It's like a fresh new start

a new year’s kind of like a fresh new start - it’s a whole new start, practically anything could happen. your slate’s wiped clean, ready to be filled up again. some people make a brand new start - new blog, new name, new url, new posts & ideas. it’s kind of fun, starting a new chapter and beginning anew without any of the old.

the 2014 year for me seems like any other. i’m excited about continuing this blog journey as i head towards two years of blogging in april. God has given me so many friends, new skills, and plans for the future through blogging, and i’m excited to see where He’s going to be taking me next, and the things that He’s going to be teaching me. so are there going to be any changes to hero, starting with this new year? i don’t really think so. but let’s go through a little q&a.

q: are you planning on changing the blog name, url, or something else drastic this year?

a: i’m certainly not planning on it, but i can’t say for certain. but if i have any choice or plan as of right on, the answer would be no. (unless, for some reason, i decided to buy a .com. but i’m pretty sure that’s redirect to .com, so i don’t think it would be really drastic.)

q: can we expect new kinds of posts from you?

a: well, i’m kind of hoping to maybe incorporate a quiz sometime, because quizzes are always tons of fun. i always love taking quizzes, and they’re fun to set up, too, if you have the time. :) otherwise, i’m pretty sure it might just be the same as always. (i’m also thinking about maybe switching the stories on here, the continuing ones like Arawyn, Wyn, etc. over to dragonmaster. any thoughts?)

q: are you still going to be offering free blog designs throughout the 2014 year?

a: as far as i know right now, yes.

q: any other curveballs we should be waiting for?

a: lol not as far as i know. :)

there’s been a lot of things that are exciting about 2013 in the blogger world, and i would say that one of the climaxes of that, for me, was revealing my real name, back in august. (other then changing this blog’s name, but i think the bigger climax for me was writing my name out. just getting to write it. to say it. my name is anna.)

i wrote a post awhile back on dragonmaster, i believe it was, about this one story that i just couldn’t figure out how to write it. it was supposed to be kind of like some kind of Irish/Scottish [i think] kind of like magic story. well, i actually kind of figured out part of it. i’m in the slow stage where i don’t feel like writing on it, but i’ve got ideas. and i’ve got a name. and i’ve got a face. and for now, that’s a good start. :)

i know this is rather random, but i think, one day, i want to travel around the world some. not a lot - like i don’t want to have to visit everywhere. just a few places. i want to live for awhile somewhere else then where i do now. i want to experience other things. it’s kind of an interesting thing, when you think of your future as just something big and open, where anything and everything could happen. i usually don’t like thinking about the future - it involves getting older and everything changing. but, sometimes, i get this glimpse of the greatness that the future God’s set out for me could hold for me. and it makes me almost... excited. have you ever felt like that?

have a great day, and God bless you all! :)

be a hero,


  1. Hello Anna! Last night, at my church's religious education class, my group went into our church in the dark and we did an amazing thing. First, you close your eyes (and it has to be somewhere quiet) (if there is a question, let the answer pop into your head) and imagine this in your head:
    Imagine that you are walking along a dirt road on the outskirts of a forest. You are safe and content, but you feel something nagging at you to go into the forest. So you turn and walk along the path in the forest. All around you are people from your past and present, minding their on business and doing their own things. Then someone that means a lot to you comes up to you and gives you something, and telling you something important. What does this person give you? What does this person tell you? You thank that person and go on. Then you go into a cave, and an old, wise, lady is there. The woman smiles and says you will talk to God tonight. Than she gives you something and leaves you. What does she give you? You look at the two presents you received and enjoy the silence.

    (Sit in silence for a little bit)

    Than you leave the cave and back out of the forest and down the dirt road again.

    I imagined that my friend gave me a rock (?) and told me to go on. I imagined the old lady to have long, glowing, white hair and that she gave me a rosary. In the silence, I saw a picture of Jesus Christ carrying the Cross and crying out in pain, than him dying on the cross. Below it said "You are saved." It was amazing. God truly talks to you in this should try it.


    1. ♥♥Claire (I found out how to do hearts on your keyboard!♥

  2. Love this post, Anna :) <3 I hope you have a splendid new year.

    I worry about the future all the time. It's one of my biggest struggles, worrying. But just don't worry, dear. Your future will worry about itself, you just need to trust God, and live the present to the fullest. :)


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