Lazy Saturday

Believe it or not, the username for pinterest "beahero" is already taken. *gasp* As you can imagine, I'm in a little of a dilemma. So what on earth should I name it? (don't freak out, "lazy saturday" wasn't my idea. :D In fact, I don't have one, other then the other ones I mentioned, which I'm not really liking right now...) Hmm... what about "mythoughtsarestars"? (from the John Green quote on my "about" page...) Or something else. Any ideas? (I might simply change it to imanna if we can't come up with anything...)

Today's one of those nice days--dumpier clothes, no really high exceptions, a little bit of cleaning, fine times with family, snow drifted up high on the ground. It's one of those lazy Saturdays that I love. No school, no therapy. Just a nice day to snuggle up with a book and a cup of tea and let the story unfold. To sit down at the computer and write the story you've been itching to write all week but didn't have the time. It's one of those days. I love those days.

It's a jeans and sweatshirt day. A messy bun and headband day. A day to wash the dishes and clean the house and read a book. A day to forget all of the really hard mental work that you've gone through during the week and just have a break.

Today's the kind of day that I love.

What kind of days do you love?


  1. Mmmm...those days are lovely. I love those days, and the days that everyone is at home and we're all doing stuff outside, not especially together, but just everyone is outside and having a good time. Or those days where it's crispy autumn and Dad's watching football, the boys are playing with the neighbors, I'm sewing, and we're all doing our separate things, but somehow we're together! Hehe, I love lots of days :)

    1. Those sound like lovely days. :)

  2. OH MY! luv your blog design. So cute! =D

    Hey, about the profile pics for Generation Gazette ... would be ABSOLUTELY happy to do them for you. Will get them done ASAP, and will post them on my "artsy" blog.
    Would you like me to e-mail them to you as well?!?!?!

    God BLess,

    1. Thanks so much!! :)

      That is AWESOME. :) Okey dokey. Here was what I was thinking:

      Danielle: So I was thinking she'd be like one of those cute, ponytail characters. :)
      Beatle: A little chubby with glasses, but nice looking.
      Kianna: Pretty and sweet.
      Sierra: Pretty and and like a kind of a quick look about her. (Kind of sharp, I guess.)
      The Secret Informant: Just a shadowed picture of someone...
      Google: Somebody taking a photograph.
      Paddy: OK, so, in my story, he's kind of a silly character--sticking up blonde hair and braces. :)

      Thanks so much! :)

  3. I, too, love lazy sorts of days, days to listen to the rain and music, fold clothing, imagine & dream. :) I like both your ideas for pintrest names.

  4. Yep I know those days, in fact for me that's pretty much every week day. Since I'm never really busy
    in the fall the way I am in Summer...not to mention the fact that everything just feels so much more
    peaceful, actually that peaceful got me was too peaceful...and it meant tornado, no we were okay
    not hit by it, the tornado's passed right by us thank goodness but I heard another town got hit quite hard by it
    I think we should pray for those people.

    On a more happy note I'm going to wedding today, one of the sweetest girls I know is getting married and I'm so excited :D
    Your Friend

    1. My falls are always busy... actually it seems like my life lately is just busy. =P

      Congrats! :)

  5. I love lazy days. :)
    And I also like "mythoughtsarestars" :D

  6. Yeah, I really like those days :)

  7. When I first heard that beahero was already taken I was like, Oh No. A
    At first I wasn't going to say anything but then I thought about a blog post you did once, not sure which though, but anyway I though maybe flyingfree would be nice. Maybe?

    1. I think it was letyourfearflyfree, mostly because I have a lot of fear but with God, I'm learning to let it fly free. :)

  8. Well, you pretty much described my favorite kind of day. ;)

  9. Lazy Saturdays are my kind of days... :)

  10. oh, lazy saturdays are the bestestest (which means best of the bestest, in case you were wondering). and i just want to tell you i'm very encouraged by the prayer request text on your sidebar. it's so nice to see your desire to pray your (virtual) friends (:


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