Kayleigh's Poem

A tinkle, a laugh, they haunt you as you go,
You see the bracelet, oh how you wish so,
You wonder what'll happen, if your do what she said,
Will everything be fine? Or will you turn up dead?
"Take each charm," she'd whispered,
"And place it in its spot.
"I won't be here forever, Kayleigh,
But I love you a lot."
And then, just like that, she's gone,
Off in the world of the dead,
And even though she's gone,
I can hear the words she said.
What will happen, if I do it,
Will stone dragons flame my things?
If I looked closely at butterflies,
Will they be fairies who sing?
Will the griffins wink at me,
Or will they come alive?
Will the bees just stay put,
Or will they leave the hive?
What will happen, I ask you now,
But you don't have to reply,
Because I think I know it,
But don't ask me why.
I think I've found another world,
That's found through the charms,
The world can be rather scary,
It could full you full of alarm.
But still there's a promise,
And that's what my mother said,
That even though she's away now,
There's she's as alive as dead.


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