why were we in such a rush to grow up?

why were we in such a rush to grow up? why couldn't we just slow down and see how much we were blessed in the way of innocent childhood? why couldn't we have enjoyed the blissful days of beautiful ecstasy? maybe it was because we did not know how we would be plunged into the darkness of the world. maybe it was because we wanted to be like the others we considered our idols and role models and the people who we wanted to be. maybe it was because we saw this dark world as a place full of light, when we were so blind in it all. i don't know. i do know that we all have to grow up. i know that even with the innocence, there can be sin. i know that there are some things that we need to know, even if we would rather not. i know that through knowing, we can save ourselves so much pain. i know that we can attain knowledge that our young minds could not even have begun to comprehend. i know that when we get older, there is a certain bliss of knowing that we are closer to the One who created us, and closer to seeing Him one day soon. i know that when we get older, slowly the pain of growing up wears off, and slowly we realize that this was for the better.

i know it's hard, but we all have to grow up. <3

be a hero,


  1. I awarded you with the Liebster award on my blog! :)



  2. Hmmm...very true. I actually never suffered from the wanna-be disease, I wanted to be a child as long as possible. :P I thought that adults didn't have any fun at all, but it turns out that you don't really mind not doing those things that used to make you happy. :)

  3. oh, darlin', don't you ever grow up. don't you ever grow up. still be little. . . .

    Your words are beautiful and capture my feelings exactly. Why did we think that being older would give us more freedom? Why didn't we want to stay children with the innocence and virtues we had?

  4. You have a beautiful heart and a great way of expressing yourself! Keep sharing!

  5. That is so true. I feel that way at times.
    Thanks for sharing.


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