The thing you've all been waiting for...

haha yeah, well, how about the thing that i’ve been waiting for, lol? :D (it was supposed to be this post... anyway) so, believe it nor not, i had planned to do like a new years’ post. haha silly me, right? (ANNA, IT'S JANUARY 7TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P ;D) believe it or not again, i haven’t been able to get around to it. not even a day-after-new-years recap kind of a thing. either way, i suppose it was rather good for me to have a little bit of a bloggie break. ;) so, now, we are going to have a really, really, really long recap. lol :D

ok, so, where do we start? let’s start with new years, shall we? :) so, we all decided to stay home (yes, my dad is HOME and we are so glad!!!!!! thank You, Lord!!!!!! :)) for the new years and (little strange inserted thought: “years” is no longer looking like a word to me... oh dear...) and watch movies and such which, really, is a good way to stay up until 12. (though, of course, it is always lovely to play games and such ;) but we were all pretty tired, if i remember correctly...) so we rented two movies from redbox - man of steel and monsters university (we also got epic, but we didn’t watch it that night, i’ll probably mention that later...) - and watched both of them.

just going to say - man of steel about gave me a heart attack. =P like everybody’s life was at stake, and there were all of these explosions, and people were dying, and it was just like.... “AHHHHHHH! BREATHE, MYSELF, BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” let’s just say... it was intense. and i didn’t really like any of the characters, so that didn’t help. (and Superman/Clark and Lois didn’t really know each other, and they kissed, and we were all just like, “Wha....???”) and it wasn’t like the other superman movies, but then it kind of was, and then at the end he started working at the newspaper (err, whatever it was... magazine???) place where Lois worked, but she already knew who he was, and... just going to say, i never thought in the first place that those glasses were a very good disguise, but especially not in this movie. yeah.

so, overall on that note about man of steel... not a fave. would not really want to watch it again. it’s like this meme off pinterest that says like, “I don’t always watch scary movies, but when I do, I stay up until 2 am watching Disney princess movies to calm myself down.” yeah. we quickly inserted monsters university and sucked on ice pops. =P (i think we might’ve had the ice pops before monsters university... yeah... anyway...)

as for monsters university... well... i thought it was kind of cute, and i would watch it again, but it wasn’t an immediate favorite like frozen was. :) it definitely helped us to calm down after man of steel... lol :D it was so sad like how everybody treated Mike and everything, and they really made you want to root for him. there was several twists that i wasn’t expecting, kind of like that feeling when the book goes off differently then what you thought from the book cover’s little explanation. but it was good. :)

i was hoping to get this blog design finished and up on the blog before the new years (or, i guess, kind of on new years... for the new year...), but as you can see, that didn’t quite happen. =P i was also planning on the new years post (like i said before) and then do the posting schedule that i’ve been talking about for what seems like forever now. and then i had a thought.

i seem to be able to get on and post at random times. so, though i was originally going to have like set days for everything, i was thinking that instead of like having to post on a set day and everything, that i would just try to post twice a week - not too much, not too little. (i hope, at least...) and i’ll try to spread them apart so it’s more like monday and friday, like ideas and hopes for the week and then recap or something. (i probably will not do that, but, yeah...) so, i guess that’s all i have to say on that. and as for dragonmaster and rubberboot girl? i’ll try and post when i can. ;)

i’ve been coming up with some ideas and story-hopping (randomly going through old story ideas to laugh and maybe continue them...) and i’ve again realized that i haven’t uploaded the first book about the generation gazette, the surface. because i finished it. (yes! :)) finally. lol ;D i’ve started the second one, but i haven’t gotten that far. i’ve also been working on another more emotional book (the surface is kind of one of those more serious and emotional books instead of funny) called the void (which, at least to me, isn’t as creepy as it sounds...) which is kind of interesting to write, because you can really put so much emotion into words. i’ve also uncovered a really fun, interesting, cute, kind of funny story about a girl named Janie. (i think i named it something like how i rescued a wizard and his crazy pet, though that title's not really official yet ;D) i feel like it has a lot of potential, so hopefully i won’t go and ruin it or something... lol =D i’ve also been working on several new ones, more updates on those later...

i suppose i should go and talk about epic a little bit, since i kind of hinted i would. it was really funny, because as we were watching it, i realized that the main character, MK (Mary Katherine), looks a lot like somebody we know, and i was like, “She looks like so-and-so!” and my friend agreed. so the whole time, we were like, “Oh yeah, go so-and-so!” (and then at the end when she kissed Nod - “So-and-so, you’ve gone to the dark side! NOOOOO!” or something along those lines haha ;D) it was pretty funny. :D (and yes, i liked it better then man of steel...)

well, i suppose i could on forever and ever with tales and stories and such, but i need to be off somewhere else, so i’ll have to bid ya’ll a fond farewell. ;) God bless! have a great day! :)

Be a hero,

p.s. i think i’ll kind of a do a more new yearsy post a little later... hopefully. ;) one thing that i want to do more, i think, though, is do more writings in lowercase. think that’s a good idea? :) have a great day! :) God bless! :)


  1. Huzzah! I haven't posted in a while either...
    Oh yay! I'm so glad your dad's back! I hope he's doing well!
    Yeah, Man of Steel was so-so. I enjoyed it, but didn't at the same time, y'know?
    Stories!!! I love your stories! I can't wait to read more!! I wish I would write more, but I just don't :P

  2. I. Love. This. New. Cute. DESIGN. :) :) :) :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loved Frozen. Definitely immediate fave. :)

  3. I'm not a fan of superman but, I LOVED Thor 2! Have you watched that? And Frozen. Oh, man. I cried...
    Anyway! I love your blog!


    1. Anna, my button (to "The Bibliophile") is brokie. brokan. Broken! Ya...

  4. The new blog theme is so adorable :) The pictures are especially inspirational. Sounds like you had a fun slash scary New Year's-- I watched both of those movies, and on the contrary, I actually really liked Man of Steel! So many opinions out there :) And, I think we can ALL share in on our love for Frozen! And yes, more writings in lowercase would be amazing :)

  5. GASP... I <3 YOUR DESIGN <3 <3 It's so pretty Anna! I'm glad your dad's back :) They sound like interesting movies :D

  6. Great post! I've been missing your posts so much =) I agree about Man of steel- I personally love Henry Cavil (the guy who playes superman) but to be honest man of steel was a disapointment. I just think that marvel does such a better job with super hero movies and superman was by DC comics. so yeah. Lol; I LOVE monsters university though! I thought it was so cute and hilarious. little Mike was adorable ;)

    1. And this new blog design is just so epic I can't even begin to say how great it looks! I would just love to know how you did the pictures in little squares, etc. but if you want to keep that info secret I completely understand! How do you figure out all these designing tricks though? They are just so epic =D

  7. Ahhh ! The design is so cool ! I love the rotating pictures at the top. And a very crazy post there. But why not !?
    Eb x

  8. loved your post! and your new deisgn. looks fab!

  9. I love this post! And yes--I agree with pretty much everyone I've talked to--that Man of Steel wasn't really a big hit... I wasn't that crazy about MU either, but everyone tells me thats because I haven't seen the first one... Anywho, FROZEN on the other hand, WAS SOOOOO AMAZING I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! Epic was really good too, but Frozen is my fave :) I love your new design :)
    Brooke Jordan

  10. Glad your Dad is home! And your new blog design is super pretty :)


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