You feel as if you are flying,
Sprouting wings, soaring into the sky,
You wish you could go,
Oh, how you wish so,
But we've got to stay, you and I.

You feel as if you are falling,
Falling from safety, down in the hole.
You wish you could leave,
Oh, how you heave,
But your sane mind your dream stole.

You feel as if you are amazing,
Standing there, waving hello,
You feel so grand,
Proudly you stand,
And off on your way you go.

You feel as if you are nothing,
Just sitting in a clump of dirt,
You're so alone,
You sit and groan,
And you can't help but feel hurt.

You know that you are being chased,
Your heart pumps hard inside,
Eyes fly open wide,
You're not outside,
Out of dreams you'll abide.



be nice ∞ be kind ∞ be a hero

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