Back to the Stone Age [hardly]

Yes, I'm exaggerating a bit. =P (I tend to do that quite often. A rather bad habit of mine. But I'm catching it more often now. So that's good.) So, guess what? Our kitchen sink is leaking. Like big time-o baddo. As in we had to order a new one. Soooo... the old one's out of commission. Which means we have to haul water from the laundry room tub sink and pour it into the kitchen sink.

I don't know how many times in the past few days I keep on reaching for the handle of the sink in the kitchen to turn it on for a drink of water and then saw it wasn't there. I'm seriously starting to think that I took our poor old sink for granted...

Hauling the water's not as bad as it sounds. It's just kind of funny because I'd never thought I'd be doing that, you know? I'd never really thought about our sink going out... until... it did... anyway....

It reminded me of the pioneer days when they all had to haul all of that water for washing and everything. OH. MY. WORD. I seriously seriously SERIOUSLY think that we just often take for granted the modern conveniences that we have. Like SERIOUSLY.

(I'll save you from hearing me say "seriously" again in the same paragraph. :D)


I feel like lately I haven't been talking to you guys like I normally do, you know? Well, I mean, kind of. I feel like I haven't just been... I don't know. It's kind of confusing. I haven't felt like my normal bloggie self. Sorry if I've been really boring or something. =P That short story that I did like two posts back just made me realize how much I miss doing short stories. I think I want to bring those back. AND QUIZZES. I MUST BRING THOSE BACK. (Just because I like taking them and I know you guys have liked them in the past. :))

I feel like lately I've been mostly talking about just the huge conflict in my feelings and everything. And, really, that's been my life lately. (Rather crazy.) But I think I'm wanting to be more positive. I mean, like at least on here. I don't know. Like just be my crazy self. (Yes, it has been stashed away for awhile. My more serious self was hoping it was gone for forever. JK) And use caps when I'm really excited. And use a million exclamation points. And do smileys and all sorts of crazy stuff. Because, really, that's what I'm more like if you know me. (At least, that's what I get from myself.... anyway)

I'd love to hear what's happening in your life. Like I don't care... leave me a link to your post or something. Pour out what's going on. Give me something to put on the prayer list. Whatever you want to do, I would love. Because I really love connecting with you guys. I love hearing about your lives and what God's doing. Because that's just amazing.

I'm off rambling again. Well, I do ramble a lot. At least my thoughts ramble a lot. I'm serious. And when I talk to myself...? Don't even get me started. lol

Anyway, hope you guys all have a great day and God bless! :)

Be a hero,


  1. Hurrah! Bouncy rambly Anna Storyteller is back! I love rambly posts, I write 'em all the time ;)
    I would love to take your quizzes! They were before my bloggy time, so I missed out :P
    If you want to know about me, well, I could talk for ages about myself (its terrible, I love talking about myself hehe) but just check out my blog! You already follow it anyway :)
    See ya' (okay, well not really but, y'know..)
    Oh and I love all of your stories, so any writing is welcome!!
    Okay, I'm done for realsies :)

    1. Phsyche! I actually wasn't finished lol.
      I know exactly what you mean with the sink! Mom was working on repainting our kitchen cabinets this summer, but she hasn't finished, so many of our cabinets and drawers are without handles. Countless are the times that I have tried to close a door that was not there (the doors are gone too :p)
      And yes! We take so much for granted. I feel like a freak when I can't handle the Internet being down for a mere four hours! It's ridiculous!
      Okay, bye :D

    2. haha :) I do love rambly posts... it always gives a view into that person's life better, really. :)

      OK, awesome:) lol yeah =P I kind of stopped doing them when I couldn't think of which of my stories to base them on... but why not do other stories and like movies, too? ;)

      Thanks! :)

      Oh, wow, yeah...

  2. Yay!!! I had been almost a little intimidated by the seriousness of all your posts lately, I've read your old ones and they were all so much more carefree and fun to read and feel like you were connecting with the person writing it. I adore the serious posts as well, but I'm glad your back to the fun :)
    Oh my word, we definitely take SO much for granted. When I was in Uganda we did things quite a bit more low-tech, like hot showers? Ha. Shower at all? Yep, we took bucket baths with a little spicket about three feet off the ground. That would be the one thing I don't especially miss about Uganda. The ONE thing. Just for clarification :P
    Oh my, you want to talk to me? Girl, I could talk your ears off, you sure you want that? XD


    1. Oh, sorry... I've just been in an interesting phase of my life. It's so much better to be free, though, and allowed to be happy. :)

      Oh, wow! lol that would be hard.

      Yes, I'd love to have my ears talked off! :D haha

  3. happy to oblige, I've been enjoying this very lovely fall tide :) all the gorgeous leaves and everything plus all the fun shopping you get to do!
    Like pants, sweaters, ect... :) the pumpkin spiced latte's and the chilled nights with a blanket and a good book. The times with my sisters
    and mom. Plus I'm actually waiting for the FedEx guy to bring my package and it's driving me crazy especially since I know he came yesterday and I wasn't awake so away he went with my package and a piece of paper on the door saying he would be back....back later...nooooooo now I have to wait for him! dun dun duuuuuuuun (okay I'm being way to dramatic about this) but sadly I'm not a super patient person. I've also been enjoying Ani's piano compositions she recently wrote a song called "Moving Away" I love it so much but she won't let me post it on my blog :( Anyways that's a look into my life.

    1. Yes, fall is so beautiful. <3 Oh my goodness, I hate it when that happens! I hope you get your package soon! :)

  4. Well this is the ol' Storyteller I remember!:) And right now I'm tired and sniffy and cranky so I don't know what to say... but I'm glad yourself is back!

    PS: Please write a tutorial on your new blog designs!!!

    1. Oh goodness, hope you get better!

      On my whole blog designs? lol that'd take awhile. :) But I'm wanting to do tutorials on at least part of them soon. ;)


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