Have you ever heard of the game "Signs"? (this is for you, Otter Days :-D) It's kind of like Pass-the-Quarter, if you've ever played that game. There's a person in the middle, who closes their eyes. People are situated in a circle around the person in the middle. Everybody has a deferent sign like a thumps-up, or something like that (the signs can get really random). When the sign has been "passed", an action completed by the person have "it", or Herbert, and passing it to another person by doing the other person's sign. The person receives it by doing their own sign back (example: Jackie has Herbert. Carrie is on the other side of the circle. Jackie does Carrie's sign, a thumps-up, but Carrie doesn't see it. Jackie does it again, and Carrie finally sees it. Carrie does her own sign, thumps-up, again to receive it from Jackie. Now Jackie no longer has the sign and Carrie does. Carrie must repeat the process). The person in the middle is trying to find the sign by intercepting it between one of the passing cycles (example: Jackie is about to pass it to Carrie. The person in the middle, Mike, sees Jackie starting to raise her hand and asks her, "Do you have it?" Jackie tries to pass it, but Mike adds, "1,2,3!", finalizing that she has to answer, and truthfully. Jackie admits that she has the sign. Mike takes her seat and Jackie goes into the middle). This game can go on for about forever and doesn't have a real ending. It can also be made harder by everybody changing seats (neither Jackie or Carrie have the sign, but they're trying to distract Mike, who's looking right at Patrick, who has Herbert. Jackie and Carrie switch seats, Mike turns to look, and Patrick passes it quickly. Herbert has been saved from discovery). It's a great game to play with a big group of friends!


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    1. Have you played it before? I don't remember. Thanks for commenting!


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