I'll Be Seeing You Soon

Stars flying wildly across the sky,
Midnight dark between you and I, 
Moonlight sheds light on the sea,
Standing right between you and me,
A star may fly wildly off its course,
But still it's flying towards the moon,
I'm coming, from across the big sea,
Coming--coming very, very soon.
Don't forget, don't run away,
So watch for me, every day,
Look out for my ship, my flying ship,
And maybe with you I'll stay.
Remember I'm coming,
Stars flying on my tail,
Looking for my ship,
With blue shining sail.
Look out across the sea,
Look out across the moonlight,
Soon you'll see me--
Oh, what a sight!
Sails flying high,
Up way in the sky,
Sails shining blue,
Just for me and you.
Shining from a moon from another place,
Shining as if from fairy lace,
Shining form the Blue Moon,
I'll be seeing you very, very soon.


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