Rain thunders, falls,
Sprites come, calls,
Derry's eyes are bright,
Moon, what a sight!
Green grass sparkles,
All around me,
I start, turn around,
Moon I see.
Grinning at me,
From across the glade,
Neighing softly,
Follow him, he bade.
Across the land of Chronicles,
We rode as one,
Faster than lightning,
Towards the sun.
I closed my eyes,
Feeling a surprise,
I wave to the Jiggler,
Waved to the hobfairy,
Moon pulled to a stop,
And there was Derry.
We laughed together,
Ran and played,
As for Chronicles...
Forever I've stayed.


*inspired by my story about Heidi Smith


  1. Replies
    1. I love this book, too! It's one of my favorites, and one of the first ones I originally started. Thanks for commenting!


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