I Smelled the Sage \\ and told you some things

I stepped outside of the house, feeling glad to be home again. My feet took me away and down the path. I paused, taking in the deep scent of the early morning air. The sun had just barely come above the horizon, painting everything in a beautiful, soft glow. The ground looked wet from the rain the night before. I took in a deep breath--sage. I loved that smell. So fresh. So spring. I smiled. It was good to be home.

I know I said I wouldn't have that much time to post, but apparently I have some time on my hands. (how strange... this seems to always happen, doesn't it? Ah, well...)

what i've been loving
 1) Mandisa's new song, Overcomer! Oh my word, LOVE. THIS. SONG. SO. MUCH!! Anybody else with me?! The words are amazing, and it's so catchy. :)
2)  Reading my old stories. Oh, goodness, younger Anna, you have a very strange sense of humor that never fails to make me laugh... :D
3) Seeing my cat again. I missed you, beautiful-Serena-who-looks-like-Toothless-the-dragon-except-you're-a-cat. :)
4) New blog design ideas. Whoohoo! And awesome new customers who want blog designs. :)
5) Finding my story I wrote about my stuffed animal rabbit when I was like nine/ten after having thought it was lost forever and laughing at the drawings. ;D

1) You guys. Of course. :)
2) Books. We haven't gone to the library lately. =P
3) Friends, most indefinitely.
4) Christmas!! PLEASE COME FAST. (read below one for reason why)
5) And snow. Miss you too. :)

embarrassed because
1) I got tagged in a rather not the best picture of me. =P

feeling sad because
No reason, really. haha :D Just because my friends are gone...

wishing for my birthday
1) Tangled. (YES. <3)
2) Another movie that I can't think of right now but is AMAZING. ;D
Aaaaaaand, that's about it, because I usually can never think of things I want for my birthday. =P

What're you loving/missing/embarrassed because/feeling sad because/wishing for your birthday?

be a hero,


  1. When ever some one asks me what I want for my birthday I always am like,"um...I don't know." No one is really impressed with my answer. :D
    I am feeling pretty exited today because a friend of ours is having a baby today! My whole family is waiting in suspense!!!

  2. Same problem about birthdays for me too! Mine is in a few weeks and I have no idea what I want!

  3. Do you like "The Game Plan"? It is sooooo funny!

  4. YES!!! I love that song!! Lol, fully enjoyed reading this post. :)
    And I too can never think of what I want for my birthday. More time lol. ;)

  5. Ah I loved reading this post! :D

    What I'm loving: Matt Maher's CD "All The People Said Amen", and the fact that my hair didn't get messed up when I played soccer before youth group last night. XD
    What I'm missing: uuhhh two of my best friends. Livy and Vannah. and you. aaand...summer. :(
    embarrassed because: I kicked the air twice last night while playing soccer and everyone saw. XD There's a reason I never played on sports teams. :p
    feeling sad because: I'm having a book hangover. XD I read Divergent and Matched and am waiting for Insurgent and Crossed to be ready at the library. It's just so. hard. to. wait!!! :P
    wishing for your birthday: so...my birthday is like 8 months away, buuuut ;) The Princess Diaries...I love that movie. :D

    This could've been a post. :p haha

  6. Haha, I loved reading this. :D Yes, I LOVE her song Overcomer! I can't stop singing it! :D


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