New Blog Design Winner + Design&Blogger Updates

Hey! :)

So, I redrew for the blog design by me, Let's Go Somewhere, including the people who wanted it in the previous giveaway and didn't win anything and the new people who entered. And guess who won?!

Jessie! :)

Please contact me immediately to get your design put up! :)

If for some reason there was another error and you didn't want it, please tell me right away so that I can pick a new winner.

OK, so, I'm going to be going into a time where I won't be able to post/comment/etc. as much as I usually do. (*sadness*) I'm trying to schedule some posts for the next month or so, so you won't totally be alone, but I admit they might be a little scattered. Also, if you have a blog design that we're in the middle of and we're waiting on something, please contact me immediately so that we can fix up your blog, as I probably won't be able to design anything throughout the whole month of September and possibly into October. (actually, not possibly, positively. But definitely not for all of October. Hopefully. <3)

I will be available the rest of today (most likely, once I check my design email) and tomorrow. I might be available a little bit of Thursday, but after that I'm not sure if I'll be able to design at all. This might sound sad (I don't know if you do), but for me, this is a little sad. I love designing blogs, so whenever somebody lets me design, it's like they're doing a favor for me. :) I also love it how every time I design for somebody, we seem to get to know the other better. Love that. <3 You guys are the greatest friends. <3

And that also comes down to: if I don't comment on your blog for all of September and into October, I DO NOT HATE YOU OR WANT TO IGNORE YOU. In fact, I have a hard time keeping up with your awesomeness every time you guys post. =P So you know what I would love? Every time you post, you imagine a little, "I. LOVE. THIS. POST!!!! <3" from me on there. :) That would be awesome, and believe me, I wish I could put that on there. (because you guys ALL write amazing posts all the time)

Also, if I'm not replying to your comments on here, that's also why.

I can't wait to come back!

God bless all you guys. <3

Be a hero,

P.S. If you'd pray for me to be more like God and for my dad and his cancer, I would be eternally grateful. <3


  1. Yay!!! Thanks so much! :D I'll email you right away!


  2. Praying! Will miss your frequent posting.

  3. I'll be praying for you, and I understand why these changes need to happen. :)
    Sarah :)

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah. <3 *hug back* :)


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