dreams don't fade

we have lied
oh, so often
"that's not my dream anymore"

don't do that. don't throw it away. we all know what we feel. we all know our dreams and desires. we all know that one little wish tugging on our heart when we're alone and hoping no one hears. we stand in the dark and whisper

"i wish"
"i still wish it"

dreams don't fade.
they don't go away.
they go with us.
our dreams change.
our dreams happen.

but it is a very rare thing when we find a dream that wasn't a good dream at all. in that way, it fades a little. it flies away quietly, but sometimes it still nags at us. sometimes you might think about it, but not as a dream anymore. just as a little flyaway, wishful thought; maybe a little whisper, "I wonder what would have happened if...?"

that's okay.
that's alright.
dreams don't totally fade.

but there are sometimes that we just have to accept that that one dream won't ever come true.

so let's trust. <3
there is One who knows all dreams, desires, and thoughts.
He knows what's best.
let's trust. <3

be a hero,


  1. Beautiful. Lovely. Perfect. Thank you.

  2. wow. this is absolutely lovely and perfect. thank you. :)
    xx, Bailey

    1. Thank you so much, Bailey. <3 You're welcome. :)

  3. you were awarded! http://achirographicmind.blogspot.com/2013/09/liebster-award.html :)


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