I love neon yellow!!!!!

No joke.

Anyway, so this post isn't about neon yellow.

(though it's totally awesome, so maybe I really should devote a whole post to it....)

But anyway, the reason I did that is because it's the first thing that popped into my head and, yes, I'm going to be talking about something that's neon yellow.

(whoot whoot)

Anyway, so, today I went in for my first day of therapy. Yippee!! Apparently I'm totally wimpy (haha) and I need to work really hard to get strengthened, and of course we're still hoping that I won't need surgery. (though I haven't been praying that, because I mean, really, what if that's what I need? Mostly I've been praying that God will just have me do what's best for me.)

Anyway, so today I also got to get fitted for a brace.


I thought I was going to get one of those black ones, so I wasn't really thinking about it much. Then the guy goes and asks me, "What color do you want?" And then he starts listing off all of these really dull colors, and maybe a few I might've picked, and the thought went through my brain--"what on earth am I going to pick?"

And that's when I heard it.

"...neon yellow..."

"Neon yellow," I said immediately.

"Are you sure?" he asked in surprise.

"Yeah," I laughed. "I know, I'm crazy. I just love it."

So now I'm getting a neon yellow brace. YAY!!!!!!! =D haha Yes, I love that color. It was pretty much a done deal when I heard about it.

Thanks soooo much for all of the prayers, you guys. :) You have definitely made this not as bad as it would have been. I would love it if you would continue to pray for me as I go through therapy, get my awesome neon yellow brace, and go back to consult the doctor in a few weeks.

Who knows?

Maybe I'll be totally healed. ;)

God bless and have a great day!!! :)


  1. Yes, I will def. still be praying for you=) and I LOVE NEON YELLOW TOO! I mean I love anything neon, but neon green & yellow are for sure my fav.:)

    1. Thanks, Britt. :) YES!! GO NEON!! =D

  2. Awesome:-D I love it when people have your favorite color:-D I hope you leg feels better:-D


    1. Thanks!! I know. It's so awesome. :)

  3. I LOVE NEON COLORS:D I guess we're both weird like that! :D I loved this post I'll be praying for you! <3 -Becca

  4. Ha you and me, we're so alike it's amazing (except for the skiing and having a few broken bones, just sprains on my side here) anyways I love neon yellow it's super close to greenish yellow in my favorite colors oh, and I'm going to be redecorating my room this summer sooooo excited though right now my rooms a mess of different colors I finally decided what I want haha pale rose pink and that oh so beloved greenish yellow. Kind of like a yellowing avocado look.
    Your Friend

    1. Well, I didn't break anything, just tore my ACL. =D I'm sure whatever you do with your room, it'll look awesome. ;) I like neon green, too!! =D


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