Please just pray

I didn't even know one of them until it happened. I pretty much only knew of the other person; I'd only just seen them a few times because we did some of the same things. But I didn't know them. I didn't know either of them. I'd never said a word to them. I pretty much just know one of their families.

And now one of them's dead.

It's so horrible. I don't think they were a Christian, so I know where they are. Whenever I think about their name, it's a whole new shock - they're dead.  I just can't believe it. I didn't even really know them at all. And yet they're dead.

The other person? They're alive, but badly hurt. I heard at one point that they were paralyzed. I don't know now.

I just can't imagine the grief that the family of the one kid that died is going through. That kid was my age. It's so scary. None of us know how long we're going to be here. None of us know when it's supposed to be our time. No one knows when God's going to call us away from this world. None of us.

Please just pray for all of the families, friends, kids... everyone. Please just pray for them. This is, I believe, the third death of a kid this year. It's just so hard. I didn't really know the people who died, but I knew of them. I had seen and known of two of them before they died. And now they're gone. It's just so sad.

Please just pray.


  1. Oh I'm praying. We just don't know how precious life is and then all of sudden it's gone. Life is precious and we loose sight of that and then before we know it people we love are gone. Life is fragile; life is precious. This just reminds me that I need to cherish and love the people I love more and be kind to others and be a witness because we never know when someone might die =(

  2. :'( Will be praying. Wow. you don't realize how precious life is until it is stolen away:(

    1. Thanks, Sara. Yes, it's just so sad...

  3. Praying, I know how hard it is :(

  4. Praying! :) May God Bless whomever it is!


  5. That's terrible. I'm so sorry. Praying. <3

  6. Things like that happen so fast...that is why we need to tell others about Christ now, instead of putting it off. That is such a terrible tragity! So many non-believers die every day...this is part of the earth's terrible legacy. It's all part of the curse. Just terrible...I definatly will pray. That person's family might find something in their loved one's death...something that will change their lives. Hopefully they'll find Christ. I will continue to pray!
    Just don't forget, everything happens for a reason. Trust in God, Anna...never stop!
    Much love and prayers,

  7. Oh wow. That is so hard to deal with. About a year ago a kid that I didn't know (my brother knew him) committed suicide. He was only 14. It hit me so hard.
    I'll be praying :)

    1. Thanks for praying, Christina. <3 I know, it's so hard. So sorry. :(

  8. I've experienced the same thing... It's horrible. :(


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