beautifully ordinary, ordinarily beautiful

have you ever sometimes kind of felt like some special things are sometimes the kind of things that just seem more poetic and nothing at all like your life?

i just realized that might’ve not made any sense...

ok, redo:
have you ever felt like your life is really kind of just normal, and then there’s some things that just seem so... poetic? cool? different? in-a-book?

it’s kind of interesting, because those are some of the things that i like.

for example: i have like this image in my mind of this person - i think it was a woman (it must’ve been in a movie, what movie i have no idea...) - and they’re holding a brown paper bag of groceries, and sticking out of it is a bag of French (or Italian, or long bread, or whatever kind it was...) bread sticking out of the top.

there’s something about that, strange as it sounds, that just seems like so much in a story. i love French(etc.) bread a lot, like i almost wish i could just get French bread for like normal every day everything instead of like wheat and white bread and whatever. not only do i love it, but there’s something almost poetic about it, if you know what i mean.

or coffee and pastries. (first off, i love pastries and only souped up coffee.) but just the idea of like getting both of them from some little corner cafĂ© and walking down a cold sidewalk on a snowy day... i get this picture in my mind, and i think, “that’s just like so... beautiful.” and wonderful. and out of a book, or a photograph that you find on pinterest or something. like you’re in an adventure.

or going to a new, foreign place. the idea’s interesting, because sometimes i don’t think i’ll actually ever see the places that i always see and hear about. like i just think that it’s that place on the postcard, the thing that the encyclopedia’s talking about, the place where people in stories and movies go but i’ll never go to. but what if i did?

i suppose it’s just a point of view. i suppose some people always get only French bread, always get coffee and pastries for breakfast, and travel all around the world. but there’s just something about it that, the thought of things that you could do, the things that you want to try, have always heard about, but never done or seen... beautifully ordinary, but ordinarily beautiful. it’s not really that big of a thing, but to me, is holds a certain beauty.

what about you?

be a hero,


  1. Great post!!!!! Oh btw...I posted an interview on you 'Be Interviewed' page... :)

  2. That is so true... but it's something I often think about :)

  3. Perhaps the film is Julie & Julia? It sounds like a scene from there. I know what you mean about getting coffee and pastries from the corner cafe on a snowy day. It's such a beautiful, romanticized view of life.

  4. I know what you mean. It's very 'perfect' really !
    Eb x


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