The Race

Tension fills your body,
Running through your veins,
Your legs start to tense up,
Up your hip shoots pain.
You push down the pain,
Waiting for the starting shot.
Hoping, always hoping,
Hoping you'll not be caught.
The spark of power and noise,
And we take off, down the path,
I knew that it was going to hurt,
To know that you don't need math.
Times seems to go slow-motion,
As you race out of your heart,
Hoping, always hoping,
To finish the race you start.
Your legs are starting to burn,
Soon they'll burst into fire,
You have to keep on going,
Your situations turing dire.
Now your legs are on fire,
Burning up your leg.
You look up at God,
And can't help but beg.
"Let me finish this race,"
I whisper with closed eyes.
"Please let me finish--
Give them a surprise."
Though your legs are burned,
Feeling dead and scarred,
Put you try to push through it,
Feeling worn and marred. 
Now your legs burn fiery,
A scream comes up your throat,
But instead comes a song,
A lone, beautiful note.
And you have the power--
The power to go on.
You cross the stream,
Up the hill you're upon.
And then there it is--
The ending place,
You keep on going,
Your friends you'll face.
And then you're there,
Running across the line,
And deep down inside,
You know you're fine.
And everybody's there,
Cheering out their heart.
And then you see your friend,
Jesus, who from you is never apart.


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