The Continuing Story--what'll be next?

I opened my eyes and glanced around. I had no idea where I was; or who I was, for that matter. My head whipped around at a noise from behind, sending my long brown hair flying.
  "Who's there?" I demanded.
   At just that moment...

Okay, so here's the deal. This is a continuing story. Please comment to continue the story. (example: there was the excerpt above, and on the comment a person would put "... an ugly flying snail burst through the door!"). Just anything silly that comes up to your mind! 

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  1. A giant shadow flew over me and I realized that it was my pet pterodactyl! How I could remember that I wasn't sure, but maybe I was dreaming or something, because it disappeared really fast. I got up and looked around to see if I could find what had made the noise. The trees were a short distance away, and I stepped toward them carefully. The shade of the trees was a welcome relief from the heat out on the plain. I was just halfway relaxed (i mean, who can relax when you can't remember who you are) when someone grabbed me from behind! I screamed once before a strong hand clapped over my mouth and a deep voice said:

    1. Sorry. my name is Piano Bookworm

    2. "Don't move, or you're dead."
      I felt sharp, cold metal pressing against my neck and stiffened. I managed to glance at behind me out of the corner of my eye. I only saw my only reflection in the person's shield that was strapped to their back--I looked terrified.
      "It's OK," I thought to myself, "you're going to be fine."
      "Now," started the voice, "go over there and..."
      I pulled myself out of the grasp, whirled around, and punched the person in the face. The person fell to the ground, though I couldn't see the person's face because of a face mask. I paused, and then walked over and tore it off. I gasped. To my surprise, it was...

    3. My brother that I hadn't seen for years! I jumped back in astonishment, and he got up, grinning sheepishly. "Boy, you sure have gotten better at fighting, Lendra," he said. "I thought I'd play a little joke on you, and here you are felling me! It's good to see you again, little sis."

      I couldn't do anything but stare. Oh, by the way, I had remembered who I was and what had happened. "Lander, you've got to help me," I cried. "Someone came and they were trying to burn the cottage! I was running away to get help, but I think I tripped over something and hit my head and...

    4. But all of a sudden his smile twisted. And I knew that it really wasn't Lander. Lander never did a smile like that. I looked at him carefully. He had a healed scar that ran down from his eye to his jaw. I knew that Lander didn't have any such scar, and the scar looked old--really old. "I, uh..." I trailed off.
      "Something wrong, sis?" the impostor asked, tilting his head.
      I gulped. "Yeah." My head felt heavy, as if all I'd just told Lander really wasn't true...
      "Lendra?" the impostor was waving his hand in front of my face. "You all right?"
      "You're not my brother!" I screamed in his face.
      His face hardened. Then he grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder, me screaming the whole time. At just that moment...

    5. ... an arrow zipped through the air!

      (change perspectives...)

      My arrow hit the man right on the arm. He grunted and dropped the girl with a "thump!" I quickly rushed over, my skirt swishing around my legs as I kneeled down beside her.
      "Are you all right?" I asked breathlessly, pushing my curly brown hair out of my face.
      Her blue eyes shone with fear, and she was trembling terribly. I quickly put my bow back on my back and retrieved my arrow from the man's arm, thrusting it back into my quiver. I drew my sword out of my scabbard and walked over to the man. I knew him all too well.
      "Jess..." he groaned.
      "Seth," I growled, "you have strayed far from the path of the good."
      Seth's eyes flickered, and then...

    6. pianist bookwormJune 25, 2012 at 3:20 PM

      -they closed. The girl I had rescued got up slowly. "Is he alright?"
      I looked at him. "Oh, he'll be alright. He just fainted because of shock. Good thing I saw you. How did he catch you?"
      The girl bit her lip. "I thought he was my brother, Lander, who I haven't seen for three years. Do you know who this person is?"
      "Yes," I replied grimly. "He is..."

    7. "...lost in the Swamps of Derindart, where all evil resides."

      Horror showed on the girl's face. I sighed.

      "You will need a very special guardian to lead you there. Her name is Erica, and she can be found in Pixie Hollow..."

    8. "I will go!" the girl declared, getting to her feet. "But first. Your name is Jess?"

      "Yes," I answered. "And yours Lendra?"

      She nodded. "If I need you, what should I do?"

      "Just whisper my name to the winds," I told her. "You'll understand the meaning of it later. But you must journey at once to Pixie Hollow, where the Guardian Erica is."

      "I will!" she declared again, and took off through the forest.

      (changes again to Lendra's point of view...)

    9. Pianist BookwormJune 29, 2012 at 2:56 PM

      As soon as I started I realized I had made a mistake. I didn't know where Pixie Hollow was! I turned around, but I couldn't see Jess. What had she said to do if I needed her help? Oh, "whisper her name to the winds," whatever that meant. I shrugged my shoulders. Oh, well... I couldn't do anything now. Just then a breeze started and made my hair cover my eyes, almost like it wanted me to say something. "Oh, very well," I muttered. "Jess..."

    10. "...I need your help. Where on bloody earth is Pixie Hollow?"

      Faint laughter seemed to drift off the breeze, whispering like tinkling bells in my ears with the answer:

      "Look to the hills,
      Shade your eyes,
      If you look closely,
      You'll see what lies,
      Beyond the bend,
      Of the road long,
      With pixies singing,
      Their merry song."

      Ooo-kay. That totally didn't make very much sense. I looked up towards the hills. "Shade your eyes," Jess's voice whispered. I did so, and I gasped--before my eyes, appeared...

