Hey, everybody!

So life's going great! I've been teaching my mom piano (as of yesterday night) and now she's really excited to keep on going!! It's been really fun for me!! So, just to say, I've got this really good new idea for a story!! It kind of has the Sky Ship idea, like in my poem and drawing. So it's kind of about this little brownie named Nicole, who lives in the Brownie Forest where Everlasting Torches burn forever. Anyway, so I haven't really gotten it all done right now, but that's kind of the setting so far!!! Writing tip of the day--when you write a story, it's okay to use things from around you, like people or places. Though a really good thing to do is change it slightly, so it's not just like you're writing a documentary! Hope that was helpful for you all who might want to be become writers some day!
   Hope you're having a great summer day. =^) 


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