise because my E string needs to be changed desperately. It sounds like a dying cat, I'm not even joking.

    If I ever get my violin string changed, we should form a two-piece orchestra! Your cello, and my violin! we'd be awesome! :)

    1. Agreed:)

      A dying cat...? Oh dear...

      Sweet! Oh yeah! haha :D

  4. November is my favorite month! It's so pretty with all of the beautiful colors. :) I totally agree with you, 2013 has sped by so fast. It seems like it was just New Year's and the beginning of 2013.

  5. I play the guitar but I really would love to learn violin. So, do you have a favorite song by the Piano Guys? Or is it just like every single one of their songs. is. so. freakin'. AWESOME?! :) I really like the Bourne theme...but really, they're all good. :)

    1. P.S. I just reread your post about being the new girl again and I get it this time around, I'm the new girl too now. :)

    2. Cool! I've always thought that it would be kind of fun to learn the guitar, too:) I know people who play it. :) They're just awesome, of course!!! :D haha lol I seriously love all their songs. I agree! The Bourne was really great. I was just like: *mouth drop* That... sounds like exactly like it. :D

      P.S. :)

  6. Just looking at your blog makes me want to curl up and read a book with some hot chocolate and then like write a novel. :) haha you're very inspiring. sorry for not commenting more often.

    1. Really? That's so sweet. :) Oh no, you don't have to say sorry. Thanks for commenting:)

  7. This year, or rather, this October, I got a brand new little brother. He is extra special. He is #9.
    The year has past so quickly!



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