    11. Pianist BookwormJune 30, 2012 at 2:28 PM

      a beautiful valley filled with bright colors. It looked amazing, and I knew that must be Pixie Hollow. A road led straight there from where I was standing. I started along the road, hoping to get there quickly. Hopefully this "Guardian Erica" person could help me figure out what had happened to my family, and who had done it. Suddenly, I came across a bend in the road. I hadn't noticed it before. I...

    12. ...was suddenly zipping along. My head was dizzy by the time I stopped. I was in a huge clearing, surrounded by tall, magical trees. Fairy dust flittered around everywhere, enveloping me and making me sneeze. Huge trees had platforms, stairs, and swinging ropes hanging from them, with doors and windows peeking out. Laughter and voices chattered out from everywhere. I blinked as I saw three-foot-tall people with wings flying around.

      "Welcome to Pixie Hollow!" boomed out a commanding, strong voice.

      I turned. Before me was a beautiful girl about sixteen years old. She had red hair and bright green eyes, full of life. She smiled and strode forward.

      "I am the guardian, Erica. What is your business here and what is your name?"

    13. I took a deep breath and began telling her my story. "My name is Lendra, and someone burned down our cottage, and I was trying to get help, but this guy pretended he was my brother and he tried to kill me, and Jess saved me and she said my real brother was lost in the Swamps of Dreindart, wherever that is, and she said you could guide me there."

      "Whoa, slow down!" Erica smiled. "So you want me to guide you to the Swamps of Dreindart? Well, I was just waiting for another girl to get here. Without what she has, we cannot hope to defeat the evil that resides in the Swamp. So as soon as she gets here, we will leave."

      Just then I saw a girl with a staff coming around the bend in the road. Her long brown hair kept blowing in her eyes. She seemed to pause in astonishment as she looked at Pixie Hollow. Erica smiled. "She's here."

    14. (changes to Erica's perspective)

      I knew the girl already. I'd seen her lots of times, and I'd sent my best, an elf, to go and rescue her from the witch. I'd seen the scene unfolding in... well, I can't reveal all of my secrets, can I?

      "Who're you?" demanded Kendra in surprise, staring at Lendra.

      Even I could tell that they looked exactly alike. I smiled to myself. But, of course. They were identical twins. Why shouldn't they look exactly alike?

      The beautiful girls stared at each other for a moment. I smiled and then broke the silence.

      "Girls," I started, "we need to get going..."

    15. the time we have to rescue your brother is growing shorter."

      Kendra stared at me. "My brother? I didn't know I had a brother. And who's this?"

      I turned to her. "Didn't Nyssa tell you? This is Lendra, your twin sister. You have been lost from your family for fourteen years! Now we need to get going and rescue your brother."

      We started on the journey. I walked ahead of them while they talked, catching up on what had been happening to them for the last fourteen years. It was pretty interesting listening. Right as Kendra was telling about how Gandalf had given her the staff,a dark shadow...

    16. ...went over me. My head felt dizzy, and I collapsed to my knees. I could faintly hear yelling, but everything was blurry. I felt myself dropping to the ground. Kendra and Lendra's identical faces seemed to blur together. My eyes flickered...

      (meanwhile, somewhere where we haven't talked about yet...)

      The young elf stood straight and tall, shoulders relaxed. She blew a piece of curly brown hair out of her green eyes and then let loose her arrow. It flew with a zinnggg! and hit in the middle of the target. The beautiful elf smiled to herself almost smugly and dusted off her hands.

      "That was just great, Fallyn!" declared a human boy by the sidelines. "That was... amazing!"

      "Why, thank you, Lander," the young elf grinned. "I have to admit that for a fourteen year old elf it's not that bad."

      "Not that bad?!" Lander's blue eyes were wide open in surprise. "That was astounding!"

      Fallyn only smiled. She was the only one between the two of them who knew of the boy's past...

    17. ...that he had been a warrior before he ventured into the Swamps. There he had lost his memory, but not his mind. Fallyn had rescued him, but they were still in the Swamps. She had a hideout in the middle of them, and for some reason no evil forces were able to get in. But she saw no reason to mention this to Lander. Why disturb him with what he could not remember?

      A hideous noise disturbed her train of thought, and she looked to see what was making it. To her horror, she realized that, finally, their safety had been breached. A huge, slimy, black, thing was...

    18. ...quickly sliding towards them!!

      "Lander!" Fallyn shouted. "Get behind me, NOW!"

      The human did as he was told, totally scared out of his wits. He'd never seen Fallyn scared before. She was always so calm and confident, and it seemed like nothing could ever shatter her courage.
      Fallyn started firing arrows at the black, ucky mass--rapid fire. But the thing wasn't stopping, coming right towards Fallyn and Lander.

      "RUN!!" Fallyn shouted, grabbing Lander's arm and running off through the forest.

      Fallyn didn't dare risk glancing over her shoulder as she...

    19. ran toward the other edge of their refuge. An awful noise, like a huge slug squelching along, met her ears. Suddenly Lander turned. "Fallyn, let me have your bow."

      Fallyn looked at Lander in astonishment. Why would he be asking for her bow? Puzzled, she gave it to him, seeing a new, steely light in his eyes.

      Lander turned. He faced the monster, with the bow drawn taught. . .

    20. ...and then he let go with a TWANG!!!!!

      And then..............

    21. the arrow plunged into the monster with an ugly squelching sound. The monster stopped, like it was surprised or something.

      Lander looked at Nyssa. "Why didn't you tell me?" he asked.

      Nyssa gulped. "Um, tell you what?"

  2. Hey, Piano Bookworm, have you seen the writing contest? It ends in July. I think you should really consider participating in it! You just have to write a short enough story that it'll fit in the comments. I think you'd do really good!! I'm accepting entries now...


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