Land of the Blue Moon

Unicorns whinny and neigh,
Lonely, as if to say,
"Where is my master,
My lady fay?" 
Fairy eyes turned,
Everlasting burned,
The torches flickering,
Faeries bickering.
There is a legend,
Of a brownie young,
Of a Sky Ship,
The masts unstrung.
The land of Blue Moon,
They're coming soon,
Fairy weapons gleam,
Upon the silver seam,
The dwarf's treasure,
That lasts forever,
Fairy queen divine,
Declaring what's mine,
The brownie's quest,
She'll fight, lest,
The kingdom subdued,
An elf-prince shrewd,
And a fairy warrior,
A young dwarf lawyer,
A brownie small,
But that's not all.
And through the sky,
They'll glide along,
Just you and I, 
Singing this song.


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