Alone in a Sea of People

I'll be in an entire room full of people. We’ll be laughing and smiling. I’ll make a joke, people will laugh. Someone will say something, we’ll all smile. We talk and chat and everything seems perfect... or does it? There’s something different. Something I notice. Some people will break off, and they’ll go off with each other to go and talk away from the group. They always go back to that person, and tell them what’s going on and everything that’s happening.

Because they’re their best friend.

I can be in a room full of good friends, people I know, etc., and yet I can just feel like I’m all alone. I can be in a sea of people who know my name and yet I feel as if none of them know who I truly am. I can be friends with so many people, and still feel like a complete stranger; an outsider.
when someone becomes your best friend, suddenly you’re not alone
There’s always One who walks along with us, but sometimes we need an earthly person to pour out our heart to.
*Partly fictional. I yearn for an earthly best friend, but I’m not quite a stranger...


  1. Ugh, I know exactly what you're describing! And then you're just stuck clinging to that one person that you kind of connected with but you feel awkward 'cause you don't know the other people and they all have their own jokes, and you really, really hope that they don't mind you hanging around them etc. :P
    I hope you find a bestie!

  2. Yes, that is me most of the time. I now have a best friend, but before that I didn't have the courage to talk to anybody, and I am still like that. But I have some really good older friends, so they are a lot easier to talk to. But I still find myself at the edge of the group... Hope you find a best friend!!!


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